Empire of Him

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The Empire of Him, officially the Imperial Realm of Him, is a militaristic rogue state located across several locations in the Bay of Plenty, a region in the North Island of New Zealand. The realm is home to 9 people, including the mysterious "Him", a benevolent dictator who operates the nation.

The empire was founded recently on the 22nd of August, 2022. It's short history has been filled with conflict, as within minutes of its creation the empire was involved in a series of skirmishes around Philosostan.

The Empire of Him
Flag of Empire of Him
Motto: "Do not pray for easy lives, pray to be stronger men."
GovernmentBenevolent dictatorship
• Emperor
• Founding of Empire
22 August 2022
• The Philosostan Skirmishes
22 August 2022 - ongoing
• Beginning of TCM-Empire War
24 August 2022

Ideology and governance

The Empire of Him is run by a single, benevolent dictator referred to as "Him". This means that while he is the only individual with unlimited power in the country he makes all of these decisions out of genuine care for his populace. Civilians are free to do as they please and those in government positions are able to make changes that align with the core ideals of the empire. That said, the emperor is able to change or stop any of these moves if he sees necessary.

The Empire of Him is an openly engaged in all possible ways to expand its territories, including but not limited to military conquest, diplomacy and negotiations. This has been exemplified through the nation being involved in the Philosostan Skirmishes within minutes of being created.


The Philosostan Skirmishes

The Empire of Him has a short but turbulent history. Founded on the 22 of August, 2022, at 11:30am NZST. Within minutes of the founding of the empire it claimed sovereignty over 8 desks in Philosostan. This claim was heavily disputed by both of the co-governing nations of the area, The Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums and the Anarchist Federation of Taurstan. Despite heavy resistance, His Forces successfully secured an extra 8 rows of desks, meaning around 60% of Philosostan is under Him's control. The UDROR decided to withdraw, not willing to put up with constant harassment from His Forces. As of now the situation remains the same, with His Forces locked in a fire-less stalemate against the AFT military.

The TCM-Empire War

On the 24th of August, 2021, a delegation of Him's diplomats arrived at the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations for the first time and to begin relations with other nearby states. However, a report on the Philosostan Skirmishes was brought to the attention of the TCM and a vote was held to determine the future actions. The TCM voted almost unanimously to permanently ban the Empire of Him from the commonwealth. Following this treatment, a member of His Forces launched an electronic warfare campaign that successfully jammed the communications network of the TCM. The TCM held a second vote that again unanimously voted to all declare war on the empire in response. The Joint Allied Response Defense Battalion, a military unit formed by the TCM, prepared for the coming conflict. The account used for the cyberattack was promptly destroyed, causing the first casualty (though only a wound) of this war so far.

Successful defense of Philosostan

The following day, at around 12:50pm, the 25th August 2022, the Philosostan Volunteer Brigade (PVB), a military branch approved for deployment by the Tauranga Allied Micronational Treaty Organization Response Forces, attempted to reclaim occupied Philosostan. 6 of the PVB's volunteers and 2 members of the Gormania Federal Overwatch (GFO) conducted an 'anti-insurgency operation' while subjected to guerrilla/sabotage attacks by His Forces. After a few brief skirmishes with one North Beach bag taken hostage by the Him Empire, the Governor General of Philosostan ordered the PVB to retreat out of concern over the conflict escalating to violence. The empire suffered no losses but successfully destroying 1 North Beach shopping bag and capturing several pieces of military intelligence.

Conquest of Philosostan

On the 1st of September, the Governor General of Philosostan declared Him to be the Grand Duke of Philosostan. Ordered to create and then follow a consistution, Him created one that gave him unlimited power and control of the territory. After removing all territorial claims from the UDRR and AFT, the Empire of Him claimed the entire region of Philosostan. Since the region is now demilitarised, a take-back is impossible and thus Philosostan is in secure Empire of Him control.