Ethan Brinkman

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The Right Honorable Comrade First President
Ethan Brinkman
FirstPOTAU on 25 Nov.jpg

In office
22nd August 2019 – May 1st 2020
Vice President Zion Ormsby (16 days)
Peter Gedye (11 days)
Preceded by Office Established
Succeeded by Office Abolished

In office
May 1st 2020 – 4th February 2021
Vice President Tyler Brazier (18 days)
Zion Ormsby (8 Months, 17 days)
Preceded by Office Established
Succeeded by Zion Ormsby

In office
January 5th 2021 – 9th March 2021
President Zion Ormsby
Vice President Tyler Brazier
Preceded by Zion Ormsby
Succeeded by Office Abolished

In office
9th March 2021 – June 1st 2021
President Zion Ormsby
Vice President Tyler Brazier
Preceded by Office Established
Succeeded by Tyler Brazier

Assumed office 
June 1st 2021
Vice President Zion Ormsby
Preceded by Zion Ormsby

Political party Arstotzkan Future Party
Other political
Arstotzkan Social Liberal Democratic Party
Domestic partner Samantha Johnson
(Since 10 July 2021)
Residence Gollandiya Capitol Territory
Alma mater University of Waikato
Victoria University of Wellington
Portfolio Arstotzkan Federal Government
Arstotzkan High Command
People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union
Military service
Allegiance People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union
Service/branch Arstotzkan Army Corps
Arstotzkan Navy
Arstotzkan Air Force
Arstotzkan Marine Corps
Years of service 2019 - Present Day
Rank Kommondant of the PAFAU Kmdt.png
Battles/wars First Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union
Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union
Arstotzkan - Confederate War
2022 Arstotzkan Independence Crisis
Arstotzkan - Alliance War
Commonwealth - Empire War
Benereich - Coalition War
Morrinstani Independence Crisis

Ethan Brinkman, full name, Ethan Geoffrey Jacob Brinkman is an Arstotzkan stateman and top military officer in the Arstotzkan Union. Ethan is also the current First President of the Arstotzkan Union, General of the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union as well as a founding father of the Arstotzkan Union. On 22 August 2019, Ethan formed the Arstotzkan Union, established the first and current Constitution and brought in the first Government of the Arstotzkan Union. Ethan established the nation as a single party socialist state, with the main party, the Arstotzkan People's Party being the first to be created.

Along with founding the Arstotzkan Union in 2019, in 2021 Ethan founded the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations and begun development on a reformed version of socialism called Arstotzkanism and is currently working on a manifesto for the ideology.

Ethan is a strong auth-leftist and over the past few years have changed political ideologies. In 2019, Ethan claimed his political ideology as Democratic Communism until reading the Communist Manifesto in 2020 and converted to Democratic Socialism. In 2021 the ideal changed to Arstotzkanism and Democratic Socialism with it just being Arstotzkanism until discovering the reforms of Joseph Tito and reformed the Arstotzkanism ideology, adopting market aspects with 2022 Arstotzkanism being very similar to Democratic Market Socialism. Although the Arstotzkan Union uses the Hammer and Sickle on the Flag, Ethan has declared that the Arstotzkan Union is not Communist and has even banned Lenin-Marxist Communism on several occasions. To this day he is still called a communist.

Ethan is also the creator behind the Operation: New Zealand and Operation: Arstotzka series' and has created such places such as the Republic of New Zealand, which is an imagining of if the United States decided to invade New Zealand in 2019 and claim newly discovered uranium reserves and make it the 51st state of the union through a military annexation. He also created the New Arstotzkan Empire, a ultra-nationalist version of the Arstotzkan Union arising in 2027 following the decline of government policy from the Arstotzkan Federal Government leading to a brutal military coup and annexation of the Unified State of the Arstotzkan Union Proper.

Due to the prevalence of wars that Ethan has been involved in, many members of the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations have taken to ironically referring to him as Ethan Brinkman the "peacekeeper".

Personal life

Born in 2004 in Auckland, New Zealand to an IT Consultant and Software Engineer, Ethan and his family lived in Auckland for 3 years before moving to Tauranga in 2007. Ethan lived in Maungatapu, Tauranga and was enrolled in the local Maungatapu Kindergarten in 2007 before moving to Maungatapu Primary School in 2009. Ethan was seen as highly intelligent at Maungatapu Primary and expressed an enjoyment in subjects such as history and geography, two subjects not taught as part of the New Zealand Curriculum. Ethan then moved to attend Tauranga Intermediate School in 2016 before graduating in 2017.

