Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg

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Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg
Commonwealth von Ballinfoyleburg (German)
Comhlathas na Ballinfoyleburg (Irish)
Coat of arms of Ballinfoyleburg
Coat of arms
Motto: "Erinnere dich an die Gefallenen" (German)
"Remember the Fallen"
Grand Seal of Ballinfoyleburg
Location of Ballinfoyleburg and its territories (red or dark green)
LocationIsland of Ireland
Capital Neu Königsberg City
Largest city Hillburg City
Official languages
Ethnic groups
GovernmentFederal Connollyist-Toneist presidential one-party socialist republic
Ludwig Collins
May Collins
LegislatureFederal Assembly
Independence from the Republic of Roscamistan
• Republic of Ballinfoyleburg established
18 December 2021
• Ludwig Collins becomes President after Ryan resigns
13 January 2022
• Thomas Jacobs is elected President after winning the election
24 March 2022
• Provisional Ruling Council establishes the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg
30 May 2022
• Ludwig Collins becomes President for the second time
1 June 2022
8 April 2023
• Total
3 km2 (1.2 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
• Density
2/km2 (5.2/sq mi)
CurrencyBallinfoylish Assignat (₣)
Time zoneUTC0 (IST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code470
Internet TLD(proposed) .bf
Preceded by
Republic of Ireland
Republic of Ballinfoyleburg

The Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg (Irish: Comhlathas na Ballinfoyleburg) (abbr. CoB), also known as Ballin or for short Ballinfoyleburg, was a republic and sovereign state, more commonly known as a micronation to external observers[a].[1] It was located in Galway City in the west of the island of Ireland and was made up of seven federated states. It was landlocked and fully surrounded by its neighbour and former ally, the Roscami Federation. Its international recognition as an independent nation was limited to other micronations. The Commonwealth was established after the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg was disestablished by the Provisional Ruling Council. The capital was the municipality of Neu Königsberg City.

Ballinfoyleburg followed a semi-isolationist foreign policy, and rarely engages with micronations outside of Galway. It was the second most powerful nation in the Galway Sector. The interests of the state were protected by the People's Defence Forces and its three branches. The states of the Commonwealth were: North Galway, Hillburg, Castlegar Village, Neu Königsberg, the Sepranan People’s State, Lahardane and Ballindooley. Ballinfoyleburg had an estimated population of 15, five of which were locals. The most widely spoken language in the nation was English, but Irish and German were also commonly used in the law and iconography of the nation.


The name Ballinfoyleburg comes from the merging of the words Ballinfoyle [2] (an estate and parish in north-eastern Galway) and burg, creating Ballinfoyleburg. The word "burg" is a German word often used as a suffix meaning ancient/medieval fortress or walled town. The name "Ballinfoyle" translates to "town of the hole". It is said that Ivan Ryan came up with the name while on a bus ride in Mervustan.


Historical affiliations

Prehistory of Ballinfoyle

The Parish of Ballinfoyle was founded in 1982[3] as part of Galway City East Deanery in the Diocese of Galway Kilmacduagh & Kilfenora, making it one of the newest parishes in Galway. The housing estate around it was constructed around the same time. Later in 1984, the Church opened.

Founding Era

The Republic of Ballinfoyleburg gained its independence from Roscamistan on 18 December 2021 ,[b] after approval from Roscami President Thomas Jacobs for the new state. Both the provinces and Wehrmacht were founded on the 20th of December after the annexation of Terryland as the province of New Paris. The Constitution of Ballinfoyleburg was created and released later in June 2022.

This marked the beginning of the founding era, which would last another two dozen days. Just two days after the foundation of Ballinfoyleburg as an independent nation, the BSF began its armed campaign. This conflict would last for another three months before finally resolving following the defeat of the BSF and its allies in the 2022 RLF-Greater Roscam war. On the 30th of December 2021, President Ivan Ryan organised an alliance between the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg and the neighbouring Republic of Roscamistan. Thomas Jacobs , President of Roscamistan set up a permanent diplomatic council between the sides to help prevent war and foster co-operation. Approximately 2 hours after the signing of the 30 December treaty, Ludwig Collins, Vice-President and the head of the Wehrmacht was briefly removed from his position as a Roscami politician by Doros Patusky under suspicion of treason.

