Zion Ormsby

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Right Honorable Comrade Chairman
Zion Ormsby
1st Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union
In office
22 August 2019 – 6 September 2019
Preceded byOffice Established
Succeeded byPeter Gedye
3rd Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union
In office
25 November 2019 – 9 April 2020
Preceded byOffice Established
Succeeded byTyler Brazier
5th Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union
In office
18 May 2020 – 4 February 2021
Preceded byTyler Brazier
Succeeded byTyler Brazier
2nd First President of the Arstotzkan Union
In office
4 February 2021 – 1 June 2021
Preceded byEthan Brinkman
Succeeded byEthan Brinkman
7th Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union
In office
1 June 2021 – 1 June 2023
Preceded byTyler Brazier
Succeeded byWesley von Dookington
Executive Chairman of the Federal Assembly
Assumed office
1 June 2023
Preceded byOffice Established
Personal details
Political partyArstotzkan Social Liberal Democratic Party
ResidenceKholmistaya Rayon Territory
AwardsOrder of the Arstotzkan Eagle (2020)
Order of the Hammer and Sickle (2023)
Arstotzkan Honour of War (2023)
Military service
AllegiancePeople's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union
Branch/serviceArstotzkan Army Corps
Arstotzkan Marine Corps
Years of service2019 - Present day
RankLieutenant General
Battles/warsFirst Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union
Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union
Arstotzkan - Confederate War
2022 Arstotzkan Independence Crisis
Arstotzkan - Alliance War

Zion Ormsby OAE AHE OS is the current Executive Chairman of the Federal Assembly. Zion is also a top level military leader, legal personality and Founding Father of the Arstotzkan Union. Zion has been in government since the birth of the Arstotzkan Union in 2019.

In his time he has spent several years as the Vice President as well as a short term as the First President of the Arstotzkan Union, becoming the third person in Arstotzkan History to become a President. Zion was also the first ever Māori to become a President. In his time in Arstotzkan history, Zion has been the Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union four times and served for 1,173 days in the role or as of June 2023 over 85% of the history of the Arstotzkan Union.

Outside of politics Zion has also served in the People's Armed Forces. In 2021, Zion became the first Arstotzkan leader to successfully execute a military operation. On 15 April 2021, Zion Ormsby, serving as commander in chief, lead the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces in a military invasion of the Confederate Democracy of Gamers.

While Zion was First President, he continued the mission that the previous administration had begun and completed the Federalisation of the Arstotzkan Union. He also, formed the Covid-19 Response Council which later became the Arstotzkan Disease and Infection Direction Administration, banned Neo-Nazism and Neo-Fascism and re-unified the Arstotzkan Union following the end of the Arstotzkan - Confederate War.

In 2020, because of Zion's loyalty to the Arstotzkan Union during the Arstotzkan Wars and also his participation in leading the Underground Government and re-unifying the Arstotzkan Union, Zion was awarded with the Order of the Arstotzkan Eagle, the highest honour in the Arstotzkan Union.

To this day, Zion is seen as a highly respected and admirable member of Arstotzkan society.

Political Career

On 22 August 2019, Zion Ormsby became the Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union and the second in command of the new nation. At the beginning Zion missed several meetings of the General Assembly and on 6 September 2019 was removed as Vice President and became the Special Advisor and Chief of Staff of the Arstotzkan Union National Government. Zion was replaced by former Special Advisor, Peter Gedye.

Chernobyl Program

Prior to the Arstotzkan Wars, on 31 August 2019, Zion Ormsby was placed, by the President, as the head of a nuclear energy development program known as the Chernobyl Program. He was ordered to build a small powered nuclear reactor in New Zealand Peninsula. These reactors were known as Arstotzkan Union Nuclear Low Power MicroNuclear Reactors and were a scaled down version of the Soviet RBMK reactors. On 17 September 2019, construction was authorized for the creation of the AUNLPMNR Type 01 reactors in Chernobyl, New Zealand Peninsula.

On 18 September 2019, construction was stopped by agents of the Ministry of Defense during a coup which lead to the over throwing of the Arstotzkan Presidency and destruction of a majority of the Arstotzkan Union. It was led by the Minister of Defense and began the First Civil Conflict and start of the Arstotzkan Wars.

Months later, on 14 September 2020, the Ministry of Education founded the Arstotzkan Institute of Nuclear and Regular Science and was given oversight of the Chernobyl Program under Zion Ormsby.

Arstotzkan Wars

On 18 September 2019, following a successful coup the Minister of Defense of the Arstotzkan Union forced the destruction of the Arstotzkan Union National Government and any remnants of the nation. This began the First Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Wars.

On 20 November 2019, Zion Ormsby and Tyler Brazier approached Ethan Brinkman and requested that he reform and rebuild the Arstotzkan Union following the departure of the Minister of Defense to Invercargill, New Zealand. Ethan agreed and on 22 November 2019, began work on the Reunification of the Arstotzkan Union. On 25 November 2019, the document is released and the National Government of the Arstotzkan Union is established as well as a Constitution for the nation. This ends the First Civil Conflict. On this day Zion also becomes the Vice President of the Arstotzkan Union replacing Peter Gedye.

Ten days later, Captain Jack Miller of the Arstotzkan Union Defense Forces proposes the creation of a second party in the National Assembly, this is approved by President Ethan and on 1 December 2019, the Democratic Labour Party of Arstotzka is formed. By 5 December 2019, the party has accumulated 90% of the National Assembly with only Ethan Brinkman, Zion Ormsby and Joshua Smith remaining loyal in the Arstotzkan People's Party. On 6 December 2019, the DLPA launches a coup against the National Government, the Presidential Cabinet moves into hiding and falsifies the second collapse of the Arstotzkan Union. This begins the Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union.

During this time the Underground Government, the name for the last remanets of the National Government continue operations. In January, Tyler Brazier is recruited by the Underground Government and becomes the head of the National Guard and head of a military operation known as Operation: Blue Shadow. Zion was also in discussions with members of the DLPA controlled government as he was still the Vice President of both the DLPA Government and Underground Government. He was able to provide intel to the Underground Government which proved beneficial to the Underground Government. Despite all efforts of the DLPA, Zion never faltered his loyalty to Ethan and always believed in his government. On 5 February 2020, Zion's intelligence paid off, the Underground Government launched a major attack on the DLPA government dissolving it and re-establishing Ethan Brinkman as the head of the Arstotzkan Union. Jack Miller who was in command of the nation, was allowed to regain his spot in the government but did not have a portfolio until several months later. This ended the Arstotzkan Wars, one of the longest conflicts in the nations history.

Post Arstotzkan Wars

Zion was a huge benefit to the rebuilding of the Arstotzkan Union in March and April 2020. However on 8 March 2020, Zion campaigned for the admission of the Arstotzkan Labour Party into the National Government and after much debate it was approved and the ALP became the second opposition party. Zion also pushed for an election and on 9 March 2020, President Ethan Brinkman announced a national election would be held. Originally Zion remained in the Arstotzkan People's Party and also became Deputy General Secretary of the Coalition Government.

On 9 April 2020, President Ethan Brinkman appeared in an emergency broadcast of the Arstotzkan Union National News Network and announced the resignation of Vice President Zion Ormsby. Zion has accepted a role to become the leader of the Arstotzkan Labour Party. In his last remarks of the broadcast, Ethan announced he would award Zion with the Order of the Arstotzkan Eagle. An honour which Zion holds to this day. Hours later, Tyler Brazier was quickly sworn in as the fourth Vice President.


Zion also possess a few other roles in the Arstotzkan Federal Government these include: