Empire of the Benereich

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Empire of the Benerealm
Imperium des Benereich
Flag of Example
Coat of arms of Example
Coat of arms
Motto: "Benirix rules land, air and sea"
Anthem: Currently undecided
LocationTauranga, New Zealand
CapitalSite 76 "Ruahihi"
Largest citySite 16 "Sinclair"
Official languagesEnglish, German and F*nch
Ethnic groups
  • 100% White
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King/Queen
Bendolf "Benirix" Rikler
LegislatureImperial Senate
• Independence
29 April 2022
• Constitution ratified
3 September 2022
CurrencyBenerian Golden Eagle
Time zoneGMT+12
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Empire of the Benerealm, The Benereich, commonly referred to as The Empire, is a micronation that holds claims throughout the Bay of Plenty, but whose territory mostly resides within the Tauranga region. The nation itself, only recently being formed on the 3rd of August 2022, can thank its glorious King Bendolf "Benirix" Rikler for leading the people of The Benereich to their independence.

Despite currently being a homogenous state, things were not always as civil and orderly as they now are within the Empire - beforehand the nation was a divided one, one that didn't know what path it would take. Despite attempts to negotiate the benefits of unification, violent opposition culminated in an Anarchist Realm being formed. Thankfully on The Night of Short Swords, special task forces dispatched expertly by King Rikler eliminated the leading hostiles and ushered in an age of unity between the now harmonious territories in the Empire.

The Empire is ruled over by a constitutional monarch; in this case, King Bendolf Rikler. King Rikler has yet to designate any heirs, so potential debate on the next monarch remains a question in every Benarian's mind. The Benerealm, as a result of its monarchical rule, has traditionalist views on how a nation should be governed. Governments that are radically different to The Empire's own are often looked down upon for their radical ideas, which are seen as largely doomed for failure, while being terrible for any civilians that live under them.


The name Benerealm is derived from the founder of The Empire, King Bendolf Rikler. Previously the individual territories held by The Empire went by many names but under Directive 2 they were absorbed into the moniker of Benerealm.

Imperium des Benereich is derived from the German translation of Benerealm, as one of the official languages of The Empire is German. It is the native Benerian version of The Empire's name

The name Benereich is derived from the German translation of Benerealm, as one of the official languages of The Empire is German

The name Beneroyaume is derived from the F*nch translation of Benerealm, as one of the official languages of The Empire is F*nch. [Note that F*nch is a de jure official language and as such is not an endorsed translation of the Benerealm].

Politics and Government

To see the full constitution of the Benereich, please visit The Constitution of Benereich.


The Empire of the Benereich is a constitutional monarchy, where a largely ceremonial monarch still holds certain powers of the state and its policies.

In this particular example of a constitutional monarchy, The Empire has a reigning Monarch who holds effectively the same power as a Senator (bar some minor constitutional quirks). Senators are elected by the current Senate of The Empire requiring a majority vote. Senators also vote in applying Magistrates, who wield additional power and responsibilities. To prevent corruption in the Benereich, there are two Magistrates in office at any given time, who are under strict term limits.

Much of the Constitution handles the governing system of The Empire, as it has its unique complexities and intricacies not found in many simpler forms of Government.


Citizenship to The Empire of the Benereich is a title granted to all residents within territory held by the Benereich. Citizens are granted a passport, which will be replaced every year in the event of loss or damage. Citizenship is required for entry into The Benereich and its territories unless special permission in the form of an entry permit is issued by the government. To gain citizenship to the Benereich, applicants must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Have been a resident of the Benereich or its territories for one year or more
  2. Have family members, a close friend, or spouse, that are citizens of the Benereich (close friends must be approved by the Government to indeed be close, whereas a family member or spouse will get automatic approval)
  3. Be a member of a separate nation that possesses a unique agreement with the Benereich (an example of such may be a treaty that grants dual citizenship)

Citizens under the jurisdiction of the Benereich must pay a fixed tax rate of 1 dollar every second month.

Law and order

According to Article IV of the Constitution of the Empire of the Benereich, enforcement can have an authority to enforce the law and place a citizen under detention. The enforcer must have good reason to believe that the detainee has committed, is going to commit or has possibly committed a crime. If it is proven that the detainee has violated the law, they will be placed under arrest and transported to a facility where they will go through the criminal justice system accordingly.