The accusations stated that by annexing Terryland, Ludwig Collins had broken the now defunct sixth article of the Roscami constitution. The Roscami Government, under Patusky’s direction, threatened to annex Ballinfoyleburg if Terryland were not be returned. After negotiations between the Roscami and Ballinfoyleburgan governments, Terryland was handed back to Roscamistan and Patusky acknowledged the right to self-determination for Ballinfoyleburg. This event became known as the December 2021 Roscamistan-Ballinfoyleburg crisis.

On January 12, 2022, President Thomas Jacobs of Roscamistan found a presumed-dead blueshirt volunteer in Greater Roscam Province and a note from the syndicalist rebels in Ballinfoyleburg threatening war on the Province of Mervustan. On the same day, Ivan Ryan was declared incapacitated as he was suffering from COVID-19 related chest pains, so Ludwig Collins was appointed Acting President until Ryan got better, and after Ryan's resignation, Collins became President for the first time, merged the Command-in-Chief of the Wehrmacht into the Presidency. The Flight of Ryan was the crisis on 13 January 2022, which surround around the resignation of the first President, Ivan Ryan, who had placed Ludwig Collins as acting President the day before. The event marked the beginning of the Early Republic era, in which Ludwig Collins began to dominate nearly all aspects of the republic’s institutions.

Early Republic era

On the 3rd of March, the Government of Ballinfoyleburg announced its full support of Ukraine and condemned the Russian invasion. They also refused to recognise the break-away states of Donetsk and Luhansk. Two hours later, the government announced that it was donating €30 to humanitarian aid organisations working in Ukraine.

The first presidential election of the Republic was held on 24 March 2022, with the incumbent President Ludwig Collins (Fatherland Front) running against Thomas Jacobs (Socialist Party, now Ballinfoyleburg First). Mr Jacobs won with a popular vote count of 4 over Mr Collins’ 3, and assumed the office three days later. It then established the position of Chancellor which began the semi-presidential era in Ballinfoyleburg. Alongside this decision, the provinces were reformed. On the 29th of April, Thomas Jacobs proposed that Ballinfoyleburg First should merge with Fatherland Front to create a party called Aontú Ballinfoyleburg. However, this did not go ahead.

Semi-presidential era

Alongside Trasona, Östruck and Roscamistan, Ballinfoyleburg formed the Galway Defence Pact (GDP). The organisation sought to protect the micronations of Galway from foreign military aggression. The creation of this alliance would contribute greatly to the rising tensions in Galway and eventually to the Two Day War.

Golden Commonwealth Era

For several months, the Most Honourable Republic of Ballinfoyleburg struggled with in-activity problems due to a lack of active members. In late May 2022, Jan Kotoński, Ludwig Collins, and Thomas Jacobs were discussing ways to fix this. Jacobs proposed a new federal state to replace the decaying Most Honourable Republic, which was voted on and accepted by the Ballinfoylish legislature. The Commonwealth was established after the Transition to the Commonwealth Act[4] passed the now defunct National Assembly. The Provisional Ruling Council then took office after dissolution of the Government of Ballinfoyleburg. After the Commonwealth took over from the Republic, Thomas Jacobs stood down as President and was replaced by Ludwig Collins. This was the start of the second Collins presidency, thus beginning the Golden Commonwealth Era. After the acts passing, the provinces of East Hillburg and West Hillburg united into Hillburg having previously been divided at the beginning of the semi-presidential.

For a long time after its foundation, Ballinfoyleburg had very little contact with micronations outside of Galway. The Syndicalist War and 2022 RLF-Greater Roscam war which were the first real conflicts that the nation had any involvement in took place entirely within the boundaries of Galway City. This all changed when Ludwig Collins declared war on Zeprana during the 2022 Arcadian War of Liberation. Ballinfoyleburg had no real stake in the conflict, and joined simply to expand the influence and worth of the nation in the Micronational community. This plan did not work out due to the inability of the Armed Forces to engage in the conflict. On the 28 June, the Blueshirt volunteers were dissolved due to their inactivity and increasing far-right sentiment.

