October 2021 Georgienstinian congressional election

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October 2021 Georgienstinian congressional election

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All 16 seats in the National Congress
9 seats needed for a majority
Turnout45.2% 3.9 pp
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Alexandre Olivier Ben Olson[b] May Junkin[a][b]
Party Georgienstine First New Progressive Federalist
Leader since 28 June 2020 15 August 2021 26 September 2021
Last election 37.1%, 6 seats 31.4%, 5 seats[e] 11.4%, 2 seats[c]
Seats before 6[f] 5[g] 3
Seats won 8[f] 4 4[d]
Seat change 2 1 1
Popular vote 15 9 8
Percentage 46.9% 28.1% 25.0%
Swing 9.8% 3.3% 13.6%
Caucus Majority Minority Minority

Diagram of results by party.

Incumbent Majority Leader before election

Alexandre Olivier[h]
Georgienstine First

Elected Incumbent Majority Leader

Alexandre Olivier
Georgienstine First

The October 2021 Georgienstinian congressional election was held on 2 October 2021.

It resulted in a Georgienstine First victory, with the party taking back its majority and making major gains. The New Progressive Party suffered losses due to low voter turnout among its supporters. The newly-founded Federalist Party saw gains, as its support base was much wider than its predecessor party, the Liberal Party.


The August 2021 Georgienstinian congressional election resulted in Georgienstine First becoming the majority party after the Liberal Party party continued caucusing with them by default. The Liberals originally planned on caucusing with the Socialist Labour Party, an anti-capitalist party, but did not do so as they could not reach an agreement.

The Solidarity Party-list only had two individuals, but the party won three seats, leaving a seat vacant. The leader of the party Louis de Blois appointed Owen O'Lachtna, an independent politician to fill the seat.

After the election, congresspeople Aidan Clifford and Tom Mark both resigned and were succeeded by Isaiah Burdette and Andrew Perdomo.

On 14 August 2021, the speaker election was inconclusive with Andrew Perdomo receiving 8 votes, to Addison Dillon's 7, with 1 abstaining. Ariel Lederman abstained, but announced his support for Dillon. If Lederman had voted, there would be a tie, which would've likely been won by Perdomo, as vice-president Tom Mark, who breaks ties, is a member of Georgienstine First. Logan White motioned to have a revote, but the motion was defeated. Dean of the National Congress Raphaël Olivier exercises the duties of the speaker until a speaker is elected.

On 17 August 2021, the Socialist Labour Party and the Farmer-Labour Party both dissolved to create the New Progressive Party. The merger had already been leaked by Addison Dillon. The merger was also predicted by many as the Farmer-Labour party's congresspeople were elected under a Socialist Labour list, they ran a joint list, in the last congressional election and they supported the same policies.

On 31 August 2021, the speaker election was inconclusive with Andrew Perdomo receiving 7 votes, to Addison Dillon’s 4, to Owen O'Lachtna’s one, with 4 abstaining. Dean Raphaël Olivier will continue exercising the duties of the speaker.

On 1 September 2021, Olivier allowed Dillon and Perdomo to preside over sessions, whilst he was at school and had no contact with the National Congress. Both are allowed to exercise all of Olivier’s powers with the exception of verifying and archiving a congressional vote.

On 6 September 2021, all two Liberal congresspeople and Owen O'Lachtna formed the Federalist Party.

On 7 September 2021, all Federalist Party congresspeople caucused with the Minority Caucus. This flipped the control of the National Congress and Ben Olson became Majority Leader.

After a 26-day long vacancy, Louis de Blois became Majority Whip after defeating Renzo Wessels and Logan White in a secret vote. De Blois' election was controversial among the left-wing members of the Majority Caucus because of his socially far-right views.

On 8 September 2021, congressperson Renzo Wessels left the New Progressive Party to sit as an independent, citing that the party had drifted too far to the left and the centrist faction of the party losing influence. Congressperson Louis de Blois left the Solidarity Party to sit as an independent.

On 9 September 2021, one day after having left the New Progressive Party, congressperson Renzo Wessels joined Georgienstine First and the Minority Caucus. Congressperson Logan White left the Solidarity Party to join the New Progressive Party. When White left, the party was automatically deregistered for lacking two members.

On 11 September 2021, congressperson Roy Jackson left the New Progressive Party to sit as an independent and join the Minority Caucus (now Majority Caucus). This flipped the control of the National Congress and Alexandre Olivier became Majority Leader again.

On 21 September 2021, congressperson Renzo Wessels left Georgienstine First to caucus with the New Progressive Party. President Olivier claimed that Wessels had crossed the floor for electability purposes as many Georgienstine First members had objected to Wessels being on the congressional list.

On 23 September 2021, president Raphaël Olivier dissolved the National Congress and called for a snap election of 2 October 2021, four days before the maximum date. Majority Leader Alexandre Olivier had announced that the president would do so, prior to the announcement.

Electoral system and organization

The National Congress is composed of 16 seats elected by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency, with a legal threshold of 1 full seat (6.25%), and residuals assigned by the D’Hondt method.


Campaigning unofficially began on 26 September 2021. That day, Georgienstine First and the Federalist Party both released their congressional lists and released posters. President Raphaël Olivier had originally planned to hold a rally on 1 October 2021, but this was cancelled as Olivier was unable to organize the event due to issues during the day.

The same day, Andrew Perdomo held an unofficial debate for the congressional election. Majority Leader Alexandre Olivier attend and congressmen Renzo Wessels and Owen O'Lachtna represented their respective parties. Following the debate, Georgienstine First released ads attacking Renzo Wessels and comments he had made at the debate. After the debate, Minority Leader Ben Olson condemned Wessels for appearing at the debate and representing the party, without the party's permission.


Party Votes % +/- Seats +/-
Georgienstine First (GF) 15 46.9 9.8 8 2
New Progressive Party (NPP) 9 28.1 3.3 4 1
Federalist Party (FP) 8 25.0 13.6 4 1
Valid votes 32 98.3
Blank votes 0 0.0
Invalid votes 1 1.7
Total 33 100 - 16
Abstentions 0 0.0
Total Electorate / Turnout 73 45.21
Popular vote
Georgienstine First
New Progressive

Seat totals
Georgienstine First
New Progressive


  1. Junkin is list leader, but the Federalists will elect a congressional leader after the election. Junkin was elected congressional leader.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Despite being from the third largest party, May Junkin was elected Minority Leader.
  3. As the Liberal Party
  4. Includes Owen O'Lachtna, who left to sit under Georgienstine First, before the first session of congress.
  5. As SLP/FLP/LDP joint list
  6. 6.0 6.1 Due to the 8-8 tie between the two caucuses, vice president Tom Mark casts the tie-breaking vote in organizing the National Congress.
  7. New Progressive congressman Renzo Wessels is caucusing with the Majority Caucus.
  8. Ben Olson was Majority Leader from 7 September to 11 September.