Social Republic of Georgienstine

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2016 — Present

Flag of Georgienstine.svgCoat of Arms of Georgienstine.jpg

Tradition, Honour, Passion
"Hymne Syldave"

Capital cityCastel
Largest cityCastel
Official language(s)English (CA), French (QC)
Short nameGeorgienstine
GovernmentPresidential Republic
- PresidentRaphaël Olivier I
- Vice-PresidentRaiponce Delaniche
- Congressional Majority LeaderAlexandre Olivier I
- Congressional Minority LeaderAzerianus Severanus
- Speaker of the CongressGuy Watts
LegislatureNational Congress
Established26 December 2016
Population50 humans, 1 dog (2020)
Currency$ (GD)
Very High [1]
Time zoneEST
National sportTennis & Golf
National animalIndigo bunting

The Social Republic of Georgienstine is a micronation located in Quebec, Canada. It was founded in very late 2016 by Raphaël Olivier. The main part of Georgienstine is located in the president’s house while the other territories are in the woods.


Georgienstine is named after George Washington who is usually seen as an opponent to British imperialism.

Government & politics

Georgienstine is a representative democracy with free and fair elections.

Every year the citizens of Georgienstine elect a president, they vote directly during the elections. Every 62 days or less, the citizens vote for the National Congress where they vote for a political party. Seats are distributed using proportional representation.

Each 3 months or less, citizens also vote for their state's governor.

Branches of Government

The government of Georgienstine is a presidential republic. The three Georgienstinian branches of government are the following:

  • Executive: The President, Vice-President, Cabinet, and other members of their administration.
  • Legislative: The National Congress of Georgienstine.
  • Judiciary: The system of courts that enforces the laws and upholds the constitution.


The President and Vice-President manage internal and foreign affairs. The president may appoint cabinet secretaries (who are then voted on by the National Congress), supreme court justices (who are then voted on by the National Congress), ambassadors and consulates. The president can veto a bill passed by the National Congress, is the commander of the Armed Forces, can dissolve the National Congress and hold an emergency congressional election, sign executive orders that are forced into law, and must deliver a State of the Union Address every six months. Presidential elections happen every year. The President currently resides at the Palais Gris in Castel.


Members of the National Congress are elected every 60 days or more. They vote on bills, amendments to the constitution, confirming supreme court justices and cabinet secretaries, and impeaching certain members of the government. The National Congress also votes on confirming whole cabinets, supreme court justices. At the beginning of a session, the National Congress elects a speaker. The speaker moderates debates, holds votes, breaks ties and is second in line in the presidential line of succession.


The courts of Georgienstine must enforce the law and uphold the constitution of Georgienstine. Judges are appointed by the President and must be approved by a majority of the National Congress. A judge is appointed for a life mandate but can be removed from his post if 66% of the National Congress agrees. The sole existing court is Georgienstine is the Supreme Court.

Foreign policy

Unilateral recognition

Associated states

  • Newfoundland Flag.png Newfoundland

Mutual recognition

Unrecognized and denounced nations

Sanctioned nations


Georgienstine has a capitalist economy. Its currency is the Georgienstinian dollar.


Mainland Georgienstine is located in Quebec, Canada. It consists of a house, gardens and the woods near it. The state of Georogool consists of a small public area and the state of Drayton consists of a small cabin in England.


Climate data for Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil Airport
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) -5.6
Average low °C (°F) -15.1
Source: Environment Canada[2]


State Capital Governor
Qaucasia Qaucasia Owen Philbin
Castel Castel Raphaël Olivier I
Augustine Augustine Tom Mark
Harrisburg Perth Logan Blanc
Nassau Nassau Isaiah Burdette
Salem Salem Alexandre Olivier I
Raphaelistan Raphaelopolis Aidan Clifford
Georgopol Georgopol Jimmy Foddle
Drayton Drayton Hugo Grenier


The Armed Forces of Georgienstine are the military corps of Georgienstine. It consists of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Space Force. The president of Georgienstine is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces and forms military policy with the Department of Defense (DoD) headed by Guy Watts and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) headed by Alexandre Olivier, both federal executive departments, acting as the principal organs by which military policy is carried out. The armed forces remain relatively inactive.


Georgienstine follows most aspects of North American culture. The country is based after the United States, however many have stated that Georgienstine does not have much in common with the United States.


Georgienstine recognizes all Canadian civic holidays, as well as Jewish and Christian holidays.

National Holidays
Date Name
15 May Revolution Day
16 May Reformations Day
17 June Monarchy Day
25 June Democratic Georgienstine Day
20 September Monarch’s Day
26 December Georgienstine Day
28 December Military Day


The national sport of Georgienstine is tennis, however, numerous Georgienstinians practice golf, badminton, skating and alpine skiing. Summer sports are not very popular in Georgienstine.


Georgienstinian everyday meals are from all over the world, however, the favourite meal of Georgienstinians is ravioli according to a poll conducted by the former news network National News. The national dish is poutine.


The official languages of Georgienstine are French, English, Spanish and Russian. Most documents are in English and French however numerous Georgienstinians speak Spanish or Russian.


Christianity is the most practiced religion in Georgienstine, a majority of Georgienstinians are either Catholic or Protestant. There is a large Anglican and Eastern Orthodox community in Georgopol. There are numerous atheists, however, they are not a majority of the population.


Orchestral, Religious and a few songs originating from the south of the United States are popular in Georgienstine. Music is not very popular in Georgienstine and numerous people dislike contemporary music.


Georgienstine has had numerous news networks in its history. Every month a vote is held to see which news networks will be kept and which will be disposed of. This is primarily due to the fact that a lot of news channels run on discord and there is limited space. The most active news channel tend to stay while inactive ones tend to be voted off.


Awards of Georgienstine
Name Awarded By Eligibility
Legion of Honour President of Georgienstine Any citizen deemed to have done something great in Georgienstine.
  1. List of Canadian provinces and territories by Human Development Index is used for Georgienstine's rating due to Georgienstine's location
  2. Environment Canada[1]. Retrieved 1 March 2017.