Arstotzkan Wars

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Arstotzkan Wars
Date18 September 2019 - 5 February 2020
(4 months and 22 days)
Arstotzkan Union (now Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union)
Result Victory for Pro-Union Forces.
Gollandiya Capitol Territory, Angliyskiy Territory and Territorial Base and International Sovereignty Program established.
Pro-Union Forces
 • Arstotzkan Union National Government
 • National Government of the Arstotzkan Union
Anti-Union Forces
 • Ministry of Defense of the Arstotzkan Union
 • Democratic Labour Party of Arstotzka
Commanders and leaders

Ethan Brinkman

Zion Orsmby
Jack Miller
First Civil Conflict
 • 10
Second Civil Conflict
 • 3
First Civil Conflict
 • 2
Second Civil Conflict
 • 10

The Arstotzkan Wars also known as the Arstotzkan Civil Wars were a series of conflicts in the newly formed Arstotzkan Union. Fought between September 2019 and February 2020, the conflicts were fought between the Arstotzkan Union National Government along with the Arstotzkan National Government also known as the 'Pro-Union Forces' for the commitment to preserving the infant state and the Ministry of Defense and later Democratic Labour Party of Arstotzka who became known as the 'Anti-Union Forces' for their efforts to dissolve the nation and re-unite it back with New Zealand.

After much tension building up in the Arstotzkan Union National Government at the beginning of September, disillusionment began to peak between the National Assembly and the Ministry of Defense on 6 September 2019 with the removal of Vice President Zion Ormsby. Conflict began during a session of the National Assembly on 18 September, where the government was voting on a controversial immigration bill and the Minister of Defense used his powers to force the President to dissolve the nation.

The Arstotzkan Wars are regarded as the longest time of war in the history of the nation. Because of the victories of the Pro-Union Government forces during the Arstotzkan Wars, the nation was emboldened with national pride and patriotism for the populace of the nation and many have contributed this to the Arstotzkan success over the Confederate Democracy of Gamers in 2021, however by 2024 national pride and confidence in the military has dropped following several failures and conflict loses of the nation in 2022 and 2023.

Arstotzkan High Command was created in 2020 for the continuing of peace, however after the Arstotzkan - Confederate War many have questioned the use of Arstotzkan High Command and the legitimacy at providing peace. In 2021, the Arstotzkan Union has emboldened their peaceful figure, with the nation assisting in the establishment of new nations in Tauranga, like Nova Roma. This continued into 2022 with the establishment of the Ward Empire and other nations of the Tauranga Micronational Sector but the nation has continued its military interventionist policy with threats to involve the People's Armed Forces in various civil matters in the New Zealand micronational sector.


First Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union

Main Article: First Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union

On the evening of September 17, 2019, Lt. Tyler Brazier, presented to the President of the Arstotzkan Union an idea that would force the presentation of identification at the border. This became a massive problem as multiple things had worked up until this moment. On September 18, 2019, time unknown, Minister of Defense, forced the President to shut down the Arstotzkan Union. This decision was approved by the President.

On October 23, 2019 the, Dissolution of the Union, document was created. This document was created as a means to end the very new nation and appease the people involved in the shutdown of the Arstotzkan Union.

Following the departure of the former Minister of Defense, the President, without the knowledge of the Minister of Defense, re-created the Arstotzkan Union. On the 23rd of November the Recreation of the Union document was drafted with the plan to have the Arstotzkan Union reunited by the 25th and to end the First Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union.

Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union

Main Article: Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union

Days following the conclusion of the First Civil Conflict the Arstotzkan National Government announced it would under take democratic reforms and on 1 December 2019, President Ethan Brinkman established the Democratic Labour Party of Arstotzka and it became a small insignificant party that had minor involvement in the National Assembly but by December 5 the party, who was lead by the fomer Minister of Defense, had converted over a majority of the members of the National Assembly and began to be seen as a threat to the Arstotzkan People's Party, which for a while was the only party in the Arstotzkan Union after being established on August 22, 2019.

On December 6, 2019, Ethan created the Arstotzkan Summer Summit, which would be a home for members of the National Assembly during the 2019 - 2020 Summer Holidays in New Zealand. However, the Minister of Conservation, who was working for the DLPA, brought in the leader of the DLPA and he ordered President Ethan to shut down the Arstotzkan Union again.

Many see that moment as the beginning of the Second Civil Conflict, this is also stated by the Arstotzkan Federal Government and has since been officially enforced with the War and Conflicts Act 2021.

Following this, Ethan set up the Underground Government of the Arstotzkan Union, which consisted of the Presidential Upper Cabinet. By 8 December 2019, the Fall of the Arstotzkan Union document was sent to members of the DLPA and many began to think that the union had fallen. However the Underground Government had taken steps to preserve major government documents including the newly written Constitution.

A week later, Ethan announced to the members of the Underground Government the executive use of members of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces to end the DLPA's occupation the land of the nation. This was known as Operation: Blue Shadow. Later this day, Lieutenant Tyler Brazier, who served as a military officer prior to the Arstotzkan Wars was enlisted to be operation commander.

Near the end of 2019, the Underground Government approved a measure by President Ethan to create sovereign claims of the Arstotzkan Union across New Zealand in areas important to the nation or areas where government officials lived. This would be to ensure that when the government couldn't meet in the main nation that officials were still on sovereign territory and could conduct government business whenever. On 27 December 2019 the first sovereign claims, known as Arstotzkan Union Defense Force Bases were established in the Gollandiya Capitol Territory and Angliyskiy Territory, then known as AUDF Base: Aromaunga and AUDF Base: Maungatapu. These names were later retired later in 2020 when the bases became territories and the system changed. However while the name of Aromaunga was changed to the Angliyskiy Territory it gave inspiration to the Arstotzkan Federal Government when establishing a separate military base in the territory to it keep its name. It is so far the only base to still have the same base name as its was before the territorial name change.

By early January 2020 Operation: Blue Shadow became the main objective of the Underground Government and it was considered to be of the utmost importance and is considered as the first majorly classified document in the history of the Arstotzkan Union. In mid-January 2020, Ethan Brinkman travelled to Invercargill to meet with the former Minister of Defense however the meeting didnt include any conversation about the Union or its alleged collapse, however Ethan did inform former Vice President Peter Gedye that the National Government had moved into exile and a military operation to remove DLPA power over the Union had been approved and troops were already on standby. Peter secretly gave Ethan his support of the operation.

On 5 February 2020, the day the operation was to take place, the Operation was cancelled, and President Ethan, Vice President Zion Ormsby, Joshua Smith and members of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces confronted Deputy Leader of the DLPA, Jack Miller and ordered him to end the party, which he did and Ethan proclaimed the re-unification of the Arstotzkan Union, ending the Second Civil Conflict.

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