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Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union
Onafhankelijke Bondsrepubliek van de Arstotzkan-unie (Dutch)
Repupiripia motuhake motuhake o te Arstotzkan Kotahitanga (Māori)
República Federal Independiente de la Unión Arstotzkan (Spanish)
Respublica Foederalis Unionis Arstotzkan (Latin)
Flag of Arstotzkan Union
Coat of arms of Arstotzkan Union
Coat of arms
Motto: "Per aequalitatem unitatis"
"Equality Through Unity"
Anthem: Song of the Mighty Arstotzkan People's
CapitalGollandiya Capitol Territory, Eastern Arstotzkan State
Largest citySeveryanin Territory, Northern Arstotzkan State
Official languagesEnglish (de-facto)
Latin [a]
Christianity (de-facto)
Communists (derogatory)
GovernmentDemocratic socialist federal presidential constitutional republic
Ethan Brinkman
Peter Gedye
Zion Ormsby
LegislatureFederal Assembly of the Arstotzkan Union
Federal Congress
House of Representatives
22 August 2019
25 November 2019
27 December 2019
18 June 2020
19 February 2023
• Total
190.29 km2 (73.47 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
2825[citation needed]
• Density
14.85/km2 (38.5/sq mi)
CurrencyArstotzkan Credit (AUC)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy

The Arstotzkan Union, officially the Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union or simply just The Union, is a landlocked federal socialist republic and union of dependent territories located across the South Pacific. The country is home to over 280 people and is seen as the largest micronation in New Zealand.

The nation has had a short history, with the nation being created on 22 August 2019, but since then it has risen to become one of the most prominent micronations in New Zealand. Because of this prominence it has gained a reputation for being largely violent in its actions to protect itself, including the Arstotzkan - Confederate War which was the result of the failing of relations between another micronation that was established in the Arstotzkan Union in 2020. The nation remained in the longest period of peace until the beginning of the Arstotzkan - Alliance War, lasting 451 days.

Leadership in the Arstotzkan Union tends to remain the same, since 22 August 2019, the nation's incumbent First President, has been in power most of the nation's history except for a period in 2021, where he stepped down from the Presidency but still held control over the Office of the Presidency until his return. Because of this, many have criticized the nations actions in having a very un-democratic state, but many in high levels of government have dismissed this.

The Arstotzkan Union has also been a major supporter of Micronationalism in New Zealand and in 2021 founded the Coalition of United Micronations. In July 2022 aided in the establishment of a new micronational empire in Tauranga, known as Ward Empire. The nation is also a strong advocate of socialism and republicanism in New Zealand and in 2020 believes that the nation was granted de-facto recognition of its nation when, then, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called, then President of the Arstotzkan Union, Ethan Brinkman, "President Ethan."

The Arstotzkan Union prides itself on being the re-newed version of the Soviet Union (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), however its First President, despises Communism but advocates for Socialism, which is what the Arstotzkan Union tries to follow.

State Seal of the Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union. Created 28 October 2022.

The Arstotzkan Union is also a member of other groups and organizations around the Tauranga Micronational Area, these include, the Commonwealth Micronational Court of Criminal Justice, the Trans - Tauranga Micronational Partnership Agreement, and a sponsor of the Philosostan Convention.

The Arstotzkan Union is considered a micronational superpower in New Zealand, with it aiding in the establishment of many micronations in 2022 and forming the largest military force in the micronational world. It is considered by many in Tauranga and across New Zealand to be the "United States of America" when it comes to issues on a military scale. The Arstotzkan Union is ranked as a "significant micronation" on the Dresner's System of Classification, with a score of 4.4.

The Arstotzkan Union is also very protective of not only itself but its allies through the Tauranga Allied Micronational Treaty Organization, Coalition of United Micronations and the Developing Micronations Treaty Alliance. The Arstotzkan Union upholds a strong pact with all members of its affiliated organizations and even Macronations are offered protection from the Arstotzkan Union. This is part of its legal system as it has been enforced in its constitution that it will aid any allied nation of the Arstotzkan Union.

