Tauranga Sector

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The Tauranga Sector also known as the Tauranga Micronational Area is the unofficial name for the largest sector of micronations in New Zealand, located in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. The Tauranga Sector is home to eight micronations and at a time was home to eleven micronations. Micronations with a presence in Tauranga include, the Arstotzkan Union, Confederate Democracy of Gamers, Ward Empire and Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums.

Geography and History

The main cluster of micronations in Tauranga are located along the Te Papa Peninsula, also known as Tauranga Central and Tauranga South. All of the eleven micronations in the Tauranga Sector trace their foundational roots to the local boys high school, Tauranga Boys' College.

The first micronation formed in Tauranga was the Arstotzkan Union, founded on 22 August 2019. The Confederate Democracy of Gamers followed soon after, declaring independence on 9 November 2020. A precursor state to the Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums was formed in June 2021 and on 7 May 2022, Grayson Country was founded. Two months later, the Arstotzkan Union aided in the formation of the Ward Empire on 6 July 2022.

On 3 August 2022, the Arstotzkan Union formed and hosted the first session of the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations which led to the establishment of even more micronations and by October 2022 the sector had amassed eleven micronations, the largest group of micronations in a single New Zealand city, a record which still stands to this day.

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