Arstotzkan Naval Corps

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Arstotzkan Naval Corps
ActiveAugust 22nd 2019 - Present Day
CountryArstotzkan Union
AllegiancePeople's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union
RoleMaritime Protection and Defense
Size13 active personnel
24 reserve personnel
37 total personnel
Garrison/HQGollandiya Territory Naval Port
MarchNational Anthem of the Arstotzkan Union
AnniversariesAugust 22nd
EngagementsCommonwealth - Empire War
General Peter Gedye

The Arstotzkan Naval Corps is the naval warfare uniform service branch of the People's Armed Forces. Often referred to as the Arstotzkan Navy, the Naval Corps made up a small part of the Arstotzkan Union's strategic planning in the many conflicts of the nation, having only seen combat twice.

The Arstotzkan Navy is divided into two major fleets: the 1st and 2nd Fleets.

The Arstotzkan Navy was formed alongside the Arstotzkan Army Corps and Arstotzkan Air Force at the foundation of the nation on 22 August 2019. Naval combat never became a prospect during the many wars the nation faced until 2022. During the Commonwealth-Empire War and the Benereich - Coalition War the Arstotzkan Navy saw its first use in combat.


On 22 August 2019, the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces were established by the new government and three branches were created. The Army, Air Force and Navy were created.