Operation: Arstotzka

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Operation: Arstotzka is a proposed TV Show written and directed by Ethan Brinkman and produced by InterFilms.com and revolves around the establishment of a ultranationalist far-right dictatorship version of the socialist Arstotzkan Union known as the New Arstotzkan Empire.

Flag of the New Arstotzkan Empire. Created using the main parts of the People's Banner of the Arstotzkan Union


In May 2022 the Arstotzkan Union claims and creates the Yuzhnaya Zemlya Territory which then spark the 2022 Arstotzkan Independence Crisis which becomes one of the longest conflicts in Arstotzkan History. The conflict ends up in all out war between the Arstotzkan Union and Grayson Country with both nation suffering majorly because of it. This leads to a weakened Arstotzkan Federal Government after the conclusion of the conflict on October 29, 2022.

On November 1 the First President begins the Capitol Relocation Elections which lead to Gollandiya becoming the new home of the Arstotzkan capital city. On November 25, 2022, the 2022 Arstotzkan Constitutional Convention fails to agree and fully ratify on the Articles in the Constitution making the Constitution stand in an ability to freely changed by the Executive.

After five years the Federal Government begins to lose political power including the power of the Office of the Presidency. Meanwhile in Tauranga reminiscent of the events of August 22, 2019, a group of teens declare the creation of the New Arstotzkan Empire, free from the rule of the Arstotzkan Union. The nation begins a stronger independence campaign against New Zealand and begin a armed coup to take the Unified State of the Arstotzkan Union Proper and the surrounding Tauranga Boys' College claiming it for the Empire. Several members of the New Zealand Police and students are killed in the fighting. The remaining members of the Arstotzkan Union denounce the Empire claiming it as an attempt to increase nationalism and fascism in New Zealand.