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Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union
Onafhankelijke Bondsrepubliek van de Arstotzkan-unie (Dutch)
Repupiripia motuhake motuhake o te Arstotzkan Kotahitanga (Māori)
República Federal Independiente de la Unión Arstotzkan (Spanish)
Respublica Foederalis Unionis Arstotzkan (Latin)
Flag of Arstotzkan Union
Coat of arms of Arstotzkan Union
Coat of arms
Motto: "Per aequalitatem unitatis"
"Equality Through Unity"
Anthem: Solidarity Forever
CapitalUnitya, Gollandiya Capitol Territory
Largest cityWaikare, Tangata Raki Territory
Official languagesEnglish (de-facto)
Latin [a]
Christianity (de-facto)
GovernmentDemocratic socialist federal dual-presidential constitutional republic
Ethan Brinkman
Wesley von Dookington
Lachlan Deans
LegislatureFederal Assembly of the Arstotzkan Union
Federal Congress
House of Representatives
22 August 2019
25 November 2019
27 December 2019
18 June 2020
28 October 2023
• Total
284.47 km2 (109.83 sq mi) (43rd)
• 2024 estimate
1470 [b]
• Density
5.18/km2 (13.4/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2024 estimate
• Total
$136.650 million (AUC) [1]
• Per capita
$66,143 (AUC)
CurrencyArstotzkan Credit (AUC)
Time zoneUTC-5:00 CST
UTC+10:00 AEST
UTC+12:00 NZST
UTC+13:00 NZDT
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+64
Preceded by
Arstotzkan Union

The Arstotzkan Union, officially the Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union or simply just The Union, is a semi-recognised de facto autonomous republic that claims to be a sovereign state, although is designated as a micronation.[2] The country is home to over 700 people and is seen as the largest micronation in New Zealand. The Arstotzkan Union is also a major power in the Tauranga Micronational Area and is surrounded by Tauranga, New Zealand (among other cities in New Zealand, Australia and Cuba). Spanning over 284.47 km2, the Arstotzkan Union consists of 16 territories, in 4 states with 2 Administrative regions.

The Arstotzkan Union has also been a major supporter of Micronationalism in New Zealand and in 2021 founded the Coalition of United Micronations. In July 2022 aided in the establishment of a new micronational empire in Tauranga, known as Ward Empire. The nation is also a strong advocate of socialism and republicanism in New Zealand and in 2020 believes that the nation was granted de facto recognition of its nation when, then, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called, then President of the Arstotzkan Union, Ethan Brinkman, "President Ethan."

State Seal of the Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union. Created 28 October 2022.

The Arstotzkan Union is also a member of other groups and organizations around the Tauranga Micronational Area, these include, the Allied Court of Justice, the Trans - Tauranga Micronational Partnership Agreement, and a sponsor of the Philosostan Convention.

The Arstotzkan Union is considered a micronational superpower in New Zealand, with it aiding in the establishment of many micronations in 2022 and forming the largest military force in the micronational world. It is considered by many in Tauranga and across New Zealand to be the "United States of America" when it comes to issues on a military scale. The Arstotzkan Union is ranked as a "significant micronation" on the Dresner's System of Classification, with a score of 4.4. It also ranks 15 on the Categoric-Gradial System of Classification with a score of 4.2.

The Arstotzkan Union is also very protective of not only itself but its allies through the Allied Micronational Treaty Organization and the United Micronations Treaty Alliance. The Arstotzkan Union upholds a strong pact with all members of its affiliated organizations and even macronations are offered protection from the Arstotzkan Union. This is part of its legal system as it has been enforced in its constitution that it will aid any allied nation of the Arstotzkan Union.

Inclusion is majorly important in the identity of the Arstotzkan Union. From 2021 - 2023, the Arstotzkan Union ensured that the freedoms of identity, speech, expression, gender identity as well as sexual orientation and religion are legally protected under the Constitution. In 2021 the Arstotzkan Union formed the Federal LGBT Relations Board to ensure that members of the LGBTQIA+ group were legally and safely protected. The Arstotzkan Union has been heavily praised for this in comparison to other members of the United Micronations Treaty Alliance and the Coalition of United Micronations.

Through the use of international revolutionary parties the Arstotzkan Union is able to advocate its socialist policy. Originally the Arstotzkan Union was going to align with the International Socialist Organization - Aotearoa (ISO), however changed policy and through the Socialist Party of the Arstotzkan Union created the Socialist Action Committee of Aotearoa, which is growing to become a strong socialist revolutionary organization in New Zealand.


The name Arstotzka comes from the game Papers, Please.