Note that the above is paraphrased from the Constitution, and for a more in-depth understanding, reading Article IV as it is written in the Constitution may prove more beneficial for viewers

Ministry of Defense

The Armed Forces of the Empire of the Benereich, or the Benerian Armed Forces, largely administered by Madock Walker is responsible for overseeing all military operations and decisions within the Benereich. The Ministry has branches within itself to help effectively manage and direct the numerous different sectors of The Empire's militia. A traditionalist attitude towards war is taken as a result of The Empire's long-standing monarchist traditions. See the 'Military' Category below for more information on The Empire's military.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Any treaties or changes to foreign policy in the Empire of the Benereich are handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This Ministry is responsible for upholding foreign relations with other nations. All treaties submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are directed to the Senate where a vote will be held to either accept or decline. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required to approve any declaration of war. Currently, the Minister for Foreign Affairs is Madock Walker.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be responsible for maintaining and running foreign embassies within other nations, following a statement made in Article X of the Constitution that all foreign embassies will be considered sovereign territory of the Benereich.

Note that the above is paraphrased from the Constitution, and for a more in-depth understanding, reading Article X as it is written in the Constitution may prove more beneficial for viewers

Territory and Territorial Claims

The Empire of the Benereich spans many different areas in the Tauranga area, and some territories in The Empire stretch beyond, into the Bay of Plenty region. Territories in the Benereich also include oceanic/water claims. Territory listed here is appropriate to cite as The Empire's for purposes of obtaining citizenship into the Benereich.

The Dominion of the Blue Lake

The Dominion of the Blue Lake, or formally the Monarchist Empire of the Blue Lake, is a Dominion under the Empire of the Benereich. It was absorbed into the Empire on the 4th of November 2022 after signing the Dominionship of the Empire of the Blue Lake treaty.

Official flag of the Dominion of the Blue Lake
Territorial Claims of the Empire of the Benereich

Matua-Otumoetai Territorial Holdings

Fort Fergusson

Located along the far west of the Matua Peninsula, Fort Fergusson is designed to halt enemy naval forces from accessing the Wairoa River. The general area around the Fort, as well as a section of ocean in front of the Fort, has been claimed to prevent espionage in the vicinity of the area.

Northern Matua

Along the northern tip of the Matua-Otumoetai territorial holdings in the Benereich are the saltmarshes, which are managed from an undisclosed location further inland on the peninsula. As the marsh is sheltered from the ocean by the peninsula itself, it is often used as a naval training ground and mooring facility for the Benerian Naval Forces.

Sherwood Claims

Sherwood territories represent the southernmost tip of the Matua-Otumoetai territorial holdings in the Benereich, and are widely regarded as one of the most verdant and well-maintained areas in The Empire as a result of being nestled so deeply within its borders, meaning civilians in the area have hardly needed to fortify.

Pillans Point

Located on the eastern side of the Matua Peninsula from Fort Fergusson, territory claimed in Pillans Point is designed to allow for the control of access through Chapel Street Bridge. By controlling this point, enemies of the Benereich are forced to either conduct a naval invasion, or risk moving troops through the highly fortified Pak'N'Save compound.

Benerian Air Force Holdings


Redhaven is where the Benerian Air Force manages its operations. It is one of the most highly advanced compounds in the Benereich, with the location including submersibles, reconnaissance drones, light transportation devices, and a trained guard dog. Due to the significance and tactical advantages present in this location, Redhaven's influence is far wider than most of The Empire's claims, stretching through much of the Bethlehem locale.

Tauranga Airport

As the Benereich is the only micronation in Tauranga with a functioning airforce, it was a simple endeavor to gain and maintain control over the location. If at any point a hostile takeover of the area occurs, the Benerian Air Force simply uses kamikaze techniques to annihilate any visible enemies on the runway and surrounding areas. This is also where the Benereich launches and lands aircraft (naturally).