Ballinfoyleburg joined the Great Bayou War on the 4th of July on the side of Charles Madgetts' Empire of Ela'r'oech. This decision by Ludwig Collins to become a carlorusian was the first time that the foreign policy positions of Roscamistan and Ballinfoyleburg differed, with Roscami President Thomas Jacobs highly anti-carlorusian, and represented yet another shift in Ballinfoylish relations with its closest neighbour. Soon after, Ballinfoyleburg organised diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Fellovia. The Sepranan Democratic Republic was a state founded by Thomas Jacobs and Eryn Diaz as a member of the Galway Sector. It was very inactive for several months, and Ludwig Collins requested that the territory of the Sepranan Republic be annexed into Ballinfoyleburg and turned into a state. It was officially absorbed on the 5th of July, becoming the Free State of Seprana, the sixth state of the Commonwealth and the first state not geographically located in Ballinfoyleburg.

Following the attempted coup of Roscamistan by Marco Hasse, Ballinfoyleburg declared war on the Empire of Östruck and removed all recognition and diplomatic ties with the nation, beginning the Two Day War. Ballinfoyleburg briefly created the Protectorate of Crestwood out of captured Östruckan land, but the puppet was quickly re-annex by Östruck. A few hours later, Collins went to Henstein (the capital of Östruck) to discuss peace terms. The Östruckan military attacked Collins before any negotiations could take place. Despite the proposed signing of a peace treaty between the Galway Sector and Östruck, Ballinfoyleburg refused to recognise Östruck as an independent nation and declared the army of Östruck a terrorist organisation. The Two Day war and Total War officially ended with the signing of the peace treaty a month later in August.

The Creation of the State of Lahardane Act[5] was passed through the Federal Assembly, officially creating the State of Lahardane. The state was originally the Nephin Territory, a colonial territory of Ballinfoyleburg in Mayo. Originally, Ballinfoyleburg wished to become a tri-continental state through colonialism. Eventually Ludwig Collins called the project off and opted to instead focus on the creation of federated states on the island of Ireland instead of territories, which is why the nephin territory was converted to a state. He also specifically stated that the Heidelberg Colony would remain an overseas territory.

On the 22nd of September, Ludwig Collins purchased the territory of Jacobs Dilu from Thomas Jacobs, creating the Reichskommissariat Dilu. Following the decline of the United States of Zeprana, the once united anti-Mckeen coalition (of which Ballinfoyleburg and Roscamistan were members) began to fight amongst each other in several small conflicts. These included the Chepiwanoxet conflict, 2022 Fontasia-Roscamistan war, and the tensions between Trasona and Roscamistan. Tensions began to rise between Roscamistan and Ballinfoyleburg over Thomas Jacobs’ pledge to absorb the southern half of North Galway into the Province of Galway City in the Revanchism Act.[6] The Östruckan islamist terrorist group Allah's Spirit began its invasion of the Fontasian Protectorate of Galvegia. After a plea by Conor Newman, Ballinfoylish forces went to Crestwood thicket and retook the Protectorate at around 18:30 IST. Later that day, the Treaty of Vorogo was signed, ending the conflict.

At the beginning of November, party lists were announced for the November 2022 Ballinfoyleburg legislative election. On the 11th, the form for the election was released. On the same day, the Municipalities Act 2022 [7] passed the Federal Assembly, creating an entire new form of sub-division in Ballinfoyleburg. On the second day of the election, it was clear that it was a large Ballinfoyleburg First victory, with the party taking 2 seats from Fatherland Front. It marked the largest political defeat of Fatherland Front since the 2022 Ballinfoyleburg presidential election. On the 17th of November, the Catholicism act authored by Chief Justice Thomas Jacobs passed the Federal Assembly. This act reaffirmed Catholicism as the national religion of Ballinfoyleburg.

On the 3rd of December, Thomas Jacobs was uncontestedly re-elected as Governor of North Galway. On the 18th of December 2022, Ballinfoyleburg celebrated the one year anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg on Ballinfoyle Tag 2021. To celebrate, Ludwig Collins founded the Territory of New Ballinfoyle located in Yonkers, New York. On the 22nd and 23rd, Esty Carpentieri was elected as the Governor of Seprana, replacing Conor Newman. On the 29th of December, the Federal Assembly voted to constitutionally ban the Radical Satanist Party as well as satanism in general. The RSP leader, Luciferio, formed the Baphomite Socialist Party, a new left-wing party without Satanist influences.