Official Names:

  • 22 August 2019 -- 18 September 2019: Arstotzkan Union / Arztotzkan Union
  • 25 November 2019 -- 12 May 2020: Arstotzkan Union
  • 12 May 2020 -- 8 June 2020: Democratic Republic of the Arstotzkan Union
  • 8 June 2020 -- 18 June 2020: Sovereign Democratic Republic of the Arstotzkan Union
  • 18 June 2020 -- 14 October 2020: Independent Democratic Republic of the Arstotzkan Union
  • 14 October 2020 -- Present day: Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union


Pre-war Arstotzkan Union (First Brinkman Administration)

On 22 August 2019, the Arstotzkan Union was formed by several founding fathers. Prior to its establishment, the area that would later become the nation's capital was designated as an independent zone, separate from New Zealand, where the future founding fathers enacted laws concerning certain dangerous topics.

During the morning of 22 August 2019, Ethan Brinkman declared the area's independence from New Zealand, establishing it as an independent nation rather than a self-governing zone. On this day, Ethan Brinkman was proclaimed President of the Arstotzkan Union, and he formed the Arstotzkan Union National Government, designating the day as "Commemoration Day."

Arstotzkan Wars Period

In the ensuing days, the Arstotzkan Union grew more powerful, evolving into a violent and totalitarian state without checks from its constituents. On 18 September 2019, the Ministry of Defense led a coup against the Arstotzkan Union National Government and President Ethan, resulting in the downfall of the Union and the initiation of the Arstotzkan Wars. These conflicts persisted until 25 November 2019. Unstable peace reigned over the Arstotzkan Union until 6 December 2019, when a second coup against the newly formed government led to the formation of the Underground Government, with the Presidential Upper Cabinet assuming control.

On 6 December 2019, the Democratic Labour Party of Arstotzka, a radical, anti-Union party, assumed power over the Arstotzkan Union. Operating covertly, the Underground Government passed the Territorial Bases Initiative on 27 December 2019, establishing Arstotzkan Union Defense Force military bases as sovereign territories across New Zealand. These territories remain part of the Arstotzkan Union to this day.

Following the end of the Arstotzkan Wars and the retaking of power by the Underground Government on 5 February 2020, the Arstotzkan Union made progress in building its government. Legislation began being passed, with the Entertainment and Social Media Restrictions and Censorship Act 2020 becoming the first new piece of legislation passed under the new government.

Second Post-War Period (Last Brinkman Administration / First Brinkman - Gedye Administration)

During this time, the Arstotzkan Union experienced democratic growth never before seen, with presidential elections being held in May 2020, and new members of government being sworn in based on the election results. In October 2020, the National Government of the Arstotzkan Union evolved into the Arstotzkan Federal Government, commencing the Federalisation of the Arstotzkan Union, a comprehensive process of national reform that was completed on 7 April 2021.

Arstotzkan - Confederate War

In November 2020, agents of the Arstotzkan Union Security Intelligence Service (AUSIS) informed First President Ethan Brinkman of a new group that would go against the national security interests of the Arstotzkan Union. This group turned out to be known as the Confederate Democracy of Gamers, a rogue successionist state that had declared independence from the Arstotzkan Union in the city of Bethlehem, Judea (the largest city in the Arstotzkan Union at the time). On 26 November 2020, war broke out between the two nations. This war would continue until 10 February 2021. During the war, First President Ethan Brinkman announced his resignation on the Arstotzkan Union National News Network, the nation's largest news source. This was a shock, as Ethan had been in power throughout the history of the Arstotzkan Union. On 4 February 2021, Vice President Zion Ormsby was sworn in as the 2nd First President of the Arstotzkan Union. The end of the war was brokered by First President Zion Ormsby, Arstotzkan Ambassador to the Confederate Democracy of Gamers & Prime Minister of Arstotzka, Ethan Brinkman, and Confederate President Elijah Tibbits. Both nations agreed not to fight another war and become allies. This was met with much dissent from both nations' governments.

Post-Confederate War Period (Ormsby - Gedye Administration)

Peace once again reigned, and the Arstotzkan Union completed the Federalisation process on 7 April 2021, as the Fourth Session of the National Assembly of the Arstotzkan Union voted unanimously to dissolve into the Arstotzkan Federal Congress and the Arstotzkan People's Senate. The Arstotzkan People's Senate later became the Arstotzkan State Senate, adopting the State Government of Arstotzka and the Arstotzkan Territorial Government before transforming into the House of Representatives of the Arstotzkan Union.

Eight days later, on 15 April 2021, the Arstotzkan Union broke its promise and, under the command of its Commander in Chief, the Arstotzkan Marine Corps launched an invasion of the Confederate Democracy of Gamers, making the nation a protectorate of the state. This occupation lasted for over a year until the Arstotzkan Union officially dissolved the state in early 2022.

