Te Whakapaipai Territory

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Te Whakapaipai
Te Whakapaipai Territory
CountryArstotzkan Union
Incorporated as a Territory28 February 2023
Territory relocated4 November 2023
 • TypeState government
 • BodyState Council of Hōrana
 • Territory CommanderEthan Brinkman
 • Federal Territory0.283 km2 (0.109 sq mi)
 • Land0.283 km2 (0.109 sq mi)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)
 • Urban
0.09 km2 (0.03 sq mi)
 • Rural
0.19 km2 (0.07 sq mi)
Highest elevation
178 m (584 ft)
Lowest elevation
53 m (174 ft)
 • Federal Territory120
 • Rank1st
 • Density0.0023/km2 (0.006/sq mi)

The Te Whakapaipai Territory was a territory in Hōrana in the Arstotzkan Union. It was the home of the First President and it was located in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Te Whakapaipai Territory is also the first territory to be relocated from one place to another.

Among other important landmarks, the Te Whakapaipai Territory is also the home of important international organizations such as the Allied Court of Justice for the United Micronations Treaty Alliance.