The new year began with two satirical coup attempts by Federal Assembly Speaker Thomas Jacobs. Both were parodying the failed coup attempt by former Peruvian President Pedro Castillo in early December 2022. The first coup occurred on the 4th of January 2023, when Thomas Jacobs removed Ludwig Collins as president and replaced him with former president Ivan Ryan. He also dissolved the Federal Assembly and Fatherland Front. Collins replied to this announcement with "very goof". The second coup happened a day later, and involved Thomas Jacobs claiming that the Federal Assembly had impeached Collins and that May Collins was now President. Like the first coup, it was largely ignored by Collins. Ballinfoyleburg joined the 2023 Roscami civil war on the 17th of January 2023. The goal of the entry was to establish a new Roscami state that returned to the “glory days” of the New School Era and the Senatus Paramount Ultimatum.

On the first of February, President Collins announced that Ballinfoyleburg’s foreign policy would be changed from Collective Security to semi-isolationist. The nation left all inter-micronational alliances that it had previously been involved in on the same day. On the 12th of Febraury 2023, the Sepranan home rule act passed the federal assembly,[8] creating an independent Sepranan legislature and changing the states name to Sepranan People’s State. On the 15th of February, a new civil flag design was adopted for use in Neu Königsberg City. On the 18th and 22 February, the major right wing parties of Ballinfoyleburg First and the Galwegian Ergatist Party were De registered due to lack of members[citation needed], solidifying Fatherland Front as the sole ruling party of the nation.

One party era

Invasion and occupation era

The Commonwealth was invaded by the armies of Roscamistan and Östruck on the 8th of April 2023. They divided the nation between themselves, and have occupied the nation since. The Government of Ballinfoyleburg claimed these occupations illegal.

Politics and government

The Federal Government was the central authority in Ballinfoyleburg. It comprised the Presidency, Vice Presidency, Council of Ministers, the Federal Assembly and the Supreme National Court. The states’ governments were also modelled off the federal government’s. There were seven executive federal ministries.

Federal Assembly and Council of Ministers

The Federal Assembly acted as the legislative branch of the Government. It passed laws, as power of the purse, nominated ministers and declare war without presidential input if the President so desired, and admitted and expelled states to and from the Commonwealth.

The Council of Ministers was the executive branch of the Government. It was the formal body of all ministers and heads of federal-level agencies in the executive. The President appointed and presided over the Council of Ministers in his capacity as head of state and government. The Vice President was the assistant to the President, and constitutional successor.

Law and order

The Supreme National Court served in law as the judicial branch. Law was maintained by the Order police of Ballinfoyleburg[c], whose job it was to moderate the communication server and guard the presidential palace in Neu Königsberg City.

Political parties

There was only one party in Ballinfoyleburg, Fatherland Front, which was the sole ruling party. It held all seats in the Federal Assembly as well as the the presidency and vice-presidency. The Sepranan Socialist Party was a branch of Fatherland Front that operated solely in the Sepranan People’s State.

Name Leader
Spectrum Policies Foundation FA seats State governors flag
Fatherland Front (FF) Ludwig Collins Left-wing Socialism 13 January 2022
7 / 7
4 / 7
Independent N/A Varies Independent Politics N/A
0 / 7
0 / 7
Defunct Parties
Old Socialist Party [d] Ivan Ryan Left-wing Democratic-Socialism 20 December 2021 N/A N/A
Bahomite Socialist Party (BSP) Luciferio Left-wing Libertarian Socialism 29 December 2022
0 / 7
0 / 7
Ballinfoyleburg First (BF) Thomas Jacobs Right-wing National Conservatism 10 March 2022
5 / 7
2 / 7
Galwegian Ergatist Party (GEP) [f] Conor Newman Right-wing Ergatism 15 September 2022
0 / 7
0 / 7
Radical Satanist Party [g] Luciferio Left-wing Libertarian Socialism 25 December 2022
0 / 7
0 / 7
Blair Mountain Party (BMP) William Brown Left-wing Social-Democracy 22 October 2022
1 / 7
0 / 7
Social Movement- for Democracy and Socialism Esty Carpentieri Left-wing Democratic-Socialism 13 November 2022
0 / 7
1 / 7

National and state awards

The Order of the State of Neu Konigberg was the only national chivalric decoration of Ballinfoyleburg. It was awarded to citizens of Neu Königsberg for services to the state and its people. It was given to one person every year on the 18th of December. The Iron Cross was a medal awarded to members of the People's Army for gallantry in action and services to the Armed Forces. The award had three classes. The Order of the Wars was an order bestowed by the Governor of North Galway, as Sovereign of the Order, to those in Ballinfoyleburg who fought in the Two Day and Total Wars.