Second Brinkman - Gedye Administration

On 1 June 2021, as promised, State Governor Ethan Brinkman became First President again after a six-month absence, with Zion Ormsby returning to his role as Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union. During the new administration, First President Ethan Brinkman formed the Executive Committee of the Office of the Presidency and the Politburo of the Arstotzkan Social Liberal Democratic Party on 16 June 2021, (then known as the Political Bureau to the executive committee of the Second Democratic People's Party of the Arstotzkan Union). These were the first additions to the executive branch of government since the founding of the dual presidential system in May 2020.

In June, Ethan Brinkman passed the June 2021 Foreign Policy which was the first since the November 2020 Foreign Policy and this was one of the most strict on the Confederate Democracy of Gamers. The foreign policy also began relations with Nova Roma which would eventually led to the expansion of micro nationalism in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Two months later, in August the Arstotzkan Union was forced into its second Covid-19 lockdown with First President Ethan Brinkman making an emergency address on the AUNNN late on the night of 17 August 2021. This was brought with much upset as the second anniversary and 2021 State of the Union Address which was expected to take place on 22 August 2021 was forced to be done during this lockdown.

In the same month, the Arstotzkan Federal Government began to look at new government reforms and on 31 August 2021, the Arstotzkan Statute on Government Systems was passed. This gave the federal government better powers and made better attempts than previous reforms in organizing the government. On the same day the first and only piece of Covid related legislation was passed. Known as the Covid-19 Response and Public Health Safety Act 2021. This act gave the federal government powers and responsibilities to protecting public health.

The Arstotzkan Union will not stand with New Zealand if it wishes not to stand as a member of the international community and won't stand against the threat posed by the People's Republic of China. Until things change, the Arstotzkan Union will remain free from New Zealand and will not be in any form of alliance with New Zealand.

First President Ethan Brinkman, Arstotzkan Union National News Network "Address on foreign affairs and relations with New Zealand" - 15 September 2021

In September with a new defence alliance being announced that didn't include New Zealand, the First President and Arstotzkan Federal Government became completely enraged with the New Zealand Government. On 15 September 2021, First President Ethan Brinkman announced in a statement to the Arstotzkan Union National News Network that the Arstotzkan Union would cease all diplomatic relations with New Zealand. This was a major shock to the Arstotzkan and New Zealand people's with Ethan Brinkman's family questioning him for the decision.

With the government exercising major reforms in August, the leadership of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces decided it was time for reforming. New ideas were presented and a whole new structure was created by Arstotzkan Army Corps, Commander Liam Huxley. On 31 October 2021, Kommondant of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces announced the passing of Executive Presidential Order 0001 (Executive Presidential Order on the Reforming of the Command and the Structure of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces). This changed the defence force from having four branches (Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force) to having two (Army and Navy). This also included reforming the branches to their current regimental system.

Pressure began to mount in the Arstotzkan Federal Government around democratic processes needing to be undertaken in all sectors of government and in November the First President announced the Arstotzkan Future Planning Summit which was to take place on 12 November 2021. This was a minor success and on 18 November 2021, for the first time in history the First President began answering questions directly from the public in regards to government actions.

Focus on the Arstotzkan Union began to dwindle slightly coming towards the end of 2021 and only minor reforms occurred with Arstotzkan High Command seeing some changes following the implementation of Executive Presidential Order 0001. Territorial focus began to increase in December 2021 and reforms on the territorial governments began around this time.

In a complete turn of events and in the last hours of 2021, First President Ethan Brinkman made an emergency announcement to the Arstotzkan Union National News Network announcing the restarting of relations with New Zealand due to a rise in Covid-19 variants and major threats to global security.

Attention once again fell on the territories with the names of the territories and state in the Arstotzkan Union being changed and a major unity of the territories.

In February 2022, the Arstotzkan Federal Government began to look at harsher penalties for those who acted against the Arstotzkan Union during the Arstotzkan-Confederate War and imposed the Preventative Measures Act 2022 which, along with amendments to the Civil Protection Act 2021, restricted and outlawed former government employees and anyone involved with the Confederate Democracy of Gamers during the war in 2020.

On 24 February 2022 with the announcement of the Russian Federation conducting a "special military operation" in Ukraine, the Arstotzkan Union announced its support for the nation and amended the Preventative Measures Act to impose sanctions of the Russian Federation, a former ally of the Arstotzkan Union.

Months later on 7 May 2022, First President Ethan Brinkman was enjoying a meeting with Confederate Democracy of Gamers Defense Chief, Grayson Moore and Arstotzkan Minister of Health when Grayson attacked the First President and declared the foundation of his own nation known as Grayson Country. The Minister of Health also joined in and created his own nation however 38 hours later it was quickly dissolved through diplomatic means. This sparked the 2022 Arstotzkan Independence Crisis.

For nearly a month the Arstotzkan Union attempted to end the crisis and bring back Grayson Country into the Arstotzkan Union until on 1 June 2022, Elijah Tibbits, President of the Confederate Democracy of Gamers announced the re-starting of an independent CDG and proclaimed an alliance with Grayson Country. This ended the Independence Crisis following the proclamation of war by the Arstotzkan Union on the evening of 1 June.

