Arstotzkan Credit

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Arstotzkan Credit
Banknotes¢1, ¢2, ¢5, ¢10, ¢20, ¢50, ¢100, ¢500
Date of introduction12 November 2020
User(s)Arstotzkan Union
Central bankArstotzkan State Central Bank
PrinterFederal Arstotzkan Mint
MintFederal Arstotzkan Mint
Pegged withNew Zealand Dollar

The Arstotzkan Credit (Symbol: ¢, ¢AU; Code: AUC) is the official state currency and legal tender for the Arstotzkan Union, as well as the member states of the United Micronations Treaty Alliance. The Arstotzkan Credit is 1:1 with the New Zealand Dollar and very little is traded using the money. Over time, the Arstotzkan Credit has had many different names. When it was introduced in November 2020, the Credit was known as the Arstotzkan Dollar (ARSD), but with the Arstotzkan Union moving away from New Zealand in 2021, the name was changed to the Arstotzkan Credit.

The Arstotzkan Credit along with much of the nations financial sector is mostly forgotten about. With the Arstotzkan Union priding itself on being a beacon for democratic socialism, currency has become a very forgotten thing. In May of 2023, the Arstotzkan Federal Government once again began to pursue the currency idea. This was aided to after a report from the Bureau of Finance was published analysing the nations GDP, and also with Wesley Von Dookington becoming the new Vice President in June 2023.

On 11 June 2023, the Arstotzkan Credit was announced as the official internationally backed currency of the UMTA member states and would be traded through the use of the Arstotzkan International Currency Services Bank Limited (AICSB).


The Arstotzkan Credit uses ¢1 to ¢500 banknotes. The official banknotes were created on 4 July 2022. The banknotes are unique, they use a red to navy background along with two red bars intersecting near the bottom left side of the note. The National Emblem of the Arstotzkan Union is placed over the intersection of the red bars and notes authorizing the legal use of the bank note are emblazed above and below the main bar. The banknotes are all standardized and the difference between all banknotes is the number of the denomination of the note in the top left corner and bottom right corner. The text version of the notes denomination is transcribed adjacent to the vertical red bar.


Denomination Value in New Zealand Dollars Value in United States Dollars Value in Euros
¢1 $1.00 $0.61[1] €0.57[1]
¢2 $2.00 $1.23 €1.14
¢5 $5.00 $3.07 €2.86
¢10 $10.00 $6.14 €5.71
¢20 $20.00 $12.27 €11.42
¢50 $50.00 $30.68 €28.56
¢100 $100.00 $61.36 €57.12
¢500 $500.00 $306.80 €285.58


The Federal Arstotzkan Mint (FAM) is the national mint set up for the establishment and complete adoption of the Credit system on 4 July 2022. The Mint works along side the Arstotzkan State Central Bank which is the only bank in the entire Arstotzkan Union. Both are under the Ministry of Finance.

A Copy of a Twenty Credit Note. Created July 4th 2022 along with the Federal Arstotzkan Mint and Arstotzkan State Central Bank



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