Pacific AeroStar Aircraft

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Pacific AeroStar Aircraft
AeroStar International (2017 - 2017)
Electric AeroStar Company (2017 - 2018)
AeroStar Aviation Company (2018 - 2019)
Pacific AeroStar Aircraft International (2019 - 2022)
State-Owned Enterprise
Founded14 January 2017
FounderEthan Brinkman
Headquarters128 State Highway 1, Zeeland, New Staten Landt, Arstotzkan Union Proper
Key people
Ethan Brinkman (Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO)
Brayden Scharvi (CCO)
BrandsAeroStar Defense (ASD)
International Electric Aviation Authority (IEAA)
International Airways Corporation (IAC)

Pacific AeroStar Aircraft (PAA) officially Pacific AeroStar Aircraft Holdings LLC is a state owned enterprise and major defense and aerospace development company in the Arstotzkan Union. The company was founded in 2017 however due to short comings in the New Zealand aerospace market the company was licensed by the Department of the State of the Arstotzkan Union.

PAA is one of the largest companies in the Arstotzkan Union, with them holding contracts with the Arstotzkan Army Corps and Arstotzkan Naval Corps as well as the Arstotzkan Union Space Commission (AUSC). PAA also has a sub-company, AeroStar Defense (ASD), which is the main weapons manufacturer in the Arstotzkan Union.

Prior to its acquirement by the Arstotzkan Union, PAA experimented with other lines of industry as well as preventing against climate change. In 2019 PAA formed the International Electric Aviation Authority (IEAA), which promoted and focused on the development of electric aviation engines. They also formed the International Airways Corporation (IAC) and KiwiJet two international and domestic New Zealand based airlines owned by PAA.

In 2019, the company founded its own version of engine manufacturing, forming TauraLift, a specialized brand of all-electric turbofan, turboprop and turbojet engines. The way it operates was revolutionary but proved to be highly inefficient and was dismissed by many engineers.


Formed on 14 January 2017, AeroStar International (ASI) was created. It was created to eventually become the third major aircraft manufacturer competing with the likes of Boeing and Airbus. The first and major aircraft idea of AeroStar was the infamous AeroStar A124-600 a twin engine passenger airliner. The aircraft would come in three variants (400/500/600/F) and would be similar in size to a Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A340-500. The company also had an idea for a large four engine cargo aircraft similar to an Airbus A380.

First logo of AeroStar International. Used between 2017 - 2019.

In mid 2017, the company was renamed to Electric AeroStar Company (EAC) and would focus solely on all electric aircraft. The company wished to begin development of an all-electric version of the Boeing 737 known as the EAC-720, however Boeing rejected the idea. Some other designs for aircraft were the EAC-2250XLM, a 91.8m long cargo aircraft, which was later devolved into the PAA-135F.

Following the falling out between EAC and Boeing the company changed back to the AeroStar Aviation Company and in 2019 became the Pacific AeroStar Aircraft after Brayden Scharvi was made CCO. Since then PAA has expanded their operations with TauraLift being formed in April 2019. On 6 December 2019, PAA created the International Electric Aviation Authority and in that same month the International Airways Corporation and KiwiJet were founded.

In 2020, PAA expanded into the military sector with it founding AeroStar Defense and it beginning to make weapons. Following this the company entered a period of inactivity.

In 2022 the Department of the State of the Arstotzkan Union announced the procurement of the PAA, essentially restarting the company.


PAA has created several different types of aircraft. These are:

PAA 124 (400/500/600/F)

PAA 124-400 Variant in the KiwiJet Livery. This version can hold up to 189 passengers in an all economy configuration.

The most famous of the PAA's aircraft line. The PAA 124 comes equipped with two TauraLift TF-100 (Subsonic Class) Engines and can hold between 120 and 250 passengers.

PAA 136 (600/700/800/F)

The PAA 136 followed soon after the 124 and is still very successful, like her sister. The 136 uses some of the most powerful engines that are available on any aircraft in the world. It also has a Freighter variant and can carry a lot of freight longer than any Airbus or ATR aircraft. The aircraft uses four TauraLift JT-52 B turbofan engines.

PAA 521 (800/F)

The PAA 521 is an upgraded version of the PAA 124. It uses two TauraLift JT-180 turbojet engines, which are more powerful that the TF-100s and allow the PAA-521 to be faster and carry more passengers than the PAA 124.

PAA 800Q

The PAA 800Q is a small domestic aircraft carrying 14 - 20 passengers. It uses two TauraLift TP 130 turboprop engines and is the only aircraft used by KiwiJet City Jump and IAC-Link.

PAA 640A

The PAA 640A is a small military attack drone used primarily by the Arstotzkan Army Corps. It uses one TauraLift S055D engine.

Key Individuals

Chairman of the Board
Name Background & Roles
Ethan Brinkman First President of the Arstotzkan Union

Kommondant of the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union

Chief Executive Officer of Pacific AeroStar Aircraft (since 2017)

Board of Directors
Name Roles
Brayden Scharvi Chief Communications Officer (since 2019)