Arstotzkan - Alliance War

War raged in the Arstotzkan Union for the first time in nearly two years. At the beginning of the war the Arstotzkan Union embarked on a massive propaganda campaign to boost enlistment into the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces however this was unsuccessful.

Rumours of an Arstotzkan led invasion of the alliance nations was on the minds of Grayson Moore and Elijah Tibbits and so the two leaders began to fortify their main cities and protect civilians against an invasion. This invasion would never come.

After the independence of the CDG, President Elijah Tibbits was made aware of a series of very restrictive laws[3][4] that was oppressing former Confederate citizens in the Arstotzkan Union. President Elijah confronted First President Ethan about the law, requesting it be repealed however Ethan said that he would not unless the Confederacy surrendered. On 20 June 2022, President Elijah organised the formation of a legal group known as the Confederate Legal Team (CLT) who announced that they would take legal action against the Arstotzkan Federal Government if the law was not repealed by 24 June. The Arstotzkan Federal Government held strong and true to their word, on 25 June 2022 the Confederate Legal Team filed a lawsuit against the Arstotzkan Federal Government with the Supreme Federal Court under Article 16 of the Constitution.

Two days later, on 27 June, the Supreme Federal Court heard the case. The Confederate Legal Team opened with evidence claiming that the Preventative Measures Act and Civil Protection Act (s 9 - 11) breached Articles 6 & 7 of the Constitution of the Arstotzkan Union and Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is enacted by Article 7 of the Constitution.[5] Attorney-General of the Arstotzkan Union, Peter Gedye argued that the laws were passed due to preventing a future national security issue. Three days later, Chief Justice, Ethan Brinkman delivered his ruling and ruled in favour of the Confederacy which was a massive surprise to everyone in the Arstotzkan Union.

The Rights created and set forth in our Constitution have been crafted over the past three years for the protection of our independent and free citizens. [...] My Government should not have the power to act out of the bounds of our Constitution and its framework to create and ratify discriminatory legislation that may attack, harass and withdraw rights of citizens of our current and former enemy. They may have had some or no involvement and have come and intertwined themselves in our republic and will be given the rights protected by our united socialist republic.

Chief Justice Ethan Brinkman, Plea of Amendment for the case of Confederacy v. Arstotzkan Union, 30 June 2022

On 6 July 2022, Ethan Brinkman organised with Ben Ward, a long time friend for him to establish his own Micronations, later that day the Ward Empire declared its independence and immediately the Arstotzkan Union announced an alliance by signing the Treaty of Two Nations. The Ward Empire joined in the Coalition against the Alliance and both nations began preparations for an invasion of the CDG and Grayson Country, this was known as Operation Peacekeeper III with the first two operations being more diplomatic and Peacekeeper III being military action.

With the creation of the alliance between the Arstotzkan Union and Ward Empire beginning, Ethan invited the Ward Empire in a new intermicronational organization known as the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations, which was originally founded on 28 January 2021 but never gained any new members until the founding of the Ward Empire. Eventually as the Arstotzkan - Alliance War dragged on the Arstotzkan Union began to look at other partnerships for bolstering an offensive against the Alliance. On 3 August 2022, a congress of leaders and students of Tauranga Boys' College gathered in a classroom and signed Resolution 01 of the General Assembly of the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations. This began the TCM properly.

Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations

With the forming of the TCM properly the nations began to form under the leadership of Ethan Brinkman as the Secretary General. Each weekly meeting of the nations did not end up with many major resolutions being passed and it was predominantly focused on Ethan teaching the new leaders how nations work and how to build them, with some of the first meetings going into how to write a declaration of independence and constitution.

During this time Ethan Brinkman and Ben Ward met in Bethlehem, Judea in the Arstotzkan Union on 4 August 2022 and announced that the Arstotzkan Allied Forces, the main group against the alliance, would be dissolved and both nations signed the Bethlehem Charter which formed the Tauranga Allied Micronational Treaty Organization. This new organization would be more organized and well formed and would allow new nations in under a unified banner. The TAMTO organization would also be dedicated at protecting the new nations of the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations.

On 24 August 2022, Ethan Brinkman was contacted by a FDF Officer, a member of the Federal Defense Forces of the Taurstan Anarchist Federation, who informed him of a rouge nation known as the Matakana Island Rouge Nation who was posing a major threat to the national security and sovereignty of the infant nations. Ethan informed him that TAMTO would be put on high alert and that a vote on the task of preventing any dangerous actions coming towards the new nations. Ethan also informed the FDF Officer that troops from the TAMTO's Joint Allied Response Defense Battalion, which was the smallest of the five main army groups of the alliance.

