Dissolution of the Union

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Dissolution of the Union
1st Session of the General Assembly of the Arstotzkan Union
An Act of Legislation to dissolve the National Union State known as Arstotzkan Union. All land and territory will be ceded to the Realm of New Zealand.
Territorial extentArstotzkan Union
Date passed22 October 2019
Date enacted23 October 2019
Signed byEthan Brinkman
Joshua Smith
Jack Miller
Zion Ormsby
Peter Gedye
Legislative history
Bill18 September 2019
Judicially struck down
18 June 2020
Status: Repealed

The Dissolution of the Union was a order from the General Assembly on the order of the President of the Arstotzkan Union to dissolve the entirety of the Arstotzkan Union during the First Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union. It was the last article of legislation passed by the Arstotzkan Union before it was dissolved.


To the population of the lands of the Arstotzkan Union, Members of the National Government Of The Arstotzkan Union, Enemies of the State and AUSIS agents serving abroad. As President of the Arstotzkan Union, Leader of the Arstotzkan People’s Party, I hereby decree the immediate shutdown of the Arstotzkan People’s Party and the National Government of the Arstotzkan Union.

The land will be come and placed under the ownership of the Board of Trustees of Tauranga Boys’ College and the Government of New Zealand. All AUSIS and International National Guard operations are to be dismissed and to return immediately. All Right of Citizenships are now not in use and can not be used as an official document.

Any person for the Arstotzkan Union or New Zealand claiming the Dissolution as non-existent shall be prosecuted under the Treason Act of 1985 in New Zealand and will not be supported by the Arstotzkan Union National Government or the General of The Army, Ethan Brinkman. Any overseas embassies are now not in use by the National Government.

This Document will come into effect on Wednesday 23rd October at 12:00pm.