Geography and climate


The climate of Ballinfoyleburg was influenced by its location in the west of Ireland. The terrain was more hilly in the far west of Ballinfoyleburg. It is rainy most days of the year, though in recent years, the number of rain showers in the summer has decreased as temperatures rise. The climate of the heartlands, also known as the metropolitan states, was one of rain, clouds, and the occasional sunny day. The Heidelberg Colony was located in Germany and the Territory of New Ballinfoyle in the United States of America.

Climate data for Ballinfoyleburg


The Metropolitan states of Ballinfoyleburg were located in the northeast of Galway, which is one of the most elevated areas in the city.


The economy of Ballinfoyleburg was run on a socialist system, with the official currency being the Ballinfoylish Assignat.

The most important official in the National Government responsible for the economy was the Federal Minister of Finance, more commonly known as the Finance Minister. The Finance Minister was responsible for the distribution of limited resources in the state in every budget. The Ministry of Finance was the department that the Finance Minister headed.


The People's Defence Forces was the combined military forces of Ballinfoyleburg. It was made up of three branches; the People's Army (ground force), People's Navy (navy) and the People's Airforce (Airforce). The last head of the People's Defence Forces was President of Ballinfoyleburg, Collins. The People's Defence Forces replaced the Wehrmacht of Ballinfoyleburg in February 2023. The conflicts which the Wehrmacht took part in were listed as the conflicts of the People's Defence Forces also.

Conflicts and wars

The Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg and its predecessor the Republic had engaged in seven major micronational wars since December 2021. The Syndicalist war was a conflict between the now dissolved Republic of Ballinfoyleburg and the Ballinfoylish Syndicalist Front.

It took place from the 20th of December 2021 to the 24th of February 2022. It was the first armed conflict in Ballinfoylish history. The 2022-RLF Greater Roscam war was a conflict that occurred in February 2022 between the Republic of Roscamistan and the Roscam Liberation Front. The Republic of Ballinfoyleburg joined the conflict when the BSF began supporting the RLF in order to de-stabilise the Galway Sector. The 2022 Arcadian War of Liberation was a conflict led by Arcadia and supporting nations to free Zeprana and install Terry McKeen as its head of state. This conflict ended with an Arcadian victory.

The Great Bayou war was a conflict which took place over Pontunia claiming the Elarian throne. The Two Day and Total wars were two conflicts that took place in northeastern Galway. The Two Day War began on the 20th of July 2022 when Östruckan leader Marco Hasse attempted an unsuccessful coup in Roscamistan. Roscamistan, Ballinfoyleburg and Trasona all declared war on Östruck in response. During the Two Day War, neither side were able to gain a substantial victory, which led to the beginning of a cold war known as the Total War.

This conflict ended when Thomas Jacobs of Roscamistan and Marco Hasse of Östruck signed a peace treaty after the Second Battle of Henstein. The Galway Troubles was an undeclared conflict between the Kingdom of Fontasia and the jihadist militant group known as Allah's Spirit that took place in the Fontasian protectorate of Galvegia loacted in northeastern Galway on the 23rd of October 2022. Ballinfoyleburg came to the aid of Fontasia by recapturing the portion of Galvegia that was taken by Allah's Spirit insurgents. The conflict came to a close when both parties signed the Treaty of Vorogo in the evening of the 23rd.