During the fourth session of the General Assembly, which took place on the same day, hackers from the Empire of Him, the new name for the Matakana Island Rouge Nation began a cyber attack on the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations main communications site. Cyber teams from the JARDAB and other allied units quickly dispatched the hackers and Secretary General Ethan Brinkman announced Resolution 07 which passed with unanimous approval and all members states were at war with the Empire of Him.

Commonwealth - Empire War

Following what became the first major battle of the war, the Commonwealth Forces quickly regrouped and planned for a counterattack. That afternoon, Secretary General Ethan Brinkman sanctioned a counter-offensive in Philosostan, a newly created region of micronational affairs and one of the most contested regions in the entire Tauranga Micronational Area. Ethan did this both on behalf of the TCM and also the Arstotzkan Union as the Union had not seen battle since 15 April 2021 with the invasion of the CDG.

On 25 August 2022, a day after the First Battle of the General Assembly, PVB troops from the Taurstan Anarchist Federation and DAF troops from the Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums with the support of TAMTO's JARDAB and the Arstotzkan Union's 2nd Army Infantry Regiment moved into secure Philosostan. Commonwealth Forces made quick successes but were ultimately pushed into a stalemate by the Empire forces.

Government and politics

The People's Banner of the Arstotzkan Union. It is the current flag and has been in use since 10 December 2020

The Arstotzkan Union officially is a democratic socialist federal dual-presidential constitutional republic. It has two Presidents, the First President is Ethan Brinkman, the Second President is Wesley von Dookington and the Vice President is Lachlan Deans. Presidential term limits are defined by Article 4, Section 2 of the Government Procedures Act 2023, which prescribes the term of a president is one that last for the life of the individual, or until their death or resignation and or retirement. Military authority and major supreme powers are vested in the First President who exercises them under the powers from the Constitution (specifically Section 4), Executive and Supreme Powers Act 2022 and the Armed Forces Act 2023. The Second and Vice Presidents also have their powers codified by the same legislation.

The Arstotzkan Federal Government holds both legislative and judicial branches. The legislative branch consists of the Federal Assembly, which holds the Federal Congress and the House of Representatives. The Federal Congress' function is to create a second draft of legislation before it is approved by the Executive Chairman of the Federal Assembly and sent to the executive committee for ratification. The House of Representatives function is to be a council of representatives from the four states of the Union to draft and create bills for the Government. Like the executive, members of the legislative branches are selected by the executive committee. A democratic election occurred in 2020 and many people who won positions in that election have held them since then. The only party that is in the Arstotzkan Federal Government is the Arstotzkan Social Liberal Democratic Party, formerly known as the Second Democratic People's Party of the Arstotzkan Union and has its roots from the Arstotzkan People's Party (founded 22 August 2019).

The Federal Judiciary of the Arstotzkan Union is the judicial body of the Arstotzkan Federal Government. It consists of the Supreme Federal Court of the Arstotzkan Union, Federal Court of Appeals and four Federal Territorial Courts (over four judicial circuits). A fifth District Court in the Arstotzkan Union Proper was formed but later dissolved by the Land and Territories Act 2023 when the state was officially dissolved.

The Executive of the Arstotzkan Federal Government consists of the Office of the Presidency, which is the highest body in the Arstotzkan Union. It contains all three presidents (First, Second and Vice). Every office, department and body in the Arstotzkan Union eventually reports to the Office of the Presidency. Below it is the Executive Committee of the Office of the Presidency of the Arstotzkan Union, which ratifies all bills and makes them acts, as well as, advises the Office of the Presidency of national functions, matters of national security, actions being taken by the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union and has the final say in any matters relating to the nation as a whole. The executive committee acts as the President without being one single person, rather nine people who make the final decision. This has been seen as the proper Arstotzkanist means to have a strong democracy. The First and Second Presidents do have the ability to overrule the executive committee or change functions or parts of the nation at will, without the advise or without consulting the executive committee. These are strictly monitored activities and are known as Executive Presidential Orders. Only six Executive Presidential Orders have ever been created, with the latest one amending the Anniversaries and National Holidays Act 2020, creating 15 April as the official date for Armed Forces Day.

The other body in the Executive Branch is the Politburo of the Socialist Party of the Arstotzkan Union. It only acts to plan activities relating to the SPAU and does not have any power over the government or the nation.

Current Government

Party Spectrum Ideology Leaders House seats Logo
Socialist Party of the Arstotzkan Union SPAU Far-Left Arstotzkanism

Democratic Socialism


25 / 25

In a 2022 poll by the Arstotzkan Union National News Network it found that 60% of voters disagree with the current administration and 60% would support a new administration. Shrirang Ekbote and Zion Ormsby both received 40% support as new leaders of the Arstotzkan Union, meanwhile, Peter Gedye is the most preferred leader with 60% meanwhile Ethan Brinkman is at 40%. When asked about which party voters prefer, 60% of people support the former National Right Alliance Party, run by Sergeant Julio Dietrich, while 40% support the current main party, the Arstotzkan Social Liberal Democratic Party. When asked about the results, First President Ethan Brinkman called the poll a "joke". Stating that the voters have always opposed him and that its nothing new.