Inclusion is majorly important in the identity of the Arstotzkan Union. From 2021 - 2023, the Arstotzkan Union ensured that the freedoms of identity, speech, expression, gender identity as well as sexual orientation and religion are legally protected under the Constitution. In 2021 the Arstotzkan Union formed the Federal LGBT Relations Board to ensure that members of the LGBTQIA+ group were legally and safely protected. The Arstotzkan Union has been heavily praised for this in comparison to other members of the Coalition of United Micronations.


The name Arstotzka comes from the game Papers, Please.

Over time the official name of the republic has changed, starting as the Arstotzkan Union, which was the first and original full name, followed by the Democratic Republic of the Arstotzkan Union on 12 May 2020. The Arstotzkan Union later became the Sovereign Democratic Republic of the Arstotzkan Union on 8 June 2020, however the name was then replaced ten days later on 18 June 2020 with it becoming the Independent Democratic Republic of the Arstotzkan Union. In October the name made its final change becoming the Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union on 14 October 2020.

Government and politics

The People's Banner of the Arstotzkan Union. It is the current flag and has been in use since 10 December 2020

The Arstotzkan Union officially is a democratic socialist federal presidential constitutional republic. It has two Presidents, the First President is Ethan Brinkman, the Second President is Peter Gedye and the Vice President is Zion Ormsby. Presidential term limits are defined by Article 2 of the Arstotzkan Statute on Government Systems 2021, which prescribes the term of a president is one that last for the life of the individual. Military authority and major supreme powers are vested in the First President who exercises them under the powers from the Constitution (specifically Section 4), Executive and Supreme Powers Act 2022 and the Arstotzkan Statute on Government Systems (2021). The Second and Vice Presidents also have their powers codified by the same legislation.

The Arstotzkan Federal Government holds both legislative and judicial branches. The legislative branch consists of the Federal Assembly, which holds the Federal Congress and the House of Representatives. The Federal Congress' function is to create a second draft of legislation before it is approved by the Executive Chairman of the Federal Assembly and sent to the Executive Committee for ratification. The House of Representatives function is to be a council of representatives from the four states of the Union to draft and create bills for the Government. Like the executive, members of the legislative branches are selected by the Executive Committee. A democratic election occurred in 2020 and many people who won positions in that election have held them since then. The only party that is in the Arstotzkan Federal Government is the Arstotzkan Social Liberal Democratic Party, formerly known as the Second Democratic People's Party of the Arstotzkan Union and has its roots from the Arstotzkan People's Party (founded 22 August 2019).

The Federal Judiciary of the Arstotzkan Union is the judicial body of the Arstotzkan Federal Government. It consists of the Supreme Federal Court of the Arstotzkan Union, Federal Court of Appeals and four Federal Territorial Courts (over four judicial circuits). A fifth District Court in the Arstotzkan Union Proper was formed but later dissolved by the Land and Territories Act 2023 when the state was officially dissolved.

The Executive of the Arstotzkan Federal Government consists of the Office of the Presidency, which is the highest body in the Arstotzkan Union. It contains all three presidents (First, Second and Vice). Every office, department and body in the Arstotzkan Union eventually reports to the Office of the Presidency. Below it is the Executive Committee of the Office of the Presidency of the Arstotzkan Union, which ratifies all bills and makes them acts, as well as, advises the Office of the Presidency of national functions, matters of national security, actions being taken by the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union and has the final say in any matters relating to the nation as a whole. The Executive Committee acts as the President without being one single person, rather nine people who make the final decision. This has been seen as the proper Arstotzkanist means to have a strong democracy. The First and Second Presidents do have the ability to overrule the Executive Committee or change functions or parts of the nation at will, without the advise or without consulting the Executive Committee. These are strictly monitored activities and are known as Executive Presidential Orders. Only six Executive Presidential Orders have ever been created, with the latest one amending the Anniversaries and National Holidays Act 2020, creating 15 April as the official date for Armed Forces Day.