Cambridge-Kaimai Territorial Holdings

Cambridge Defensive Installment

Located along the venerable Cambridge Road, the Cambridge Defensive Installment has full view of Tauranga Hospital in the event the Benereich seeks to break Article 19 of the Geneva Convention. This is a lesser territory but besides from a tactical position with which to prepare an assault from, this location does not offer The Empire enough utility to warrant further reinforcement.

Site "39" Echo Laboratories

One of the oldest territories of The Empire, Site "39" Echo Laboratories is where the Benereich hosts its Research and Development department, as well as where the Benereich sends POWs for trial interrogations before being sent to undisclosed locations for further holding. This territory is highly defended, with hostile fauna, overgrown flora, a surplus of firearms and narcotics, and an absence of common sense and reason.

Site "76" Ruahihi

The Capital of The Empire of the Benerealm, Site "76" is one of the many palaces of His Majesty King Bendolf Rikler. Much of this location cannot be disclosed for security reasons, but it is in public domain that the Benereich Research and Development department tested numerous weapons in the area. It also contains the Ruahihi Power Station, which provides The Empire with the necessary energy to fuel its growing electricity demands.

Wairoa River

The Wairoa River connects Site "76" Ruahihi, Site "39" Echo Valley Laboratories, and Fort Fergusson together and is an important transport route between the 3 locations. The Benerian Navy conducts training along the northern portions of the river, and the Benerian Army conducts amphibious training exercises in the southern confines of the river.

Greerton Territorial Holdings

Site "16" Sinclair

Currently the largest city in the Benereich, and originally the capital of the Empire of the Benerealm, Site "16" Sinclair is now presided over by the Wicked Witch of Greerton. Using a combination of foul sorcery, control over electricity, and a revolting attitude, the Wicked Witch forced Benerian Forces to demilitarize the area in the only loss The Empire has ever encountered to date in The Battle of Sinclair. The area remains under Benereich control, but is completely unmilitarized, lest any armed force face the wrath of the Wicked Witch. Radio waves and other electronic devices in the area notoriously malfunction as a result of the Wicked Witch's influence. Benerian Armed Forces continue to vie for control over this haunted location.

Gate Pa Claims

Located between Gate Pa and Greerton, this claim is where the Benerian Armed Forces originally were managed. It has now been turned into a base of operations for the Benereich to enact various operations and assaults upon the Wicked Witch of Greerton. As a result of her influence, electronic devices are generally unreliable in this claim, although they are significantly more usable than in Site "16" Sinclair.

Tauranga South Territorial Holdings

Matapihi Railway Bridge

This bridge was claimed to prevent enemy access to the Benereich-controlled harbor area. Not only does it include a railway track for large-scale cargo/weapons transportation, but it also includes a passenger trail for pedestrian footsoldier traffic in the area. This bridge, as a result of Research and Development Department interference, may or may not have approximately 4000 lbs (or 1814 kg) worth of TNT-equivalent explosives layered through its structure.

Site "77" Turret Peninsula

This is arguably one of the most well-defended locations in the Benereich, being deep within contested territory as well as containing the Benerian Armed Forces high command room. It also is the central barracks for the Benerian Special Operations Command during preparations for military exercises and operations. As such, the Benereich considers the claim invaluable and patrols it relentlessly.

Site "67" Grace

A complementary defensive installment to other Tauranga South Territorial Holdings, Site "67" Grace also includes the Benerian Armed Forces General Barracks.

Memorial Park

This location includes Benerian Armed Forces Training Grounds, as well as a recreation zone for soldiers in the Benereich. This land is expressly used for its coastal holdings, which is paramount for the Benerian Navy to access, and the nearest large strip of coastal holding is near Site "77" Turret, which is too far for efficient operation in such heavily contested territory.

Pak'N'Save Compound

A heavily fortified location, the Pak'N'Save Compound contains the food reserves of the Benereich, as well as containing ample employment opportunity for Benerian civilians.

Geography and Climate


Tauranga is located around a large harbor that extends along the western Bay of Plenty, and is protected by Matakana Island and the extinct volcano of Mauao (Mount Maunganui).