Military and Law Enforcement

The Arstotzkan Union's national defence rests with the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union. The micronational worlds largest military force, consisting of 375 soldiers over three branches, the Arstotzkan Army Corps, Arstotzkan Naval Corps and Arstotzkan Union Reserve Force. The First President of the Arstotzkan Union is the Commander and Chief of the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union and holds the rank of General of the Armed Forces. In 2020, the National Government of the Arstotzkan Union created Arstotzkan High Command and the Arstotzkan Executive War Council,[6] its duty is to work with the Department of National Defense to advise the (through the Senior Chairman of the Department of National Defense) Executive Committee on the functions of the Armed Forces. Soldiers matters are passed onto the Department of National Defense by the General Secretary of the Armed Forces, who organizes soldiers affairs and monitors on-base activities.

Arstotzkan Federal Police Service Emblem. Created by First President Ethan Brinkman

Law enforcement and policing matters are up taken by the Arstotzkan Federal Police Service. A recently new department created by the Police Force and Public Order Act 2022, which formed the police force on 23 October 2022. The AFPS took over the job of policing from the Arstotzkan Police Service and Arstotzkan Presidential Guard (then known as the Arstotzkan Federal Guard). The AFPS, are the child department of the Executive Committee and they work directly on the advise of the Chief of the AFPS. In January 2023, the AFPS participated in one of the largest police actions in Arstotzkan History, by arresting 25 individuals linked to a far-right group known as the New Arstotzkan Liberation Front, which wished to take down the Arstotzkan Federal Government.

Administrative Areas

The Arstotzkan Union is comprised of many political divisions. There are three main administrative areas and are categorised in a hierarchal structure. States are the largest administrative division. States are a group of two or more territories and are usually divided based on their geographical location. There are four states, Wairoa, Rangitaiki, Hōrana and Makariri. Rangitaiki is the largest by number of territories and Makariri is the largest by size. Each state is led by a Council Chairman. The Council Chairman has a seat on the House of Representatives and is tasked with voting and establishing new laws for the Arstotzkan Union based on the wishes of the Arstotzkan people's. There are four State Representatives, one for each state.

Territories are the next administrative division. They are areas that are seen by the Arstotzkan Federal Government of importance to the Arstotzkan Union. The official definition of a territory is listed in the Land and Territories Act 2023 and is:

  • An area of land that is inhabited by citizens (pursuant to the Citizenship Act 2022 and Civil Protection Act 2021) of the Arstotzkan Union, and;
  • An area of land seen as of national significance to the Arstotzkan Federal Government and or the Office of the Presidency of the Arstotzkan Union, and;
  • An area of land seen as of national significance to the People’s Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union for the protection of the state and national security of the Arstotzkan Union and New Zealand, and;
  • An area of land seen as required to be a part of the Arstotzkan Union to allow for bettering the sovereignty of the Arstotzkan Union.

There are 18 territories. 16 in New Zealand, one in Australia and one in Cuba. The largest three are Yuzhnaya Zemlya Territory (MA), Tangata Raki Territory (WA) and Nueva Unidad Territory (RG). Territories are governed by a Territorial Commander and the territorial commander is responsible to the States Representative. All territorial commanders have a permanent seat in each State Council and advise the Council Chairman on the issues in their territories.

Below the territory is a city. There aren't many cities and cities are primarily in the larger territories. The main two cities are Waikare and Waihaha in the Tangata Raki Territory.

The final type of administrative division in the Arstotzkan Union are Autonomous Administrative Regions. Currently there is two, the Grayson Administrative Region, and the Moutere Hapori Administrative Region, both in the Eastern Arstotzkan State. Autonomous Administrative Region's or AAR's are different to cities, territories and states as they are self-administering and have their own independent governing body. These independent governing bodies are responsible to the Executive Committee and have special privileges over law making and administering their regions.

