2020 Arstotzkan presidential election

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May 2020 Arstotzkan Presidential Election
People's Banner of the Arstotzkan Union.png
1 May 2020

All 7 electoral votes
4 electoral votes needed to win
  Ethan before CDG War.jpg FirstPotau with Former First President Zion Ormsby.jpg
Nominee Ethan Brinkman Zion Ormsby
Party United Government Alliance Arstotzkan Labour Party
Home state Unified State of the Arstotzkan Union Proper Tauranga, New Zealand
Running mate Peter Gedye Brooklyn Le-Comte
Electoral vote 5 2
Percentage 71.4% 28.6%

President before election

Ethan Brinkman
Arstotzkan People's Party

Elected President

Ethan Brinkman & Peter Gedye
Arstotzkan Social Liberal Democratic Party

The May 2020 Arstotzkan Presidential Election was a very interesting time for Arstotzkan History. Ethan Brinkman, who was the President from August 22nd 2019 was forced into re-election and ran along with Peter Gedye, who for a time was Vice President prior to the First Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union. Zion Ormsby who was Vice President during the Second Civil Conflict of the Arstotzkan Union and on, was forced into the place of leader of the Arstotzkan Labour Party following the resignation of the leader of the Labour Party, Brooklyn Le-Comte, who announced Zion as his successor on April 9th 2020

Some things that were the highlight of affairs this election were, the Second Article to the Constitution, Border issues and reliance of neighbours. With the United Government Alliance holding a stance of self-preservation of the Arstotzkan Union compared to the Labour Party who wanted to open to New Zealand.

Prior to the Election

On March 8 2020, the Fourth Reich party was created and was first announced as a rebellion and was seen as a threat to National Security and so the President and members of the AUDF get ready to attack, however the President had a change of heart and allowed a democratic election to take place. Originally this date was September 1st 2020, but this was later changed to May 1st 2020, prior to major Covid-19 Problems in New Zealand.

Ethan Brinkman announced his bid for re-election and announced his party would run against the newly re-named Arstotzkan Labour Party. However, Ethan realised that the election may not be a guaranteed win for both his administration and thus created an alliance with both parties run by Peter Gedye. On March 23rd 2020, the Coalition Government was established and would be a joint party with the Arstotzkan People's Party, Arstotzkan Pirate Party and Communist League of the Arstotzkan Union.

On April 2nd 2020, the Coalition Government was renamed to the United Government Alliance and it became the main party that would compete against the Arstotzkan Labour Party.

On the afternoon of April 5th 2020 a Election update was sent around to all the party leaders and was the first and only that either party announced their policies they would be implementing. Both parties had similar foreign and domestic policies, however the Labour Party wanted more openness to New Zealand, where as the UGA wanted to strengthen Arstotzkan Sovereignty and close off to New Zealand until the nation had reached full independence.

On the night of 7 April 2020 Vice President Zion Ormsby informed to the President that he would be starting a Coup against the United Government Alliance. This went on for several hours until discussions opened about Zion's resignation.

Poster of the Arstotzkan Elections. In the images are the two flags of the competing parties, the United Government Alliance and the Arstotzkan Labour Party

On April 9th 2020, Zion Ormsby, who had been the Vice President since the end of the First Civil Conflict announced his resignation and he would take the place of Brooklyn Le-Comte as leader of the Arstotzkan Labour Party.


On the night of April 30th 2020, the Election Ballot went out to all the citizens who were registered. They were all informed not to open until the morning and on the morning of May 1st 2020, the voting began.

It is unknown when the President began voting but it was all in the favour of the UGA for most of the day with some votes for the Arstotzkan Labour Party.

By 15:30 that afternoon, it was clear that the UGA would be victorious, however the President was contacted by Joshua Smith, who stated that he had not yet voted and thus the President sent him the ballot. And with that the day was over.

That night the President made the first major broadcast on the AUNN (now AUNNN) and stated who had won the election and the people who were being placed in new departments.

Results & Aftermath

The United Government Alliance was the winning party with them gaining 57.1% of the vote, and the President(s) Elect, Ethan Brinkman and Peter Gedye won 71.4% of the vote. The Arstotzkan Labour Party was less successful with the party only achieving 42.9% of the vote and Zion gaining 28.6% of the vote.

Later on the night of May 2nd 2020, the President was contacted by Zion Orsmby who wished to handover the Arstotzkan Labour Party to the UGA. From that Zion Ormsby was to be promoted back into the role of Vice President on May 18th 2020.

On May 12th 2020 the United Government Alliance party was reformed into the Second Democratic People's Party of the Arstotzkan Union.