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Imperial Philosostan Region
Flag of Philosostan
Empire Control Granted26 October 2022
TAF Control Established9 February 2023
 • TypeRegional Authority
 • BodyImperial Regional Commission of Philosostan

Philosostan, known officially as the Imperial Philosostan Region was a region of the Empire of Him, given to the control in order to secure a peace deal with the Empire of Him. With the number of micronationalists who use the region, the area is mainly peaceful and protections are ensured by the Coalition of United Micronations.

Philosostan was also the home to many micronations and the centre for many micronationalists who would come and discuss trade and intermicronational relations before the outbreak of the Commonwealth - Empire War, the largest micronational war in regional history and the first large scale micronational conflict in New Zealand. Philosostan was the most disputed region of the war.

On 9 February 2023 citizens of the Taurstan Anarchist Federation staged a peaceful protest over the sovereignty of the region and it became part of the Taurstan Anarchist Federation for the first time since the early days of the Coalition of United Micronations.


The name, Philosostan, originates from an mix of the word 'Philosophy', which is the main subject taught and learned about in the region, and the word 'Stan' which is a Persian and Urdu word for "place of,' or "where one stands".

Since the Commonwealth - Empire War, many groups have given Philosostan different official names. After the Battle of Philosostan, the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations, the regions largest and only intermicronational governing body, designated the area the Philosostan Disputed Region (PDR). The Taurstan Anarchist Federation and Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums, who for the first two days of the regions life, were the joint regional leaders of Philosostan claimed it as the Philosostan De-Militarized Zone (PDMZ) following the stalemate after the Battle of Philosostan.

The Empire of Him, who is now the most disliked micronation in the entire Tauranga region, and the main controller of Philosostan had designated it 'Imperial Controlled Philosostan' in an effort to anger the TCM member states.


Micronationalism in Philosostan dates back far beyond the founding of the region as a part of a micronationalist state. It was used by the First President of the Arstotzkan Union to promote small amounts of micronationalism in the region, with talks between the Arstotzkan Union and Confederate Democracy of Gamers regularly happening in the region even after the end of the Arstotzkan - Confederate War. Other smaller micronations were formed in the region, like Nova Roma, which has become the precursor state to the Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums.

In August 2022, with the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations becoming more active nations like the Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums and Taurstan Anarchist Federation lay joint claim to the area as they used it as a region for free intermicronational trade and delegations to meet. The Arstotzkan Union, one of the members of the TAMTO alliance, announced that a battalion would be formed to join the PVB and DAF who were the founding protectors of the region.

Battle of Philosostan

On 25 August 2022, following the beginning of the Commonwealth - Empire War, the PVB conducted a joint special military exercise in the region with the DAF. They went up against Empire claims of sovereignty of the region and them trying to take it. The exercise was close to escalating to violence but was shutdown by the Governor General and Commander of the JARDAB. The conflict became later known as the Battle of Philosostan and resulted in a stalemate for the Commonwealth Forces.

Today, the TCM semi-agreed with Empire claims over Philosostan, however wished to claim the territory for the Commonwealth, rather than a single sovereign state. On 1 September 2022, the Secretary General analysed the sovereignty claims of the territory and realized the territory would be under the dual control of the Empire of Him and New Zealand as the Empire only occupies a portion of the territory, meanwhile the rest would be under the control of New Zealand. That same day, the former Governor - General approved the complete handover of Philosostan to the Empire and appointed Him as Grand Duke.

Philosostan Coup

On 26 September 2022, after 26 days of Empire occupation, Gareth Cass, the former Governor-General had grown tired of Empire Rule and organized with the JARDAB to begin a coup. On the morning of the 28th, Kommondant Ethan Brinkman and General Peter Gedye from the Arstotzkan Union, along with President Elijah Tibbits of the CDG and Territorial Marshall Nick from the Ward Empire, from the 25th Special Infantry Company, invaded the territory on the behalf of the Governor-General and announced a temporary Commonwealth Civil Administration (CCA) over the region. In the afternoon of the 28th the Secretary General of the TCM approved the new country and declared it recognized as an independent state and a new member of the TCM, known as the Philosostan Federal Republic.

Commonwealth - Empire Peace Treaty Agreement

Following the end of the Commonwealth - Empire War, Philosostan was once again given back to the Empire, however with peace being felt across all groups members of independent micronations were once again welcomed into Philosostan.

Government and Politics

For some time the government of Philosostan has been the Imperial Regional Commission of Philosostan which now runs the territory under the control of the Grand Duke of Philosostan, however before that it was run by the Joint-Controlled Regional Authority of the Empire of Him and New Zealand which operated the territory and region prior to the Governor General granting the Empire full control.

Before the Empire even took over, for three days the territory was run by a joint Taurstan Anarchist Federation and Ultra Democratic Republic of Referendums government. This government did collapse following the Battle of Philosostan and lead to the JCRAEHNZ government taking over.

The regional government was believed to be one of the least democratic in the Tauranga Micronational Area. The Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations claimed that persons who are forced into the territory had to endure inhumane conditions and living in standards that violated the newly ratified Philosostan Convention.

It is mostly unknown how the territories government operates and what departments it has in the area.

Following the Coup on 28 September 2022, the regional government was abolished and became the Philosostan Federal Government under President Gareth Cass.


In the area several micronations used the region as a hub for trade, intermicronational relations and peacekeeping operations. These included:

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