Armed Forces Act 2023

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Armed Forces Act 2023
Second Session of the Federal Assembly
An Act to establish a dedicated armed force for the defense and security of the Independent Federal Republic of the Arstotzkan Union.
Territorial extentPeople's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union
Date passed22 June 2023
Date enacted30 June 2023
Date effective30 June 2023
Related legislation
Government Procedures Act 2023
Status: Current legislation

The Armed Forces Act 2023 is a significant legislative document enacted in the Arstotzkan Union. This act establishes a dedicated armed force with the primary objective of defending and securing the nation. It was created in accordance with the constitutional provisions outlined in the Constitution of the Arstotzkan Union.

The act consists of several sections and articles that provide detailed guidelines and regulations for the armed forces. It establishes the People's Armed Forces of the Arstotzkan Union as the official armed forces, comprised of three branches: the Arstotzkan Army Corps, the Arstotzkan Naval Corps, and the Arstotzkan Union Reserve Force. Each branch is further divided into specific sub-branches and regiments.

The command structure of the armed forces is outlined in Section 2. The General of the People's Armed Forces, who is also the First President of the Arstotzkan Union, holds the highest position and is responsible for leading the armed forces. The General's authority is subject to the approval of the Arstotzkan Executive War Council, ensuring collective decision-making in matters of declaring war.

The act also establishes the Arstotzkan High Command as the top-level command authority, overseeing the People's Armed Forces. This command authority comprises various entities, including the Arstotzkan Executive War Council, specialized command units, public safety services, intelligence agencies, and more. The Supreme Commanding General plays a crucial role in the Arstotzkan High Command, acting as the Deputy Chairman of the Arstotzkan Executive War Council.

The act grants the People's Armed Forces certain powers and responsibilities. They are tasked with the defense of the Arstotzkan Union against foreign aggression and are also expected to assist in national emergencies, natural disasters, and protection of allied nations. The act specifies the maximum number of troops dedicated to various endeavors, such as supporting the Allied Micronational Treaty Organization and protecting allied nations like New Zealand, the Ward Empire, the Confederate Democracy of Gamers, the Kingdom of Krongle, and the Empire of Him.

Additionally, the act includes provisions regarding ranks, amendment procedures, the adoption of previous executive orders and acts, and the repeal of outdated legislation related to military systems, national security, domestic protection, and firearms regulation.

The Armed Forces Act 2023 serves as a comprehensive framework for the establishment, organization, and functioning of the armed forces in the Arstotzkan Union. Its provisions aim to ensure the defense, security, and readiness of the nation while upholding international conventions and adhering to constitutional requirements.

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