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Types of government

A president is the title usually given to a person who leads a republic, a form of government in which a nation's people elects their leaders. sometimes with political powers exercised by that person. Presidents may be dictators, or ceremonial heads of state with little to no power, usually in parlimentary republics.


President is not the only given title. There might be others, such as General Secretary, Chairman, etc.

Succession and government types

In most republics, the leader is elected by the people, or by a council. Other times the president may hold office for life.

List of current micronational Presidents

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Picture Style Name Realm(s) Reign start
AidanMcGrath-OfficialPortrait.png His Excellency/General Secretary Aidan McGrath Flag of Paloma (2020 Redesign).svg Free Socialist State of Paloma 20 November 2019
Pickles Portrait June 2020.png His Eminence Benjamin Pickles Flag Of Benjastan.png Democratic Republic of Benjastan 30 December 2017
Fredcropped.png Chancellor Fredrick M. Flag of Ausveria.png Ausverian Volksrepublik May 23rd 2019
President Iordan Luca.jpg His Excellency Iordan Luca-Nicolae Republic of istriei.PNG.pngRepublic of Istria (PORI) July 13, 2013
Mr. President Evan Callies Screenshot 2021-05-25 9.07.28 AM.pngUnited Republics of Michigan Oct 28 2019
Isaacjwhitenewphoto.jpg Isaac White Flag of Tueoedeth.png Republic of Tueoedeth 17 May 2017
Jamez.jpg First Secretary Jamez Flag of Desert District .png Desert District 3 October 2020
Brooke Kennedy.jpg Her Excellency The Right Honourable Dame Brooke Kennedy DNVI Flag of New Virginia.png Commonwealth of New Virginia 1 August 2020
Jonas Rhymer im Marquette.jpg His Excellency Jonas Rhymer Flag of Wendatia.svg Republic of Wendatia 15 September 2020
No-profile2.jpg Juan Cisneros Flag of Aswington.png Republic of Aswington 2 May 2020
Kevin baugh molossia.jpg His Excellency Grand Admiral Doctor Kevin Baugh Flag of Molossia.svg Republic of Molossia 3 September 1999
Leon Montan with Six Montan.jpg Leon Montan Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills 1 June 2019
Radek Vastl Flag of the Gymnasium State.svg Gymnasium State 6 July 2021
Olivier Portrait.png His Illustriousness Raphaël Olivier Flag of Georgienstine.jpg Social Republic of Georgienstine 26 December 2016
Yaroslav Mar cachefix.png His Excellency Yaroslav Mar Lostislandflag.jpg Federal Republic of Lostisland 5 April 2013
No-profile2.jpg His Excellency A.H. Flag of Baránok.svg Federal Republic of Baránok 24 April 2020
Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 09.53.23.png His Excellency Bennett Copp Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 09.55.15.png Vancover 27 Jan 2021