Tauranga Micronational Area

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Tauranga Micronational Area
CountriesArstotzkan Union
Ward Empire
Empire of Him
Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums
Confederate Democracy of Gamers
Kingdom of Krongle
Taurstan Anarchist Federation
United States of Kiwistan
Empire of the Benereich
Former CountriesGrayson Country
Philosostan Federal Republic
 • Total151.01 km2 (58.31 sq mi)
 • Total158,500

The Tauranga Micronational Area is the largest single area of Micronations in New Zealand. Although not an officially designated region, the term is used to describe the vast area of land that is inhabited by micronations. At its peak around eleven different micronations existed in the TMA and today it holds around nine.

Although the region is very large, it is still smaller than some micronations who have territory located in the area, most notably, the Arstotzkan Union (276.10 km2) and Ward Empire (433 km2).

In its history the Tauranga Micronational Area has seen its share of competition although it has only been around since mid-2022. Control of the TMA has been the cause of many wars and conflicts. In August 2022 the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations, the areas largest unified micronational body found itself in a war with the Empire of Him. A nation which sought to control and dominate the region. The nations of the TCM banded together to form the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations Armed Forces, numbering 275, one of the largest armed forces in the micronational world.

Current nations

As previously stated the Tauranga Micronational Area has many micronations, these include (and are listed in order of independence):