January 2023 Coup Attempt

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January 2023 Coup Attempt
Date1 January 2023 - 4 January 2023;
(4 days)
Severoamerikansky Territory, Eastern Arstotzkan State, Arstotzkan Union
Result Government Forces Victory
Arstotzkan Union New Arstotzkan Liberation Front
Supported by:
 • Confederate Democracy of Gamers
 • Grayson Country
Commanders and leaders
Ethan Brinkman
James Taylor
Julio Dietrich
Units involved
 • North American Command
 • Military Intelligence Directorate
 • Government Protection Security Bureau
New Zealand Command
Casualties and losses
25 Arrested

The January 2023 Coup Attempt was an attempted coup d'état of the Arstotzkan Federal Government and Second Brinkman - Gedye Administration by the New Arstotzkan Liberation Front, which was a group of officers from the 24th Special Forces Battalion as well as the the Notable Army of Grayson Country and CDGDOD who all expressed discontent with the Arstotzkan Union.


On 30 September 2022, Srgt. Julio Dietrich was elected as the new leader of the Arstotzkan Conservative Alliance Party and quickly changed the party to become the National Right Alliance Party. On 1 October 2022, the New Arstotzkan Liberation Front was created. It included Srgt. Julio Dietrich as the Commander of the group as well as soldiers from the 24th Special Forces Battalion of the Arstotzkan Army Corps and officers of the Noble Army of Grayson Country and CDGDOD. Many of these members were hardliners in their respective nations and still had anger towards the Brinkman - Gedye Government for attacking their nations.

By mid-October the National Communications Division of the Government Protection Security Bureau, a division created in the AUSIS following the December 6 Coup in 2019, alerted the Director of the Intelligence Division of the SCNSI that the National Right Alliance Party and NALF had amassed a group of officers and soldiers who were considered to be extremely dangerous by SCNSI Intelligence. The Chairman of Intelligence alerted the Director of the National Security Division. An emergency meeting of the heads of the SCNSI was held and the Military Intelligence Directorate sent a memo to the Commander of the Arstotzkan Army Corps, for which Srgt. Dietrich was serving as the Commanding Officer of the 21st National Defense Battalion.

Warrant Officer Zechariah Steuber of the 14th Internal Affairs Battalion of the 1st Territorial Regiment, was informed by Captain Jack Miller Commander of the 1st Territorial Regiment that Srgt. Dietrich was running the New Arstotzkan Liberation Front. On 25 October 2022, Srgt. Julio Dietrich was dishonourably discharged from the Arstotzkan Army Corps for 'concerning conduct.' From here the two directors, ordered the MID and GPSB to begin monitoring activities regarding the former Sergeant.

Although spying on Arstotzkan citizens is highly illegal, the First President authorised the spying on grounds of protecting the national security of the Arstotzkan Union. On 30 October 2022, the Supreme Federal Court of the Arstotzkan Union approved Operation: National Security and allowed the SCNSI to spy and collect intelligence that may pose a threat to the national security of the Arstotzkan republic.

On 12 November 2022, North American Command of the Arstotzkan Federal Police Service was alerted that Julio Dietrich was operating a dangerous group which posed a threat to national security in the Severoamerikansky Territory. NAC Captain James Taylor was put in charge of readying AFPS officers for a raid of the residence of Julio Dietrich.

Following a period of inactivity the MID discovered that a manifesto of the actions of the New Arstotzkan Liberation Front had been released on 4Chan as well as 8Chan which is banned in New Zealand and the Arstotzkan Union. A part of the manifesto was delivered to the First President who ordered that the NALF headquarters be raided and taken down immediately.

The Arstotzkan state and [its] government have bowed to the air of liberalism for far to long. The Arstotzkan Union was built as a nation of supremacy not of equality. Our nation is being stepped on and laughed at by our allies and members of the Tauranga Commonwealth of Micronations. New Zealand Command of the New Arstotzkan Liberation Front has been readied and we will dissolve the liberal state and allow for a new right-wing and powerful military republic in New Zealand and we will unite the Tauranga Micronational Area under OUR banner. The Gollandiya Capitol Territory, beware.

— Julio Dietrich, Quote from the NALF December Manifesto

Orders reached Captain James Taylor within hours and he ordered that a raid of the NALF headquarters to take place in early January to prevent a coup and protect the government.

Police shutdown

Three Officers of the Arstotzkan Federal Police Service, North American Command photographed outside the National Right Alliance Party headquarters following the raid on 4 January 2023.

On 1 January 2023, the North American Command of the Arstotzkan Federal Police Service received a Raid Warrant from the Federal Territorial Court of the 2nd Federal District Circuit and were authorised to enter the headquarters of the NALF and arrest anyone in the headquarters who was affiliated with the group for breaching Article 73 of the Crimes Act 2022.

At 11:35 EST on 2 January 2023, the Arstotzkan Federal Police Service executed a Raid Warrant on the NALF Headquarters in the Severoamerikansky Territory. 25 members were arrested and many surrendered with some leaders of the group attacking police. By 13:52 EST the Arstotzkan Federal Police Service had finished and left the headquarters. On 3 January 2023, details of the arrest of a member of the Executive Committee was leaked from the Capitol Office of the Arstotzkan Federal Police Service in Gollandiya[1].

An announcement of the police shutdown of the coup was released on 4 January 2023 by the AUNNN.[2]


Trials began virtually by the Federal Court of Appeals on 5 January 2023. Chief Justice Edwardo Bailey led the cases. In total, 25 people were found guilty of Treason, with Julio Dietrich receiving the highest sentence and stands to this day as the most strict criminal sentence in Arstotzkan History.

On 11 January 2023, Julio Dietrich was convicted of one count of Treason, one count of participation in a criminal group, although his defense argued that the National Right Alliance Party and New Arstotzkan Liberation Front were only labelled criminal groups following the police raid on 3 January. Other counts included, one count of bribing a minister or chairman of the federal government. This came out after it was alleged that Julio Dietrich had attempted to bribe members of the Executive Committee to continue his seat on the committee. Following these allegations, a SCNSI investigation was launched into members who were contacted by Dietrich and were questioned on their involvement. Only two members were question and upon further investigation found that Dietrich had tried to bribe them but they never took any bribes and were given a two-week suspension by the First President.

Julio Dietrich was sentenced to life imprisonment with 280 years of parole. He was also given a lifetime internet ban as well as a ban on entering any New Zealand based territories of the Arstotzkan Union.

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