Flag Arms Name Area Admitted to the Union Population Official

(Council Chairman: Liam Huxley)

Tangata Raki Territory 85.81 km2 22 April 2023 171 Territorial Commander:
Ethan Brinkman
Tsentral'naya Territory 0.00075 km2 29 September 2021 10 Territorial Commander:
Liam Huxley
Major cities
Waihaha 19.65 km2 2 August 2023 65 Mayor:
Ethan Brinkman
Waikare 66.16 km2 2 August 2023 106 Mayor:
Ethan Brinkman

(Council Chairman: Ethan Brinkman)

Angliyskiy Territory 0.081 km2 27 December 2019 2 Territorial Commander:
Ethan Brinkman
Te Whakapaipai Territory 0.28336856 km2 28 February 2023 120 Territorial Commander:
Ethan Brinkman
Major cities
Holloway 0.00197103 km2 12 November 2023 15 Mayor:
Ethan Brinkman

(Council Chairman: Ethan Brinkman)

Gollandiya Capitol Territory 0.00264376 km2 27 December 2019 4 Territorial Commander:
Ethan Brinkman
Skandinaviya Territory 0.000675 km2 14 September 2020 4 Territorial Commander:
Peter Gedye
Kholmistyy Rayon Territory 0.0003783 km2 14 September 2020 4 Territorial Commander:
Zion Ormsby
Shotlandiya Territory 0.000791 km2 14 September 2020 6 Territorial Commander:
Jack Miller
Privetstvennaya Bukhta Territory 0.00075 km2 14 September 2020 7 Territorial Commander:
Alex Rose
Severnyy Territory 0.001023 km2 14 September 2020 5 Territorial Commander:
Tyler Brazier
Kivi Territory 0.0807 km2 14 September 2020 4 Territorial Commander:
Tyler Brazier
Grayson Administrative Region 0.009518 km2 28 May 2023 4 Executive Councillor:
Grayson Moore
Ahitereiria Territory 2.4 km2 3 August 2023 5 Territorial Commander:
Teariinui 'Swan' Tutengaehe
Te Whare Whakangau Echo 0.08 km2 1 June 2023 5 Territorial Commander:
Wesley von Dookington
Nueva Unidad Territory 15.53 km2 28 October 2023 2 Territorial Commander:
Peter Gedye
N/A Moutere Hapori Administrative Region 0.01 km2 6 December 2023 0 Executive Councillor:
Peter Gedye
Major cities
Unitya 0.05 km2 21 March 2024 339 Mayor:
Ethan Brinkman

(State Representative: Zion Ormsby)

Yuzhnaya Zemlya Territory 179 km2 4 May 2022 0 Territorial Commander:
Ethan Brinkman
Angliya Territory 0.000921 km2 26 February 2020 3 Territorial Commander:
Piran McGee
Total Area (km2) 283.56 Total Population 695

Former States

Arstotzkan Union Proper

Arstotzkan Union Proper. From 2020 until it was dissolved in 2022 it existed as the only state of the Arstotzkan Union, other territories were considered to be moved to being a state including the Yuzhnaya Zemlya Territory, however this was blocked by the House of Representatives.

The State of the Arstotzkan Union Proper or the Arstotzkan Union Proper was the main state of the Arstotzkan Union. Originally it was known as the Mainland State of Arstotzka and then Arstotzka before its name was changed because of its similarity to the nation of Arstotzka from the game Papers Please, prior to the federalization of the Arstotzkan Union and adoption of the Land and Territories Act 2020. The AUP was the only state in the Arstotzkan Union. It had 5 regions which were commanded by the Council Registration. Those were the Arstotzkan Capitol District, Union Central, New Staten Landt, Southern Province and Kholmistaya Tsep District. The AUP was the only place in the entire Union that had a highway system, this was until the Highway system was reformed for the new Territories.

Foreign relations

The Foreign Relations of the Arstotzkan Union encompass a diverse array of interactions with both macro- and micronations globally. Primarily aligned with leading Western democracies while opposing claimed-communist and capitalist states, the Arstotzkan Union has emerged as a significant micronational power, particularly in the Pacific and New Zealand regions. With a robust military capability, the nation actively engages in peacekeeping efforts and extends aid to other micronations. Key elements of its foreign policy include participation in intermicronational organizations, military assistance, and diplomatic engagement with both macro- and micronations.

The Arstotzkan Union actively engages in intermicronational organizations, notably founding the United Micronations Treaty Alliance (UMTA) to support smaller micronations and promote peace in the Tauranga Micronational Area. Additionally, it has treaties independent of these organizations, such as the Treaty of Two Nations.

Possessing the largest micronational military force globally, the Arstotzkan Union prioritizes aiding allies through its People's Armed Forces, as mandated by the Constitution. This commitment is evident in various conflicts and crisis situations, including the Commonwealth-Empire War and the Benereich - Coalition War.

The Arstotzkan Union's foreign relations with micronations have evolved over time. Initially focusing on building relations with New Zealand, it later engaged with emerging micronations, both through conflict and subsequent alliances. Notable alliances include positive relations with the Confederate Democracy of Gamers and the Ward Empire, with the latter being the closest ally, marked by extensive military cooperation and direct communication lines.

