Arstotzkan Future Party

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Arstotzkan Future Party
LeaderEthan Brinkman
PresidentEthan Brinkman
General SecretaryZion Ormsby
PresidiumPolitburo of the SPAU
(Arstotzkan Future Party Congress)
Founded5 April 2022 (2022-04-05)
Merger ofArstotzkan People's Party
Arstotzkan Labour Party
Headquarters2 Union Dr, Gollandiya Territory, Arstotzkan Union
Political positionCentre-Left
International affiliationArstotzkan Independence Movement
SloganWorking for an Arstotzkan Future!

The Arstotzkan Future Party is the most powerful body party in the Socialist Party of the Arstotzkan Union. The party is a merger between the Arstotzkan People's Party and the Arstotzkan Labour Party, creating a new leftist coalition in the SPAU. The party advocates for Arstotzkanism, with it claiming to the first only full Arstotzkanist party in Arstotzkan Politics. Its motto is "Working for an Arstotzkan Future!"


On 5 April 2022 at what is known as the 1st Arstotzkan Future Party Congress in the Politburo of the SDPPAU, the Congress elected its first party leader and President, current First President, Ethan Brinkman.

No. Name Picture General Secretary Term Previous Body Party Role(s)
1 Ethan Brinkman Zion Ormsby Since: 5 April 2022

(2 years, 71 days)

Arstotzkan People's Party Party President

Party Leader


On 5 July 2022 the 1st Arstotzkan Future Party Congress announced the Arstotzkan Independence Movement would become a entity of the Arstotzkan Future Party. Currently this is the only branch of the Arstotzkan Future Party.

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