The other body in the Executive Branch is the Politburo of the Arstotzkan Social Liberal Democratic Party. It only acts to plan activities relating to the ASLDP and does not have any power over the government or the nation.

Current Government

Party Spectrum Ideology Leader House seats Logo
Arstotzkan Social Liberal Democratic Party ASLDP Far-Left Arstotzkanism

Democratic Socialism


Ethan Brinkman
25 / 25
ASLD Party Logo.png

In a recent poll by the Arstotzkan Union National News Network it found that 60% of voters disagree with the current administration and 60% would support a new administration. Shrirang Ekbote and Zion Ormsby both received 40% support as new leaders of the Arstotzkan Union, meanwhile, Peter Geyde is the most preferred leader with 60% meanwhile Ethan Brinkman is at 40%. When asked about which party voters prefer, 60% of people support the former National Right Alliance Party, run by Sergeant Julio Dietrich, while 40% support the current main party, the Arstotzkan Social Liberal Democratic Party. When asked about the results, First President Ethan Brinkman called the poll a "joke". Stating that the voters have always opposed him and that its nothing new.

Military and Law Enforcement

Main Article: Military History of the Arstotzkan Union.

The Arstotzkan Union's national defence rests with the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union. The micronational worlds largest military force, consisting of 375 soldiers over three branches, the Arstotzkan Army Corps, Arstotzkan Naval Corps and Arstotzkan Union Reserve Force. The First President of the Arstotzkan Union is the Commander and Chief of the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union and holds the rank of Kommondant. In 2020, the National Government of the Arstotzkan Union created Arstotzkan High Command and the Arstotzkan Executive War Council[1], its duty is to work with the Department of National Defense to advise the (through the Senior Chairman of the Department of National Defense) Executive Committee on the functions of the Armed Forces. Soldiers matters are passed onto the Department of National Defense by the General Secretary of the Armed Forces, who organizes soldiers affairs and monitors on-base activities.

Law enforcement and policing matters are up taken by the Arstotzkan Federal Police Service. A recently new department created by the Police Force and Public Order Act 2022, which formed the police force on 23 October 2022. The AFPS took over the job of policing from the Arstotzkan Police Service and Arstotzkan Presidential Guard (then known as the Arstotzkan Federal Guard). The AFPS, are the child department of the Executive Committee and they work directly on the advise of the Chief of the AFPS. In January 2023, the AFPS participated in one of the largest police actions in Arstotzkan History, by arresting 25 individuals linked to a far-right group known as the New Arstotzkan Liberation Front, which wished to take down the Arstotzkan Federal Government.

Territories and states

The Arstotzkan Union has 13 territories located across New Zealand, the United States and Australia and it was the duty of the Government of the Union to govern them and still thePeople's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union to protect them. On 31 December 2022, with the dissolving of the Arstotzkan Union Proper, the territories were organized into four states, Northern Arstotzkan State, Central Arstotzkan State, Southern Arstotzkan State and Eastern Arstotzkan State. These states now have representatives in the House of Representatives and don't require a separate government for them.

Northern Arstotzkan State

The Northern Arstotzkan State (NAT) is the state that holds the territories in Northland and Auckland New Zealand stretching from the Auckland / Waikato Border up to the top of New Zealand (Cape Reinaga). The territories include:

Severyanin Territory

Severyanin Territory is the third newest territory. Admitted into the Arstotzkan Union on 22 September 2021. The Territory is located in Kaikohe, Northland making it the most northern territory in the Arstotzkan Union. It is home to the Head Office of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance, as well as the Office of International Financial Intelligence. The Territory Commander is Rt. Hon. Commander Samantha Johnson.

