Wesley von Dookington

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Wesley von Dookington
8th Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union
In office
1 June 2023 – 18 January 2024
PrecedingZion Ormsby
Succeeded byLachlan Deans
1st General Secretary of the Arstotzkan State Central Bank
Assumed office
11 June 2023
PrecedingOffice established
1st Director of the Bureau of Finance
Assumed office
11 June 2023
PrecedingOffice established
Personal details
BornWellington, New Zealand
Citizenship New Zealand
Arstotzkan Union
ResidencesTe Whare Whakangau Echo Eastern Arstotzkan State, Arstotzkan Union
Military service
Allegiance People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union
Armed Forces of the Empire of the Benereich (formerly)
Branch/serviceArstotzkan Army Corps
CommandsCommander of the Arstotzkan Army Corps

Wesley von Dookington is a top military leader and government personality in the Arstotzkan Union. Wesley is currently the Second President of the Arstotzkan Union. For most of his career in micronational politics, Wesley served as the Field Marshal of the Armed Forces of the Empire of the Benereich until he revoked his Benerian citizenship on 31 May 2023 in lieu of being granted citizenship by the the First President of the Arstotzkan Union. On 1 June 2023 he was sworn in as the new Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union.

In early 2024 with the announcement of the retirement of former Second President Peter Gedye, Wesley was immediately promoted to the office of the Second President, where he will be serving as acting Second President under the Executive Committee until he is confirmed by a special session as per Article's 3 & 7 of the Constitution.

Outside his duties as Acting Second President, Von Dookington is also personality in the Arstotzkan finance sector with him aiding in the proper construction of the Arstotzkan Union's centralized currency, the Arstotzkan Credit. Because of this, Wesley Von Dookington has been given the offices of General Secretary of the Arstotzkan State Central Bank and the Director of the Bureau of Finance.

Today he serves as a well respected member of the Arstotzkan Federal Government and military officer in the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union.


Legal Career

Before his inauguration as a Field Marshall in the Benerian Armed Forces, von Dookington was a Crown Prosecutor residing in ██████, New Zealand. His tendencies to destroy evidence and multiple allegations of misconduct towards his colleagues resulted in him being suspended from practicing law for an indefinite period on the 12th of September, 2017

Involvement in Organized Crime

After his expulsion from practicing as a lawyer, von Dookington turned to organized crime to make ends meet. His involvement in the criminal group ███ ██████ █████ ███ is riddled with accusations of drug trafficking, homicide, and torture. Resulting from a string of disappearances and suicides, state prosecutors continue to be unable to find witnesses willing to testify in court. With no support for the claims, von Dookington, and the Empire of the Benerealm deny any criminal accusations. After the ██████ incident on the ███/██/████, von Dookington was once again left unemployed following a gas explosion in an Otumoetai compound belonging to ███ ██████ █████ ███. Any witnesses to the event were so distraught at seeing the event unfold that they all committed suicide within the following weeks before investigators were able to contact them.


With no other group willing to recruit von Dookington after the ██████ incident, he turned to the only career he could continue to legally practice: politics. Seeing the opportunity to become a member of the Benerian Armed Forces, Wesley von Dookington applied and was accepted as, a member of the Empire of the Benereich.

Service in The Empire of the Benereich

Early Years

During the early years of the Benereich, von Dookington was sent to persuade the various territories that would later go on to form the Benerealm that unifications was indeed beneficial towards everyone. Unfortunately, his actions had the opposite effect; resulting from his long-ingrained use of ████████████, ███████, and █████████, locales would band together and form an Anarchist Realm.

Night of Short Swords

As a member of the Benerian loyalists during the tumultuous conflict, Wesley von Dookington was one of the elite special forces sent to capture and dispatch the leaders of the rebelling forces in an event known as The Night of Short Swords. At 9:05 am, Wesley von Dookington breached party leader James Paprzik's roof, and a brief conflict ensued. Using a table leg, von Dookington ███████ Paprzik repeatedly in the back of the head before ███████ the leader's █████ off using a pair of safety scissors.

At 12:59 pm local time, von Dookington was again selected for the capture of Police Chief Sydnee Vern, and proved invaluable by rendering the enemy unconscious using a █████ ████. At 1:00 pm Vern was escorted to a pickup truck for transportation to an undisclosed facility.

Field Marshal of the Benerian Armed Forces

As a result of his actions during The Night of Short Swords, Wesley von Dookington was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal. There continue to be allegations of ███████ ██████████, but such claims are unsubstantiated as they appear only from interrogated POWs, held at von Dookington's private facility, site "39" Echo Valley Laboratories. Von Dookington is known to be pragmatic and obsessive in combat, and is widely accused of █████████ any prisoners he captures seemingly for sadistic purposes. Many of his adversaries actively choose to run into enemy fire rather than be taken prisoner as a result of his behavior.

Other distinguishing roles and titles in The Benereich

With experience in the legal field combined with extensive military prestige, Wesley von Dookington was well-equipped to become a Senator in the Benerian political sphere. He continues to implement new ways of improving productivity, planned parenthood, and reducing Benerian unemployment through a specialized technique known as the late-term abortion.

With his apparent glee at exploring the creative side of warfare, von Dookington was also assigned as the head of Research and Development in the Benerian Armed Forces. From his domicile, von Dookington tests his inventions on ███s unfortunate enough to find themselves within his control.

Service in the Arstotzkan Union

Dissatisfaction with The Benereich

Due to The Empire of The Benereich's long-term archival technical debt, Wesley von Dookington was assigned large amounts of secretarial work to keep up with new developments and modifications to The Benereich's microwiki pages. To achieve this, von Dookington attempted to submit an Archival Restructuring Proposal; a document that never saw the light of day. von Dookington was unable to ever actually complete his work, as the large amount of unseen paperwork and lack of recognition for it led to him being scouted by the Arstotzkan Union. First President Ethan Brinkman was able to convince von Dookington that his work would be valued as well as being largely more satisfying under the flag of the Arstotzkan Union and von Dookington, having little to lose, accepted the proposal.

Arrest Warrant

Due to the high-profile nature of von Dookington's resignation and subsequent citizenship in the Arstotzkan Union, a nation The Empire of the Benereich has been at war with several times, The Benereich has placed an Arrest Warrant against the ex-Field Marshal. Von Dookington continues to evade capture by Benerian forces.

Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union

Wesley von Dookington was given the title of Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union after much internal discussion in the Arstotzkan Executive Committee, and assumed office on the 1st of June, 2023.

Other distinguishing roles and titles in The Arstotzkan Union

In accordance with his military background, von Dookington was also assigned the rank of Lieutenant General in the Arstotzkan Military, and was placed in command of the 12th and 13th Battalions of the Arstotzkan Union Reserve Force.

Personal life

All attempts made to contact von Dookington on his personal life have ended with the disappearance of the reporter. Despite agencies refusing to send any further to interview him, he continues to request more, stating they're "Vital to [his] mental health".