Reclamation of former territory

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Reclamation of Former Territory
Part of Commonwealth - Empire War
Date25th August 2022
Result Status quo ante bellum
 • Taurstan Anarchist Federation & Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums lose joint control of Philosostan Territory.
 • Philosostan becomes a De-Militarized Zone
Supported By:
Casualties and losses


One north beach bag (reclaimed)



Democratic Armed Forces of UDROR


The Reclamation of former territory, widely recognized as the Battle of Philosostan, refers to a significant anti-insurgency campaign executed by the Philosostan Volunteer Brigade (PVB) in conjunction with the Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums (UDROR) during the period known as the Commonwealth - Empire War. This operation ultimately led to a stalemate, resulting in the declaration of Philosostan as a demilitarized zone under the authority of the Philosostan Governor General. It is noteworthy to mention that the insurgent forces, known as the "empire of him," did not present any noteworthy military opposition. On the historical timeline, precisely at 12:50 pm on August 25, 2022, the Philosostan Volunteer Brigade (PVB), a military unit authorized for deployment by the Tauranga Allied Micronational Treaty Organization Response Forces, effectively seized control of Philosostan as part of their counter-insurgency efforts against the Empire of Him. This operation involved the coordinated efforts of six PVB volunteers, two members from the Gormania Federal Overwatch (GFO), and one member from the Democratic Armed Forces of UDROR. Faced with growing concerns over the potential escalation of violence, the Governor General of Philosostan promptly issued orders for the PVB to withdraw from the region.

PVB counter-insurgency operation in the Philosostan region of the TAF