Tsentral'naya Territory

Tsentral'naya is the second newest territory of the Greater Union. Joining the Arstotzkan Union on 29 September 2021. The Territory is located in Auckland and is home to the Consulate General of the Arstotzkan Union in Auckland. The territory had a controversial entry into the Union as the Arstotzkan Union had just dissolved relations with New Zealand and the territory was only admitted into the Union by order of the First President who used his Executive Powers to admit the territory to the Union. The Territory Commander is Commander Liam Huxley.

Central Arstotzkan State

The Central Arstotzkan State is the state that encompasses the central New Zealand Arstotzkan territories. Not the territories in Tauranga but the ones south of the Auckland / Waikato border to Wellington. They include:

Angliyskiy Territory

Angliyskiy Territory is the oldest territory in the Arstotzkan Union. Created on 27 December 2019, minutes before Gollandiya Territory. Angliyskiy Territory is home to People's Armed Forces Base: Fort Aromaunga, Embassy of the Arstotzkan Union (Manawatu Embassy), and the Head Office of the Arstotzkan Site Protection Authority. The Territory Commander is Rt. Hon. First President Kommondant Ethan Brinkman, who is the only person who is a Territory Commander of three territories, that being Gollandiya Territory, Angliyskiy Territory and Yuzhnaya Zemlya Territory.

With the territory's size and the frequency that the First President travels to Angliyskiy Territory it is nicknamed the Camp David of the Arstotzkan Union.

Te Whakapaipai Territory

Te Whakapaipai Territory is the newest Arstotzkan Territory. It is located in Wellington, New Zealand and is the first territory in the Arstotzkan Union to adopt a non Russia name with the First President choosing to name it using Te-Reo Maori. The territory is home to the PAFAU Communications Site: Whanganui and the Southern Field Office of the Kommondant. The Territory Commander is Rt. Hon. First President Kommondant Ethan Brinkman

Southern Arstotzkan State

The Southern Arstotzkan State is the state that includes the territories on the New Zealand south island and any islands south of it. The territories are:

Yuzhnaya Zemlya Territory

Yuzhnaya Zemlya Territory of the Greater Arstotzkan Union. Admitted into the Arstotzkan Union on 4 May 2022. Considered the largest of the 14 territories.

The Yuzhnaya Zemlya Territory is a territory in the Greater Arstotzkan Union. The territory is located in the Auckland Island Archipelago and make up several islands that are uninhabited by anyone. These include Disappointment Island, Enderby Island, Adams Island and Monumental Island. This territory is the largest in the Arstotzkan Union being 179km2. The Arstotzkan Federal Government has stated that the territory shall never be used by the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces and shall be used by the Arstotzkan Conservation Department and Arstotzkan Antarctic Exploration Organization.

Angliya Territory

Angliya Territory is another one of the oldest Territories in the Arstotzkan Union. It is the home to the Office of the Department of Intelligence and the infamous Embassy of the Arstotzkan Union (or more commonly known as the Invercargill embassy). The territory was the last of the First Territories of the Arstotzkan Union, being established on 26 February 2020. Angliya Territory is also home to the former Minister of Defense, Piran McGee. The territory is located in the Gladstone, Invercargill area of New Zealand and is the most southern territory in the Arstotzkan Union.

Eastern Arstotzkan State

The Eastern Arstotzkan State are the territories in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. These are the:

Gollandiya Territory

Main article: Gollandiya Capital Territory

Gollandiya Territory is one of the first territories created. It was established on 27 December 2019 and became part of the First Territories of the Arstotzkan Union with along with Angliyskiy Territory and Angliya Territory. It holds the Arstotzkan Union International Command Centre and the Headquarters of Arstotzkan High Command. It is located in Maungatapu, Tauranga area of New Zealand and from 27 December 2019 to 4 February 2021 it was the Presidential Residence for the President (later First President) of the Arstotzkan Union. On 1 June 2021 the Gollandiya Territory has returned to its status of Presidential Residence with Ethan Brinkman returning as the First President after completing his temporary suspension.