The Bay of Plenty region, and so Tauranga as a whole, is built along a Faultline that spans much of the North Island of New Zealand and so rarely experiences seismic activity (i.e.: earthquakes). Volcanoes, although primarily dormant, are scattered around the area. Two of the most remarkable volcanoes in the area are the still active White Island and the extinct Mauao, nicknamed "The Mount" by locals. Tauranga is on approximately the other side of the Earth from Jaén, Spain. Field Marshal Wesley von Dookington insists that digging a tunnel to Spain will prove beneficial for expanding the Benereich's territories, although this has been met with heated debate.

Certain portions of the Benereich's territory is not in Tauranga, but rather in mountainous regions such as the Kaimai Ranges, or in lowlands such as Omokaroa. Unsurprisingly, the geography of these locations varies vastly from the Tauranga Regions of the Benereich.


As the Benereich is located entirely within the Bay of Plenty region, it would be described as temperate, bordering on suptropical, with hot, humid summers, and mild, windy winters. During the height of summer, temperatures reach 26 °C maximum, while during winter, they drop to 0 °C minimum. Global warming continues to effect the largely coastal Benereich, and a talks of introducing an air conditioner to the national budget have been brought up. Territory in the Benereich typically sees an average of 1369mm of rain each year.


The economy of the Empire of the Benereich is one of prosperity, priding itself on having one of the largest GDP's of the micronations in New Zealand. The Benereichs income can mostly be attributed to its industries, having a large export of the common caffeinated drink Monster Energy. The Benereich also has a noteworthy surplus of military equipment which is readily available to lease or sell outright.

The GDP of The Empire of the Benereich by year

Year GDP
2021 11,202
2022 21,700

The Benereich uses the Golden Eagle as its primary form of common circulated currency. Despite this the Benereich commonly uses the more well known NZD as an informal currency when making transactions, especially when outside of the Benereich. Subsequently, most Benerian businesses and banks accept NZD as a currency.


The Benerian culture could be equated to an amalgamation of British, American, and New Zealand cultures. Strong monarchic traditions, combined with a militant philosophy, added into the environment of New Zealand have resulted in a unique outlook in the Benereich compared to other micronations in the Bay of Plenty.


Throughout The Empire, English is the de facto official language, and is most commonly used by its citizens, as well as being the language spoken by The Empire's military personnel during operations and exercises. German is a secondary language in the Benereich, noted for being the most common language used in addressing The Empire. French is a taboo language as a result of the disastrous Opération Satanique, and is not spoken nor endorsed by the Benereich in most instances. However, for the purposes of tradition, it remains listed as an official language.

Traditions regarding Monarchy

As The Empire of the Benereich is a constitutional monarchy, citizens, military, and politicians alike are expected to uphold the various traditions surrounding the monarchs of The Empire. Monarchs are treated with the utmost respect, as well as having the equivalent of a permanent seat in the Benerian Senate. Over the course of their reign, monarchs may designate heirs prior to their abdication or death. The heir has no power beyond what they possessed as a civilian, and do not expect preferential treatment systematically by the Benereich.

Traditions regarding Military

The Empire of the Benereich ensures that its military remains strong, so that it may combat any aggressors on its lands, water claims, or airspace. Military service is not compulsory, although highly encouraged, as it is not only patriotic, but ensures the safety of civilians unable to participate in combat from The Empire's foes.


Anarchist Forces skirmishing with Benerian Forces at █████ ███████

Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of the Empire of the Benereich, or the Benerian Armed Forces, largely administered by Madock Walker is responsible for overseeing all military operations and decisions within the Benereich. The Ministry has branches within itself to help effectively manage and direct the numerous groups of militia.

Benerian Army

The Benerian Army, colloquially known as the Benerian Armed Forces despite it only including ground troops, is commanded by Field Marshall Wesley von Dookington. Under his guidance, the Benerian Army has adopted a simple battle doctrine, which it follows rigorously.

  1. Soldiers in the Benereich are loyal exclusively to the Benereich's chain of command, and nothing else
  2. Soldiers in the Benereich are expected to eliminate the enemies of the Benereich, and promote the interests of The Empire
  3. This may be achieved through any means necessary, though preferably through overwhelming firepower
  4. Soldiers are advised to remember that this doctrine has been successful every time it has been properly employed

The Benerian Army loosely follows United States military rank , although many ranks have been removed to streamline the military, as opposed to overburdening it with bureaucracy.

