Federated State of Morrinstan

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Federated State of Morrinstan
Flag of Morrinstan
Coat of arms of Morrinstan
Motto: "No shit from The Bull"
Anthem: Currently undecided
LocationTauranga, New Zealand
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
  • (Pending census)
  • (Pending census)
GovernmentFederated State
• Governor
Jacob Andrews
LegislatureFederal Council
Federated State 
within the TAF
• Constitution ratified
4 November 2022
• Independence Declared
4 November 2022
• Independence Retracted
8 February 2023
Membership(Pending census)
CurrencyNew Zealand Dollar
Time zoneGMT+12
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Federated State of Morrinstan, commonly referred to as Morrinstan, is a constituent entity of the Taurstan Anarchist Federation (TAF), primarily located within the bounds of Ohauiti, Welcome Bay and Greerton in Tauranga, New Zealand. Morrinstan is subdivided into two main provinces, known as Bullberg and Westbank. Morrinstan began as a vaguely defined region within the TAF sometime in August 2022. On November 4th of the same year, Morrinstan declared independence, setting off the Morrinstani Independence Crisis. However, Morrinstan would rescind its declaration of independence on February 8, 2023, in exchange for increased autonomy and an expansion of the rights of citizens in the TAF.

The present head of state is Governor Jacob Andrews, who has remained as Morrinstan’s leadership in some way, shape or form since Morrinstan's inception. Functioning as a micronation in its own right, Morrinstan actively promotes the principles of micronationalism. Furthermore, it maintains its status as a member state within the Coalition of United Micronations, having previously engaged in various conflicts as part of this intermicronational organisation, including the Commonwealth-Empire War and the Inter Coalition War.


The term Morrinstan is a composite of Morrinsville, the birthplace of its founder, Jacob Andrews, and stan, a Persian word signifying "land" or "place."


Early History (August 2022–3 November 2022)

Morrinstan began as a vaguely defined area of the TAF within Ohauiti, Tauranga some time in august, 2022. During this time, people from Morrinstan would participate in the Battle of Philosostan on the 25th of August and Operation: Sea Rodent on the 28th of August as part of the greater Commonwealth-Empire War under the leadership of the TAF.

Morrinstani Independence Crisis (4 November 2022–8 February 2023)

On the 4th of November 2022, Governor Jacob Andrews would declare Morrinstan independent from the TAF with himself as its "Supreme Councillor". This would trigger the Morrinstani Independence Crisis. This period of time is defined by its discussions and confrontations about Morrinstan's legitimacy as an independent micronation and the rights of citizen's within the federation that it separated from. Due to the extreme political tensions of this period, an all out war in the Tauranga Sector became a very real possibility. The crisis came to a peaceful conclusion after an agreement between the then self proclaimed Supreme Councillor of Morrinstan, Jacob Andrews, and the then Chancellor of the TAF, Laika Gorman.

Politics and Government

Morrinstan is an autocratic federated state within the Taurstan Anarchist Federation. Morrinstan is solely run by a governor appointed by the Federal Council of the TAF. The rights of citizens are outlined in the Constitution of the TAF.

Military and Law Enforcement

Due to Morrinstan's small size, the military and police force are the same organisation. The duty of national defence, foreign intervention and domestic peace-keeping is entirely under the jurisdiction of the Morrinstani Armed Forces, which report directly to the Governor.

Administrative Areas

Morrinstan is split into two level-1 administrative divisions. These are the provinces of Bullberg and Westbank, located in Ohauiti and to the west of the Waiorohi Stream respectively.