General (Arstotzkan Union)

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Insignia of the General. Created 26 October 2021

General (Arstotzkan Union) or General of the Arstotzkan Union is a rank in the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union. It is the equivalent of a three star and is below the Kommondant, but is above Lieutenant General. To date there are three Generals of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces, General Peter Gedye (AN), General Piran McGee (AURF) and General Wesley von Dookington (AAC). The rank is usually the head of one of the branches of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces. General Piran McGee is the only General who is not a head of a branch but rather head of the Arstotzkan Union Reserve Force, which contributes to the Tauranga Allied Micronational Treaty Organization.


In the very beginning of the Arstotzkan Union, General was either Major General or General of the National Defense Forces.