High School

In 2018 Ethan Brinkman started school at Tauranga Boys' College. Through his high school years he expressed a good work ethic although exam and external testing showed otherwise. Ethan was able to achieve NCEA Level 1 and 2 with a Merit Endorsement and was given a Merit Endorsement in NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement) Level 1 History and Excellence Endorsement in Level 2 Philosophy.

In 2022 Ethan began doing a pre-university course through the University of Waikato, taking two papers, one in Law and the other in Political Science. Ethan was able to gain a B+ in Law and a C in Political Science. Following this Ethan decided not to continue Political Science while studying at Victoria University of Wellington.


In 2023, Ethan began studying at Victoria University of Wellington, choosing a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and Philosophy. He is there to this day.


Early Presidency

Ethan Brinkman became the first President of the Arstotzkan Union on 22 August 2019. His creation of the single party state with little democracy made the nation the turning point for many political discussions, with the bulk of it around how the President was running a "dictatorship". Many of Ethan's close comrades were enlisted into high ranking areas of the Arstotzkan Union very quickly with out any knowledge of the National Government.

Ethan created the first Constitution of the Arstotzkan Union, which was very lacking compared to the current Constitution. However, many areas of the original constitution are still in the current, with Articles 1, 2 & 3 similar to the original. This was done in an effort to quickly restore the Arstotzkan Union following the First Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union. However some articles had some changes, for instance Article 5 was created and said "The borders of the Arstotzkan Union are to be open and to not hinder anyone from entering, whether those be of former enemies to the state." This was changed following changes to National Security.

First Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union

The First Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union was incited on 18 September 2019. Ethan had openly rejected to the consult of war, however internal conflicts in the Arstotzkan Union, including Ethan's radical Immigration Policy, lead to the Minister of Defense denouncing the President on 18 September at around 12:45. He made claims that the policy of immigration and National Security was extremely radical and was causing a major problems in population with major decreases since the start of September. The President agreed and the First Civil Conflict began.

On 22 October, President Ethan introduced the "Official Dissolution Document." This document declared that the Arstotzkan union had fallen. This document came into effect at 1:00 pm, 23 October 2019.

On 25 November, the Arstotzkan had reunified after 2 months of war and conflict. This day became known as Unity Day.

1st Post War Period

The first Post War Period lasted from 25 November 2020 to 6 December 2020. This was mainly marked with the reunification of the formerly war torn nation. This lead to the creation of the Constitution of the Arstotzkan Union (current) and the re-establishment of major parts of the Arstotzkan Union until the Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union.

Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union

The Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union began on 6 December 2019 with the former Minister of Defense discovering the Union after it and inciting war into many parts of the National Government. On 9 December 2019, Ethan Brinkman released the "Fall of the Arstotzkan Union" document, announcing to the enemy sympathizers that the Union had collapsed for a second time. However it had not. The information used in the document was ruled as "Invalid to Incite the Collapse of the Arstotzkan Union" by the Supreme Federal Court of the Arstotzkan Union in mid 2020. On 16 December, Ethan drafted Operation: Blue Shadow. This would be the use of the National Guard to reclaim the Union from the Democratic Labour Party of Arstotzka. The plan was to enact the Operation on 4 February 2020. However, the Operation was called off on the day and instead all those who incited the war were confronted and the conflict ended on 5 February 2020.

2nd Post War Period

The second Post War period was the longest time in Arstotzkan History when no war or conflict took place. This lasted from 4 February 2020 to 26 November 2020. This time is marked with major political and cultural progress for the nation. In this time, the May 2020 elections were held and began a major political shift for the nation, moving from a totalitarian communist state to a democratic socialist federal union. Ethan introduced a more leadership following the UGA's victory in the Election, with the creation of the Brinkman - Gedye Administration. Ethan helped to establish new areas of government with the creation of Council Registration (19 July 2020), Arstotzkan High Command (14 September 2020), Arstotzkan Federal Intelligence Agency (formerly National Intelligence Bureau, 14 September 2020), Arstotzkan Human Rights Bureau (formerly Civil Advice and Regulation Bureau, 14 September 2020) and many others. The First Anniversary of the creation of the Arstotzkan Union or Arstotzka 2020 was held and was a massive celebration for the nation, especially after the Covid-19 Pandemic in the nation

Arstotzkan - Confederate War

The Arstotzkan - Confederate War began on 26 November 2020 with Ethan declaring war on the Confederate Democracy of Gamers after the collapse of the unstable alliance and foreign policy adopted on 10 November. Ethan announced the use of Operation: Foreign Destruction, which would be a military campaign under taken by the Arstotzkan Marine Corps. However the war was majorly a stalemate between the two nations. On 5 January 2021, Ethan announced his temporary resignation as First President, and invoked Article 8 of the Arstotzkan Constitution. Ethan also helped in ending the Arstotzkan - Confederate War and signed the peace deal.

