Confederate Democracy of Gamers

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Confederate Democracy of Gamers
Flag of Confederate Democracy of Gamers
Motto: "I am the turned forth, be it known to you."
CapitalJohnston D.T.
GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
• President
Elijah Tibbits
• Vice President
Jack Unsworth (acting)
LegislatureCDG Federal Government
• Independence
9 November 2020
10 November 2020
26 November 2020
10 February 2021
15 April 2021
• Nation dissolved
16 April 2021
• City-state/city status dissolved
26 May 2022
• Nation restarted
1 June 2022
• Arstotzkan Recognition Granted
13 September 2022
CurrencyArstotzkan Credit (provisional adoption)

The Confederate Democracy of Gamers or Confederate Republic of Gamers (CDG or CRG) is a micronation located outside Tauranga, New Zealand. Officially they were a city under the authority of the Arstotzkan Union. This came after the end of Operation: Foreign Destruction by the Arstotzkan Marine Corps in April 2021, until the nation restarted in June 2022 following an alliance between the CDG and Grayson Country. Currently an independent nation, the capital of Johnston D.T. is land-locked within Arstotzkan Union territory.

Although the CDG is critical of Micronationalism, like Grayson Administrative Region, the CDG is a member of the United Micronations Treaty Alliance.


The term CDG, came from the 1st President Elijah Tibbits idea of a nation by gamers, for gamers. Initially call the ROG (Republic of Gamers), the name went under several revisions to become the CDG.


Currently there are 2 areas of land protected under the CDG's Federal Government.

Johnston D.T.

Johnston D.T. (District of Tibbitia) is the capital of the CDG and where the 1st and 2nd President and Founding Father Elijah John Mitchell Tibbits claimed independence from the Arstotzkan Union. It occupies a total land area of roughly 6 m2 and is entirely land-locked by the Arstotzkan Union.


Ligah is a state located in Te Puna, New Zealand that takes up an area of roughly 0.04 km2. The home state of the current President, Ligah is a lifestyle property that acts as a retreat when Johnston D.T. is under threat. Currently governed by State Governor Tibbits, the President's father.

Foreign Relations


Grayson Country while having recently been formed, has a strong alliance with the CDG. The once former enemy of the CDG, the Arstotzkan Union has now become one if the CDGs strongest allies with it formerly recognizing the countries independence in September 2022.


The Confederate Democracy of Gamers was originally announced to be a counter to the Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union, which held authority over the micronation scene in Tauranga. When First President Ethan Brinkman (IFRAU) found out about the nation, the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces were ordered to be on standby for an invasion. The nation was seen by the Arstotzkan Union as a rebellion against the Arstotzkan Union and thus policy indicated that it must be destroyed. However when it was discovered that it was a foreign nation, the policy was reversed and AUSIS spies were sent in to conduct recon and allow for the First President to draft a Alliance.