Basic information about each conflict listed above
Official Name Date Result
Syndicalist War December 2021 - February 2022 Ballinfoylish Victory
2022 Arcadian War of Liberation 4–10 June 2022 Arcadian Victory
2022 RLF-Greater Roscam war 17-24 February 2022 National Government win
Great Bayou War 4 July 2022 Stalemate
Two Day War 20-21 July 2022 Truce
Total War 31 July-5 August 2022
Galway Troubles 23 October 2022


The People's Army was the army of Ballinfoyleburg. It was split into three battalions. These were the Colonial, first and second infantry battalions. It had seen the most action out of any of the branches of the People's Defence Forces. The People's Navy was the navy of Ballinfoyleburg. It did not possess any ships, but it was nonetheless divided into two fleets. These are the Galway Bay fleet which aimed to operate in Galway Bay and the Hochseeflotte which aims to operate in the North Atlantic. It was founded in March 2022. The People's Airforce was the airforce of Ballinfoyleburg. It was made up of two small drones.

Foreign relations

Ballinfoyleburg followed an Irish centric semi-isolationist foreign policy, mostly engaging with micronations located on the island of Ireland. The commonwealth did have contact with some American and European micronations, but it was usually limited. The diplomatic relations of Ballinfoyleburg are implemented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, while the power to grant official diplomatic recognition of sovereignty lied primarily with the President. Due to being its successor, the Commonwealth inherited the allies and organisation memberships of the Republic.


Micronational recognition

The allies of Ballinfoyleburg were the states who have close diplomatic ties to Ballinfoyleburg. Unilateral recognition referred to nations which Ballinfoyleburg recognises but were not recognised by. These were the Aerican Empire, Molossia, Liberland and Sealand.

Allies Mutual Recognition Unilateral Recognition

Macronational recognition

Ballinfoyleburg only recognised 12 of the 193 member states of the UN, two of which have Special Status (treated better for historical reasons). France, the USA and Canada were partially recognised, while the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China were condemned.

Recognized Special Status Partial Condemned Illegitimate
  • w:United Nations all UN members not listed

Administrative divisions

There were three main types of administrative divisions in Ballinfoyleburg. These were the states, which in themselves were divided into metropolitan states and non-metropolitan states, overseas territories and municipalities.


Map of the states of Ballinfoyleburg

Ballinfoyleburg was a federation made up of constituent states. States were integrated parts of Ballinfoyleburg, each with its own population. Each one was lead by a Governor who was elected by the citizens of their respective states. The states was divided into two categories, Metropolitan and Non-metropolitan. The Sepranan People’s State was unique among the other states as it possessed its own independent legislature, the Sepranan Congress.

Metropolitan states

The metropolitan states were the states which are geographically located in Ballinfoyleburg.

State Location Governor Population
Neu Königsberg Galway City Ludwig Collins 5
Hillburg Jan Kotoński 2
Castlegar Village vacant 1
Ballindooley vacant 2
North Galway Thomas Jacobs 1

Non-metropolitan states

The non-metropolitan states were the states which are located outside of metropolitan Ballinfoyleburg.

State Location Governor Population
Seprana Oranmore Esty Carpentieri 4
Lahardane Tirawley Nanro Collins 1

Overseas territories

Overseas Territories were territories that Ballinfoyleburg claimed which were located outside of the Island of Ireland. Each territory was lead by an Administrator. The overseas territories of Ballinfoyleburg did not have permanent populations. The two overseas territories before dissolution were Heidelberg Colony in Germany, and the New Ballinfoyle in Yonkers.

State Location Administrator
Heidelberg Colony  Germany May Collins
New Ballinfoyle  United States vacant


Municipalities were the lowest level of sub-division in Ballinfoyleburg. These were the cities and towns of Ballinfoyleburg. Only the five metropolitan states had Municipalities.

Municipality State Mayor Population
Neu Königsberg City Neu Königsberg Ludwig Collins 4
Hillburg City Hillburg Matthew Tonna 1
Klow Castlegar Village 1
Teorainn Ballindooley 1
Pilarskogród North Galway Eryk Pilarski 1

Eras [h]