3rd Post War Period

The third post war period was marked with major political changes, with Ethan Brinkman not running as the head of state nor as President, Zion Orsmby, who had been the nations Vice President under Ethan from May 18, 2020 became the First President of the Arstotzkan Union on 4 February 2021, nearly a month after Ethan resigned. Under this new government, Ethan became the State Governor of Arstotzka and also was appointed the Director Chairman of the newly re-named Arstotzkan Disease and Infection Direction Administration. Ethan was also appointed to the Arstotzkan State Senate before being moved in to the House of Representatives of the Arstotzkan Union. Ethan remained as Major General of the PAFAU but had to have a two month suspension following the terms of his temporary resignation.

As of today, Ethan Brinkman still retains all of his positions and is highly active in the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union.

The third post war period is the longest time where no war has taken place and has surpassed the second post war period.

2022 Arstotzkan Independence Crisis

On May 7, 2022 the 3rd Post War Period ended following the announcement Tyler Brazier and Grayson Moore would form their own micronations. This began the currently ongoing conflict known as the 2022 Arstotzkan Independence Crisis. To worsen affairs, on June 1, 2022, Elijah Tibbits of the Confederate Democracy of Gamers announced they would ally with Grayson Country against the Arstotzkan Union. On the night of June 1 Ethan declared War on the CDG and Grayson Country starting the Arstotzkan - Alliance War.

Military service

Since August 22, 2019, Ethan has served as the head of the Military. Except for a period in 2021 where he was essentially the deputy of the military with Zion Orsmby acting as the head of the military


With the establishment of the Arstotzkan Union and the Defense Forces on August 22, Ethan automatically became the General of the Army. On September 18, Ethan went to implement the Border and Protection Act 2019, which would create major impactions for border control and use the National Guard to patrol the Arstotzkan Union. This then led to a coup by the Minister of Defense against the Arstotzkan Union National Government.

Political Ideas

Reformed Socialism and Modern Ideas

In recent times, Ethan has become an advocate for socialist revolutions and an abolishment of the capitalist based government of New Zealand. Although a strong believer in the socialist idea, Ethan rejects modern socialist agendas, stating in a meeting with friends:

Many in the Arstotzkan Federal Government have called Ethan's political ideals as revolutionary, with Ethan agreeing to this. Ethan claims for a modern socialist revolution against New Zealand's government. Like Marx, Ethan says the people of New Zealand need to invoke a revolution against the government and establish a strong socialist republic in New Zealand and abolish the capitalist systems.

While many outside observers from New Zealand have stated that Ethan should support the New Zealand Labour Party, Ethan has refused to endorse them stating that they only practice social democracy and need the push into modern Marxist-Socialism, where it benefits every New Zealander and Arstotzkan and does not allow for wealth, gender and race based classes which is, what Ethan claims, many Kiwi and International socialists advocate.


Ethan is the founder of the political ideology, Arstotzkanism. A reformed and united version of Democratic Market Socialism, Collective Leadership, Republicanism and other ideals of government from the Soviet Union and United States of America.


Currently as First President, Ethan possess many duties these are

In the Arstotzkan Union

Outside the Arstotzkan Union


In his career outside of being the leader of the Arstotzkan Union, Ethan has starred in some movies and has even created ideas for some.


Year Title Role Notes
2022 Blackman: Redditors Reckoning Mayor / Taxi Driver Did not star in the first movie, but did play roles in the second movie and lead the official TikTok page.
TBA Operation: New Zealand President Ethan Brinkman / (himself) First major movie. Also leading producer and director
TBA Operation: Arstotzka Former Prime Minister Ethan Brinkman

First President Ethan Brinkman

Second major movie. Also leading producer and director


Year Tiitle Role Notes
2014 The Moe Show Himself (not named) First television appearance on Ferry Episode (2014)
2017 Seven Sharp Himself Appeared on 1 March 2017, Series 5 with his Uncle, Tim Wilson during the Chinese Whispers Episode.