Unilateral recognition for macronations and major micronations

Recognized micronations (official)

Country Relation Status Founded Diplomatic Relations Formed Relation Length Notes
Confederate Democracy of Gamers Friendly / Allies 9 November 2020 13 September 2022 1 year, 276 days
Grayson Country Ceased 7 May 2022 13 September 2022 90 days
Ward Empire Friendly / Allies 6 July 2022 6 July 2022 1 year, 345 days See: Empirical - Arstotzkan Relations
Kingdom of Krongle Friendly / Allies 8 September 2022 10 September 2022 1 year, 279 days
United States of Kiwistan Friendly / Allies 21 September 2022 21 September 2022 1 year, 268 days
Empire of Him Friendly / Allies 22 August 2022 26 October 2022 1 year, 233 days
People’s Liberation Council of Morrinstan Friendly / Allies 4 November 2022 4 November 2022 1 year, 224 days

Unrecognised and formerly recognised macronations

  •  France (Never Recognized, also has been labelled a 'rogue state' and a 'threat to humanity')
  •  Taiwan

Geography and Climate

The Arstotzkan Union being a union of territories across a larger macronation has a large diverse geography. Many of its Tauranga based territories are located between 35 and 200m above sea-level, meanwhile outside the Tauranga Territories, with the lowest point being 0m and the highest being Mount Dick (New Zealand name) or Mount Arstotzkan (Arstotzkan Union rename) which is 705m above sea-level.


The Arstotzkan Union has an oceanic or maritime temperate climate. It can also be described as subtropical.


The economy of the Arstotzkan Union is largely non existent. The Department of the State and Arstotzkan Federal Government have official stated that the Arstotzkan Union is a planned socialist economy. The Arstotzkan Federal Government doesn't directly own any business but has set up State Owned Enterprises under the State Owned Enterprises Act 2022. However businesses have planned to open in the Arstotzkan Union. In 2019 the Arstotzkan Union National Government issued the first (and to this day only) Good and Services Transportation Permit (GSTP) which set out that businesses in the Arstotzkan Union need to be registered to the Arstotzkan Union National Government and that all business practices must be inline with the socialist and now Arstotzkanist aspects of government and business.

In May 2023, the first report conducted by the Bureau of Finance[9] showed that the Arstotzkan Union's labour economy had allowed for a major gross domestic production and the largest GDP in the micronational world. With a nominal GDP over 170 million Arstotzkan Credits (or US$107 million) it makes the Arstotzkan Union the largest economy in the micronational world. The GDP per capita sits at around 70,000 Arstotzkan Credits (or $44,514.29) it has a larger GDP per capita than New Zealand.

State Owned Enterprises

The Arstotzkan Union has four major state owned enterprises, they are:

Independent Companies

The Arstotzkan Union is also home to some independent international companies, they are:


The Arstotzkan Union has an interesting culture, deriving from aspects of western and soviet-eastern culture.


The Arstotzkan Union has recently changed its policy regarding language. On 28 February 2023, the First President passed the Official Languages Act 2023 and the Maori Language Adoption Act 2023 which became a major step in preserving indigenous New Zealand culture and making the Arstotzkan Union the second nation in the world to have its official language as Maori. The Arstotzkan Union also still has Dutch as a national language as well as Latin and Spanish.

In late 2022, the Arstotzkan Federal Government amended the Preventative Measures Act and removed the Russian Language as an official language and any parts of culture linking the Arstotzkan Union to the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin.


The Arstotzkan Union has only one media source. The Arstotzkan Union National News Network. The AUNNN is a state entity under the State Owned Enterprises Act 2022 and is the property of the Arstotzkan Press Directorate. It does not televise but it does post important national news on several online locations these include, Instagram (the most common), Reddit, TikTok and on the new Arstotzkan Union Online (AUO).


Holidays are a unique part of the Arstotzkan Union. Federally holidays were legislated in 2020 and have marked significant days in both international and Arstotzkan history. Some new holidays are planned to be implemented such as June 6 to remember the anniversary of D-Day.

Date Holiday Reason for Celebration
1 January New Years Day
5 February Peace Day Commemorate the end of the Second Civil Conflict and Arstotzkan Wars
10 February Freedom Day Commemorate the end of the Arstotzkan-Confederate War
April Good Friday

Easter Monday

1 May V-E Day Victory in Europe remembrance day
6 June D-Day Remembrance Day Commemorate the Normandy Landings during WW2
15 August V-J Day Victory over Japan remembrance day
22 August Commemoration Day Commemorate the independence of the Arstotzkan Union
18 September War Day Anniversary of the start of the First Civil Conflict and the Arstotzkan Wars
26 October Labour Day
31 October Halloween
25 November Unity Day Anniversary of the end of the First Civil Conflict
6 December Battle Day Anniversary of the start of the Second Civil Conflict
24 December Christmas Eve
25 December Christmas Day
26 December Russia Day Celebration of the founding of the Russian Federation (considered to be repealed after Preventative Measures Act)
30 December Soviet Day Celebration of the founding of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
31 December New Year's Eve

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