Skandinaviya Territory

Skandinaviya Territory is another important territory of the Arstotzkan Union. It is the head office of the office of the Second Arstotzkan and holds the Arstotzkan Union New Zealand Command Centre. Both of which are very important to the command of the AUNDF and the Arstotzkan Union as a whole. The Skandinaviya Territory was created on 14 September 2020 and is part of the Second Group of Territories created. It is located in the Greerton, Tauranga area of New Zealand.

Kholmistyy Rayon Territory

Kholmistyy Rayon Territory is one of the other territories created with the other Second Territories of the Arstotzkan Union on 14 September 2020. It is the home of the Headquarters of the State Government of Arstotzka and the Office of the Vice Arstotzkan of the Arstotzkan Union. It is the residence of Rt. Hon. Vice President Lt. Gen. Zion Ormsby.

Shotlandiya Territory

Shotlandiya Territory is another territory created with the Second Territories of the Arstotzkan Union on 14 September 2020. The territory is the home to the Department of Intelligence Operations Office and the Territory Commander is The Right Honourable Captain Jack Miller.

Privetstvennaya Bukhta Territory

Privetstvennaya Bukhta Territory is one of the newest territories of the Arstotzkan Union. Established on 22 September 2021, it is a purpose established Territory / Base for the AUDF. Prior to the Second AUDF Reform Action the base was used as a part of the former Arstotzkan Union Air Force. After the AUDF Reform was complete, the base was made as a base for all branches of the AUDF, similar to Angliyskiy Territory (AUDF Base: Aromaunga). The Territory Commander is Lieutenant Commander Alexander Rose.

Severnyy Territory

Severnyy Territory is also one of the newest territories in the Greater Arstotzkan Union. Founded on 22 August 2021 the territory is home to the Bay of Plenty Office for the Ministry of Civil Protection.

Severoamerikansky Territory

Severoamerikansky Territory of the Greater Arstotzkan Union. Admitted to the Arstotzkan Union on 17 October 2022 and is the second largest territory measuring 10.96km2

The Severoamerikansky Territory is a territory in the Arstotzkan Union. It is the first located outside the Realm of New Zealand and the first located on the North American Continent. On 17 October 2022 the First President announced it would be home to a new Consulate General of the Arstotzkan Union to allow for better relations with the Northeastern United States and Canada. The territory was the second largest in the Arstotzkan Union measuring 10.96 km².

Former States:

Arstotzkan Union Proper

Arstotzkan Union Proper. It is the only state of the Arstotzkan Union, other territories have been considered to be moved to being a state including the Yuzhnaya Zemlya Territory, however this was blocked by the House of Representatives.

The State of the Arstotzkan Union Proper or the Arstotzkan Union Proper was the main state of the Arstotzkan Union. Originally it was known as the Mainland State of Arstotzka and then Arstotzka before its name was changed because of its similarity to the nation of Arstotzka from the game Papers Please, prior to the federalization of the Arstotzkan Union and adoption of the Land and Territories Act 2020. The AUP was the only state in the Arstotzkan Union. It had 5 regions which were commanded by the Council Registration. Those were the Arstotzkan Capitol District, Union Central, New Staten Landt, Southern Province and Kholmistaya Tsep District. The AUP is the only place in the entire Union that had a highway system.

Foreign relations

The Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union holds friendly relations with all members of the United Nations except the new Taliban controlled Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the United States of America. Previously the Minister of Foreign Affairs was the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was in charge of relations with the Arstotzkan Union, however on 1 October 2021, the Ministry of Immigration and Ministry of Foreign Affairs were merged into the new Department of International Affairs and Relations, the head is known as the Chief Ambassador of International Affairs.

