Arstotzkan Invasion of the Confederate Democracy of Gamers

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Arstotzkan Invasion of the CDG
Part of First Arstotzkan - Confederate War

Declassified Battle Plan for the Invasion of the CDG, created by AUNDF April 2021
Date13:03 - 13:18, 15 April 2021
Result Arstotzkan Victory
Fall of Johnston D.T.
Reunification of Bethlehem, Judea back to the Arstotzkan Union Proper
Arstotzkan Union Confederate Democracy of Gamers
Commanders and leaders
Zion Orsmby
Ethan Brinkman
Elijah Tibbits
Units involved
1st Regiment - Arstotzkan Marine Corps 1st Home Based Regiment - CDGDOD
15 2

The Arstotzkan Invasion of the Confederate Democracy of Gamers officially Operation: Foreign Destruction was a military operation and invasion of the Confederate Democracy of Gamers on 15 April 2021, which led to the fall of the CDG by the Arstotzkan Union several months after the end of the Arstotzkan - Confederate War and the Treaty of Judea.


On November 26, 2020, Operation: Foreign Destruction was created to be a fast and swift option by the Arstotzkan Marine Corps to invade the CDG however by December the Operation was halted and the Arstotzkan - Confederate War continued.

Months following the end of the Arstotzkan - Confederate War and with both nations about to enter holidays, First President Zion Ormsby, who was the Kommondant of the AUNDF at the time decided that he should launch a full invasion of the Confederate Democracy of Gamers to take back Arstotzkan Lands.


On 15 April 2021 at 13:03 during a meeting of First President Zion Ormsby, State Governor Ethan Brinkman and Minister of Education Jack Miller in Macroton, New Zealand Peninsula. The First President noticed that Johnston D.T., the capital city of the CDG was very empty with only two people occupying the city, who weren't members of the CDGDOD (CDG Department of Defense, the nations military force) and so he called for the 1st Regiment of the Arstotzkan Marine Corps to be brought over to help.

At 13:04, Major General Ethan Brinkman, the commanding officer of the Arstotzkan Marine Corps brought over the 1st Regiment into Macroton and the First President decided to invoke the plans of Operation: Foreign Destruction and launch and invasion.

At 13:15, once all 15 members of the 1st Regiment were gathered in Macroton, the First President, State Governor and Minister all moved in and claimed the city as territory of the Arstotzkan Union and brought area of Bethlehem and Moscow, Judea into the Arstotzkan Union for the first time since November 2020. The Major General declared the invasion a complete bloodless victory.

At 13:18 the invasion was declared complete.


On April 16 the CDG was allowed to gain the status of city-state under the protection of the Arstotzkan Union and the State Government of Arstotzka (now State Government of the USAUP). Elijah Tibbits was announced to remain in power however would not be allowed to cause any uprising that could lead to hostile intent against the Federal Government. As of today, the CDG is a city under the command of the Arstotzkan Site Protection Authority and has limited power with much of its original power dying out under the new rule.

Following the introduction of the June Foreign Policy, when Ethan Brinkman returned as the First President of the Arstotzkan Union, it established the Policy which removed all authorities of the CDG, and also denied the CDG from ever restoring their power in the Arstotzkan Union. The June 2021 Foreign Policy overruled the November 2020 Foreign Policy and allowed the Arstotzkan Federal Government to implement these policies.

International Reaction


Confederate Democracy of Gamers - CDG Defense Minister and Leader of the CDGDOD, Grayson Moore later stated after a article relating to the event stated "Goddammit I leave for a couple of days and it all goes to shit". CDG Senator of Guranan - Senator Senko stated on the same article "*cracks knuckles*".

Arstotzkan Union - First President Zion Ormsby stated on the article regarding the invasion "WE HAVE TAKEN BACK THE HOLY LAND, JUDEA!". Current First President Ethan Brinkman stated in 2022 that the Arstotzkan Invasion of the CDG "...was the best military action ever committed in the history of our grand Socialist & Arstotzkanist Republic."