Zion Ormsby

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Right Honorable Comrade Vice President
Zion Ormsby
FirstPotau with Former First President Zion Ormsby.jpg

In office
22nd August 2019 – 6th September 2019
Preceded by Office Established
Succeeded by Peter Gedye

In office
25th November 2019 – 9th April 2020
Preceded by Office Established
Succeeded by Tyler Brazier

In office
18th May 2020 – 4th February 2021
Preceded by Tyler Brazier
Succeeded by Tyler Brazier

In office
4th February 2021 – 1st June 2021
Preceded by Ethan Brinkman
Succeeded by Ethan Brinkman

Assumed office 
1st June 2021
Preceded by Tyler Brazier

Political party Second Democratic People's Party of the Arstotzkan Union
Residence Kholmistaya Rayon Territory
Military service
Allegiance Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces
Service/branch Arstotzkan Army Corps
Arstotzkan Marine Corps
Years of service 2019 - Present day
Rank Lieutenant General
Battles/wars First Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union
Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union
Arstotzkan - Confederate War
2022 Arstotzkan Independence Crisis
Arstotzkan - Alliance War

Rt. Hon. Vice President Lieutenant General Zion Ormsby OAE (Order of the Arstotzkan Eagle) is the current Vice President under the Second Brinkman - Gedye Administration. Zion is currently in his fourth term as the Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union, having been demoted in 2019 eleven days prior to the First Civil Conflict. He was then placed into his Second Term following the end of the First Civil Conflict and remained until his resignation as Vice President on April 9th 2020 to become the General Secretary of the Arstotzkan Labour Party, however he returned for his third term as a part of the terms of the agreement of the handover of the ALP to the UGA in May 2020. He remained in his third term until the resignation of First President, Ethan Brinkman, in January 2021. According to the Arstotzkan Line of Succession, Zion Ormsby was sworn in as First President of the Arstotzkan Union on February 4th 2021, ending the First Brinkman - Gedye Administration. Under Zions leadership, the Arstotzkan Union would see a period of political re-forming and it was under Zion's joint administration that the Federalisation of the Arstotzkan Union would be completed. Zion's administration also brought an end to the Confederate Democracy of Gamers.

On 1 June 2021, Ethan Brinkman announced he would return as First President of the Arstotzkan Union, bringing an end to the short, Ormsby - Gedye Administration. Since 1 June, Zion has remained as the Vice President and still holds a strong and prominent role in Arstotzkan Politics.