Arstotzkan Army Corps

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The Arstotzkan Army Corps is one of the oldest branches of the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union. It was established as a head of the Arstotzkan Federal Guard (National Guard of the Arstotzkan Union at the time). The Arstotzkan Army is the only branch that was not shutdown due to the Military Expenditure Reduction Initiative (MERI), and select divisions of the Army remained active for the protection of the Arstotzkan Union.

Arstotzkan Army Corps
Founded22 August 2019; 4 years ago
Country Arstotzkan Union
Allegiance People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union
RoleLand warfare
Size46 active personnel
297 reserve personnel
343 total personnel
Garrison/HQPeople's Armed Forces Base: Fort Aromaunga
Motto(s)Defendendi libertas et virtus, pax usque in aeternum (English: Defending Peace and Liberty forever)
MarchSoviet March
Anniversaries22 August (Commemoration Day)
15 April (Armed Forces Day)
EngagementsArstotzkan Wars (2019 - 2020)
Arstotzkan - Alliance War
Commonwealth - Empire War
Benereich - Coalition War
 • Operation Conquest
Allied Annexation of Grayson Country
GEN Wesley von Dookington
Aircraft flown
AttackPAA 640D Attack Drone


Established on August 22, 2019, the Arstotzkan Army Corps joined two other branches, the Navy and Air Force.

During the First Civil Conflict and while the President was on holiday in Australia, the Army was given the command of the Arstotzkan Union Border Protection Regiment for the protection of the President and his family. When the President returned to New Zealand, all Army activities were shutdown due to the war.

When the Arstotzkan Union fell into the Second Civil Conflict a operation to take back the Arstotzkan Union was drafted, it was called Operation: Blueshadow. It was decided that the National Guard of the Arstotzkan Union (now Arstotzkan Federal Guard) would run the operation and would use their specialist Tango Task Force. However days before the operation was set to commence, the President pulled out the Operation and used a diplomatic tactic of talking down the members of the DLPA.

In 2020, under the Military Expenditure Reduction Initiative, the amount of Divisions operating was reduced to 4. Since then they have only operated at this amount until the Arstotzkan - Confederate War where all divisions of all branches were activated. In 2021 under the current government, only 4 Divisions operate.

In mid-August 2021 during the August Lockdown, the Army, along with the other four branches were renamed for the second time in 2021.

In October 2021, the Army had its second reform as a part of the Second AUDF Reform Period


The Army is organized into the following structure:


  1. Also works with the Government Protection Service Branch and Military Intelligence Directorate of the State Committee for National Security and Intelligence