Arstotzkan Air Force

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Arstotzkan Union Air Force
Active22 August 2019
Disbanded31 October 2021
CountryArstotzkan Union
AllegianceArstotzkan Union Defense Forces
RoleAir Based Attack and Defense Force
Garrison/HQArstotzkan Defense and Military Headquarters,
Arstotzkan Capitol District,
Arstotzkan Union Proper,
Arstotzkan Union
Nickname(s)Air Force
Motto(s)Agros nostros in futurum enim nostra defenderet
(English: For Defending our lands for the future)
MarchNational Anthem of the Arstotzkan Union
EngagementsArstotzkan Wars (2019 - 2020):
- First Civil War
- Second Civil Conflict
Battle honoursArstotzkan Honour of War
Ethan Brinkman
Tyler Brazier

The Arstotzkan Air Force, officially The National Air Force of the Arstotzkan Union was an air based attack and defense wing of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces. The Air Force was one of the least active branches of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces but did hold more equipment than other branches.

On 31 October 2021, the Arstotzkan Union Air Force was disbanded and all aircraft were handed over to air wings of the Army and Navy. They were disbanded as part of Executive Presidential Order 0001


The Air Force operated a AeroStar KF-41R reconnaissance drone and a AeroStar AF-64A attack drone. These were handed over to the AUDF Army and Navy.