Philosostan Volunteer Brigade (PVB)

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Philosostan Volunteer Brigade
Motto"Fuck it, we ball."
Founded20th August 2022
HeadquartersFederal command center philosophy room, Philosostan, Anarchist Federation of Taurstan.
Active personnel5
Reserve personnel2
Deployed personnel3

The Philosostan Volunteer Brigade (PVB), officially permitted to take military action on behalf of the federal government by the Governor General of Philosostan and the chancellor of the Anarchist Federation of Taurstan (TAF), is a branch of the TAF's Federal Defense Forces (FDF), created in response to the growing territorial dispute in the local region. The PVB is currently being funded and equipped by an anonymous benefactor, who's official statement to current events being "this shit be bussin yo".

If a conflict is to break out in Philosostan, PVB forces are to be the first to respond.

Due to the strategic importance of intermicronational trade the Philosostan Volunteer Brigade is supported by the Joint Allied Response Defense Battalion of the Tauranga Allied Micronational Treaty Organization Response Forces.

Noteworthy military operations

PVB anti-insurgency operation in the Philosostan region of the TAF. 25th of August 2022. The operation also involved one unit from the Democratic armed forced of UDROR

Battle of the General Assembly - 24 August 2022

The Battle of the General Assembly was the first battle which began the war between the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations and the Empire of Him. The battle consisted of a cyber attack on the main communication site of the TCM minutes later, the General Assembly declared war on the Empire of Him. The Battle of the General Assembly was the first victory for the Commonwealth forces.

Reclamation of former territory - 25 August 2022

The Reclamation of former territory also known as the Battle of Philosostan and was an anti-insurgency operation conducted by the Philosostan Volunteer Brigade (PVB) and the UDROR which was a greater part of the Commonwealth - Empire War, resulting in a stalemate and the Philosostan being declared as a de-militarized zone on the authority of the Philosostan Governor General. The insurgent "empire of him" forces posed no military resistance.

At around 12:50pm, the 25th August 2022, the Philosostan Volunteer Brigade (PVB), a military branch approved for deployment by the Tauranga Allied Micronational Treaty Organization Response Forces, occupied Philosostan as apart of their 'counter-insurgency operation' against the Empire of Him. 6 of the PVB's volunteers, 2 members of the Gormania Federal Overwatch (GFO) and one member of the Democratic Armed Forces of UDROR. The Governor General of Philosostan ordered the PVB to retreat out of concern over the conflict escalating to violence. The Battle of Philosostan resulted in a stalemate for both Commonwealth and Him Forces.

Operation: Sea Rodent - 28 August 2022

Territorial Changes of the Commonwealth - Empire War. Red Point(s) indicate Commonwealth losing territory, Blue Point(s) indicate Commonwealth captured Territory

On the 28th of August 2022, part of the Greater Commonwealth - Empire war, Operation: Sea Rodent was a clandestine military operation conducted by the joint forces of the Philosostan Volunteer Brigade and the Democratic Armed Forces of UDROR. The goal of the operation was to place the rat island territory claimed by insurgents under control of the AFT and UDROR Co-governance scheme. The operation resulted in a Decisive PVB and DAF-UDROR victory.

Captain of the Philosostan Volunteer Brigade
Kylan Hattie
Personal details
Military service
Branch/servicePhilosostan Volunteer Brigade