Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union

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The Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union was the second period of the notorious, Arstotzkan Wars. Which were a period of large hostilities in the Arstotzkan Union beginning in mid-September 2019 and finishing in February 2020. The Second Civil Conflict is praised in the fact that it helped lead the Arstotzkan Union into a period of political reformation and the beginning of the end of nationalism for the nation. The failure to destroy the Arstotzkan Union during the Second Civil Conflict, emboldened the spirit of the Arstotzkan people to fight during the Arstotzkan - Confederate War.

Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union
Date6 December 2019 - 5 February 2020 (1 Month, 30 Days)
Arstotzkan Union Proper, Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union & Gollandiya Territory
Result Annoucement of the Underground Government and Reunifiaction of the Arstotzkan Union.
Arstotzkan Union Democratic Labour Party of Arstotzka
Commanders and leaders

Ethan Brinkman

Zion Orsmby
Jack Miller
3 (became 4 in later December 2019) 10


On December 1, 2019, President Ethan Brinkman established the Democratic Labour Party of Arstotzka and it became a small insignificant party that had minor involvement in the National Assembly but by December 5 the party, who was lead by Former Minister of Defense, had converted over a majority of the members of the National Assembly and began to be seen as a threat to the Arstotzkan People's Party, which for a while was the only party in the Arstotzkan Union after being established on August 22, 2019.

On December 6, 2019, Ethan created the Arstotzkan Summer Summit, which would be a home for members of the National Assembly during the 2019 - 2020 Summer Holidays in New Zealand. However, the Minister of Conservation, who was working for the DLPA, brought in the leader of the DLPA and he ordered President Ethan to shut down the Arstotzkan Union again.

Many see that moment as the beginning of the Second Civil Conflict, this is also stated by the Arstotzkan Federal Government and has been the Official Date since the conflict.

Following this, Ethan set up the Underground Government of the Arstotzkan Union, which consisted of the Presidential Upper Cabinet. On December 8, 2019, the Fall of the Arstotzkan Union document was sent to members of the DLPA and many began to think that the union had fallen. However the Underground Government had taken steps to preserve major government documents including the Constitution.

On December 16, 2019, Ethan announced to the members of the Underground Government the executive use of members of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces to end the DLPA's occupation the former land of the Arstotzkan Union (now Arstotzkan Union Proper). This was known as Operation: Blue Shadow.

On February 5, 2020, the day the operation was to take place, the Operation was cancelled, and President Ethan, Vice President Zion Ormsby, Joshua Smith and members of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces confronted Deputy Leader of the DLPA, Jack Miller and ordered him to end the party, which he did and Ethan proclaimed the re-unification of the Arstotzkan Union, ending the Second Civil Conflict.


The Second Civil Conflict was remembered as the last in the series known as the Arstotzkan Wars. In 2021, the conflict was remembered through the new Anniversaries and National Holidays Act (2020) which made the days where the conflict began, and the War and Conflicts Act (2021) enforced this.