Second President of the Arstotzkan Union

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Second President of of the Arstotzkan Union
Wesley von Dookington

since 6 February 2024
Office of the Presidency
StyleComrade President (informal)
Comrade Second President (diplomatic)
Member ofOffice of the Presidency
Executive Committee
ResidenceTe Whakapaipai Territory
Term lengthFor-Life
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the Arstotzkan Union
Government Procedures Act 2023
Formation1 May 2020
First holderPeter Gedye

The Second President of the Arstotzkan Union (SPOTAU or SecondPOTAU) is the co-head of government in the Arstotzkan Union. The Second President oversees more of the civilian sector of government rather than being involved in the Military like the First President.

In 2023 during a major change of government, the House Select Committee on Executive Reform advised the Executive Committee and Office of the Presidency that a change of Second President would benefit Arstotzkan democracy. The Select Committee decided that because of the contributions made by Ethan Brinkman in his role for defending the nation and upholding democracy in all aspects he will remain in his position.

At the beginning of 2024, Peter Gedye retired his position as Second President. The Executive Committee immediately stepped in and took over her position and appointed former Vice President Wesley von Dookington to the position following his twenty day acting term as prescribed by the Constitution.


On May 1, 2020, former Vice President Peter Gedye, became the Second President of the Arstotzkan Union. Since then he has been the first and only Second President.

Second Presidents

The following is a list of the Second Presidents of the Arstotzkan Union

Name Term Start Term End Total Order Status
General Peter Gedye 1 May 2020 18 January 2024 3 years, 79 days 1st Retired
General Wesley von Dookington 6 February 2024 Incumbent 130 days 2nd Incumbent