Era Length of Era Time Notes
Prehistory 1982 - 18 December 2021 35 years, 351 days The pre-independence time began in 1982 when Ballinfoyle Parish was created as part of Galway City East Deanery. Two years later, the Church opened.
Founding era 18 December 2021 - 13 January 2022 26 days This era was marked by the foundation of Ballinfoyleburg, and it being dominated by founders Ivan Ryan and Ludwig Collins, with them becoming President and Vice President respectively. This era ended upon the resignation of Ryan as President and his replacement by Ludwig Collins.
Early Republic era 13 January - 27 March 2022 73 days The Republic era has been noted for the extreme dominance of Collins in Ballinfoyli politics. Notable people in this era include Thomas Jacobs and Jan Kotoński. Notable events within this era include the 2022 RLF-Greater Roscam war and the end of the Syndicalist War. This era ended when Thomas Jacobs won the 2022 Ballinfoyleburg presidential election and established the Chancellor of Ballinfoyleburg position.
Semi-presidential era 27 March - 1 June 2022 66 days When Thomas Jacobs became president, he created turned Ballinfoyleburg into a semi-presidential state with the Chancellor of Ballinfoyleburg, Ludwig Collins as head of government and the President of Ballinfoyleburg as head of state. Collins remained the de facto most powerful person in the nation for the remainder of March and May. The era came to a close when the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg was disestablished and replaced by the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg.
Golden Commonwealth era 1 June 2022 - 23 February 2023 267 days This era is noted for a rise in activity in the nation after weeks of stagnation. Many well known micronationalists joined Ballinfoyleburg due to further advertisements. The Commonwealth began spreading its influence by engaging in both the 2022 Arcadian War of Liberation and the Great Bayou War. The Two Day War took place from the 20th to the 21st of July and was the first local conflict in north-eastern Galway since the Syndicalist War.
One party era 23 February - 8 April 2023 44 days This era began in late February 2023 when Ballinfoyleburg began a one-party state under Fatherland Front. This one party era was set to exist until the Socialist system could be fully implemented in the country. This era ended prematurely after Roscamistan and Östruck invaded the nation and divided it amongst themselves in April 2023.

Culture and media

The culture of Ballinfoyleburg was very similar to that of Ireland. Irish Holidays such as Halloween and St Patricks day were celebrated as well as 18 December Ballinfoylish Independence day (also known as "Ballinfoyle Tag"). Ballinfoyleburg@Discord was the official discord server of the Commonwealth of Ballinfoyleburg, and was the main forum for communication between local and overseas citizens. Meetings of the Federal Assembly and Council of Ministers also took place in their respective channels. Various holidays were celebrated in Ballinfoyleburg, including ones observed around the world and ones unique to the country.

Date Holiday Name
1 May International Workers' Day
31 May - 1 June Commonwealth Foundation Day
5 June James Connolly's Birthday
22 August Day of Humbert's Landing
18 December Ballinfoyle Tag
25 December Christmas Day

National symbols

The national symbols of Ballinfoyleburg were things which were emblematic of the nation. Some were established, official symbols, including the flag and arms of the Commonwealth , whilst some were governmentally-named symbols, such as the national flower and animal. Other symbols may not held any formal official status, but are likewise recognised at a national or even intermicronational level.

Symbol Name Image
Civil Ensign Civil ensign of Ballinfoyleburg
Civil Flag Civil flag of Ballinfoyleburg
State flag State flag of Ballinfoyleburg
National Coat of Arms Coat of arms of Ballinfoyleburg
Grand Seal Grand Seal of Ballinfoyleburg
National motto Erinnere dich an die Gefallenen

"Remember the Fallen"

National anthem Battle of Aughrim
National cockade National cockade of Ballinfoyleburg
National colours Blue and Green    
National animal White-tailed eagle
National flower Dandelion
Official language German
National calendar Gregorian calendar

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  1. Its status of a sovereign state has been disputed since 8 April 2023, as Östruck and Roscamistan claim they both annexed the nation in a joint invasion.
  2. Messages exchanged between Thomas Jacobs and Ludwig Collins on the 18th of December state that Ballinfoyleburg was created three days earlier on the 15th. This was allegedly a mistake by Ludwig.
  3. As a branch of the People’s Defence Forces
  4. Republic of Ballinfoyleburg Period. Succeeded by Ballinfoyleburg First.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 Seats held at time of Dissolution
  6. Deregistered on the 18 February 2023 due to lack of members
  7. Banned on the 29th of December by the Federal Assembly
  8. The Commonwealth is the direct successor to the Republic of Ballinfoyleburg. The three eras of the Republic are considered part of the history of the Commonwealth.