The Benerian Army, although debatebly the most powerful military currently operating in the Bay of Plenty region, was once a minor force before consolidating its power after The Night of Short Swords. Through territorial gains and an enlarged population, the Benerian Army was able to increase its strength tenfold, and now has enough soldiers to competently defend The Benereich.

Benerian Navy

The Benerian Navy is a reputable fleet known for its tenacity and superiority when in contact with foreign vessels. Currently, the Benerian Navy is not commanded directly by any one person, but rather administered through the collective Armed Forces members, who decide how best to apply Benerian might to the waves. The Benerian Navy consists of 5 patrol boats, which is more than enough to deal with any threats The Empire may encounter. Due to The Empire's large coastal holdings, the Benerian Navy is a vital asset to the maintenance and control of The Empire of the Benereich's sea borders and territory.

The Benerian Navy loosely follows United States military rank , although many ranks have been removed to streamline the military, as opposed to overburdening it with bureaucracy.

The Benerian Navy, although not of the immense tactical advantage to The Empire as her sister groups, is still a vital component in the Benereich. Without the intervention that was the The Night of Short Swords, however, the Benerian Armed Forces would have never had the resources and manpower spare to construct and operate a naval fleet at the scale it is managed today.

Benerian Air Force

The Benerian Air Force, shortened to the acronym BAF, is currently the only air force in any micronation in Tauranga. Currently, the BAF is managed and operated by Admiral Lennox Guderian, who possesses unmatched aviation abilities. Among others, the Benerian Air Force is a feather in the cap of The Benereich's military might. This fact is one that The Empire takes immense pride in, as it provides an immense reconnaissance advantage, as well as intelligence gathering capabilities that The Empire's neighbors do not, and likely will not, possess. Not only this, but from a societal standpoint, The Empire of the Benereich being the one and only micronation in the region with the ability to take to the skies does wonders for the Benerian morale, as it represents the tactical, scientific, and cultural leap ahead the Benerealm is from her enemies.

The Benerian Air Force loosely follows United States' military ranks, although many ranks have been removed to streamline the military, as opposed to overburdening it with bureaucracy.

The Benerian Air Force is without contest in superiority, as it is the only air force in Tauranga to exist. This superiority would not have happened, however, without Lennox Guderian's promotion to Admiral after The Night of Short Swords. Through his newfound power within the Benereich, Lennox Guderian was able to pursue higher education and attain the knowledge and skills required to operate aircraft to serve The Empire.

Benerian Special Operations Command

The Benerian Special Operations Command, or the Benerian SPECOPS for short, is an elite task force of hardened Benerian veterans, each handpicked by the commanders of their respective fields. Managed collectively by the Armed Forces commanders due to their sheer utility in any scenario driving competition for their use, a proto-version of the Benerian SPECOPS were the main Armed Force involved in The Night of Short Swords. Now, the Benerian Special Operations Command see less use as the other Armed Forces are able to more effectively maintain control of their specific niche.

The Benerian Special Operations Command does not follow any established chain of command, as it's elite nature allows it to remain small and thus easily organized regardless of rank.

The Benerian Special Operations Command is the oldest Benerian Armed Force, as it was effectively established directly prior to The Night of Short Swords as a way of combating the now totally defeated Anarchist Regime.

Notable Benereich Military Operations

Operation: Hand Grenade

Operation: Hand Grenade was conducted on the 4th of September 2022, the operation consisted of 3 Benerian Special Forces units alongside 1 Foreign Legion volunteer. Mission Briefing was conducted at Langley Operations Command Center, Tauranga. and the fireteam would be transported via convoy lead by █████ to the Area of Operations. (Exception being the Foreign Legion Volunteer would be transported via their own means) After Operation was considered complete by Command, all ground forces would be extracted via singular MRAP Light transport vehicle.

Operation: Mousetrap

Operation: Mousetrap was conducted on the 31st of October 2022 and was one of the first intermicronational interactions for The Empire of the Benereich involving boots on the ground. Operation: Mousetrap consisted of 7 Benerian troops scouting, infiltrating, and claiming Rat Island. This invasion was attended by King Bendolf Rikler himself, and his vast tactical knowledge was effectively wasted on the assault, as there was absolutely zero resistance encountered throughout the operation.