Office of the Presidency (Arstotzkan Union)

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Office of the Presidency of the Arstotzkan Union
Date formed16 June 2021
People and organisations
First PresidentEthan Brinkman
Second PresidentPeter Gedye
Vice PresidentWesley von Dookington
No. of ministers3
Member partySocialist Party of the Arstotzkan Union

The Office of the Presidency of the Arstotzkan Union serves as the central executive authority within the federal government and the Union as a whole. This office encompasses all executives, including the First, Second, and Vice Presidents. Its primary responsibilities involve reviewing and ratifying legislation from the legislative bodies as well as controlling the other areas of the nation. Additionally, due to the First President’s role as General of the Armed Forces, this office also oversees the command of the People's Armed Forces.


The Office of the Presidency in the Arstotzkan Union has undergone significant developments over time. Initially, the presidential offices were distinct and individually managed by each President. However, a pivotal shift occurred on 31 December 2020, when the First President authorized the establishment of the Joint Chiefs of the Presidency. Notably, this joint structure was limited to the offices of the Second and Vice Presidents, while the Office of the First President remained autonomous.

This marked a historic moment—the first instance of unification among the executive offices. Subsequently, the roles and responsibilities of the Joint Chiefs evolved. On 15 June 2021, the office underwent further transformation, reorganizing into the Central Committee of the Arstotzkan Union. Just one day later, on June 16, it assumed a new identity as the Executive Committee of the Office of the Presidency of the Arstotzkan Union.

This restructuring not only streamlined the executive functions but also facilitated the establishment of the Office of the Presidency as the Chief Executive Office. Simultaneously, the Executive Committee assumed the role of the presidential cabinet, actively participating in voting decisions.


The Office of the Presidency always consists of three members

Position Name Appointment Residence
First President Ethan Brinkman 1 June 2021

(3 years, 12 days)

Gollandiya Capitol Territory
Second President Wesley von Dookington 6 February 2024

(128 days)