Unilateral recognition for macronations and major micronations

Recognized micronations (official):

Country Relation Status Founded Diplomatic Relations Formed Relation Length
CDGFlag.png Confederate Democracy of Gamers Friendly / Allies 9 November 2020 13 September 2022 188 days
GraysonCFLag.jpg Grayson Country Ceased 7 May 2022 13 September 2022 90 days
Ward Empire Flag.png Ward Empire Friendly / Allies 6 July 2022 6 July 2022 257 days
Official Flag of UDROR.png Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums Friendly / Allies 3 August 2022 3 August 2022 229 days
TAF Flag.png Taurstan Anarchist Federation Friendly / Allies 3 August 2022 3 August 2022 229 days
Kingdom of Krongle flag.jpg Kingdom of Krongle Friendly / Allies 8 September 2022 10 September 2022 191 days
Kiwistan Flag.png United States of Kiwistan Friendly / Allies 21 September 2022 21 September 2022 180 days
Flag of the EoH.png Empire of Him Friendly / Allies 22 August 2022 26 October 2022 145 days
Flag of the PLCM.png People’s Liberation Council of Morrinstan Friendly / Allies 4 November 2022 4 November 2022 136 days

Unrecognized and formerly recognized nations

  •  Afghanistan (22 August 2019 - 22 August 2021)
  •  United States (11 November 2020 - December 20 2021)
  •  North Korea (Never Recognized, also has been labelled a 'rogue state' and a 'threat to humanity')
  •  Russia (since 22 August 2019, officially since 11 November 2020 - 28 February 2022)
  •  Belarus (11 November 2020 - 28 February 2022)
  •  France (Never Recognized, also has been labelled a 'rogue state' and a 'threat to humanity')
  •  Taiwan - (14 September 2020 - 6 February 2023)

Geography and Climate

The Arstotzkan Union being a union of territories across a larger macronation has a large diverse geography. Many of its Tauranga based territories are located between 35 and 200m above sea-level, meanwhile outside the Tauranga Territories, with the lowest point being 0m and the highest being Mount Dick (New Zealand name) or Mount Arstotzkan (Arstotzkan Union rename) which is 705m above sea-level.


The Arstotzkan Union has an oceanic or maritime temperate climate. It can also be described as subtropical.


The economy of the Arstotzkan Union is largely non existent. The Department of the State and Arstotzkan Federal Government have official stated that the Arstotzkan Union is a planned socialist economy. The Arstotzkan Federal Government doesn't directly own any business but has set up State Owned Enterprises under the new State Owned Enterprises Act 2022. However businesses have planned to open in the Arstotzkan Union. In 2019 the Arstotzkan Union National Government issued the first (and to this day only) Good and Services Transportation Permit (GSTP) which set out that businesses in the Arstotzkan Union need to be registered to the Arstotzkan Union National Government and that all business practices must be inline with the socialist and now Arstotzkanist aspects of government and business.

State Owned Enterprises

The Arstotzkan Union has four major state owned enterprises, they are:


The Arstotzkan Union has an interesting culture, deriving from aspects of western and soviet-eastern culture.


The Arstotzkan Union has recently changed its policy regarding language. On 28 February 2023, the First President passed the Official Languages Act 2023 and the Maori Language Adoption Act 2023 which became a major step in preserving indigenous New Zealand culture and making the Arstotzkan Union the second nation in the world to have its official language as Maori. The Arstotzkan Union also still has Dutch as a national language as well as Latin and Spanish.

In late 2022, the Arstotzkan Federal Government amended the Preventative Measures Act and removed the Russian Language as an official language and any parts of culture linking the Arstotzkan Union to the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin.


The Arstotzkan Union has only one media source. The Arstotzkan Union National News Network. The AUNNN is a state entity under the State Owned Enterprises Act 2022 and is the property of the Arstotzkan Press Directorate. It does not televise but it does post important national news on several online locations these include, Instagram (the most common), Reddit, Tiktok and on the new Arstotzkan Union Online (AUO).

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  1. Formed in 2021 from the War and Conflicts Act 2021