Roy Jackson

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Roy Jackson
President of the Federative Republic of Bryantia
Assumed office
3 March 2019
Vice PresidentGus Rósínśtí
Jimmy Foddle
Thomas Jacobs
Preceded byOffice established
General Secretary of the People's Social Party
Assumed office
3 March 2019
DeputyBenjamin Pickles
Preceded byOffice established
Minority Whip of the Georgienstinian National Congress
Assumed office
17 January 2021
LeaderBenjamin Pickles
Azerianus Severanus
Preceded byAddison Dillon
Governor of Outer Benjastan
In office
25 August 2020 – 13 December 2020
Preceded byIan Pickles (as administrator)
Succeeded byOffice abolished
Consul of The Sibiu pact
Assumed office
12 April 2021 -
Preceded byOffice established
Member of the Chamber of Representatives
In office
19 April 2022 – 27 June 2023
PresidentDoros Patusky
Thomas Jacobs
Preceded bySeat established
Succeeded byLegislature abolished
Personal details
Born29 September
Michigan, United States
Citizenship Benjastan
 West River
 United States
Political partyPSP
United Party of Roscamistan
Military service
Allegiance Bryantia
Years of service2019 - present

Roy Jackson is an American micronationalist in several micronations. He is the King of the Kingdom of Bryantia, 2nd President of Cotter Menaceland, and General Secretary of the People's Social Party of Bryantia. He is most active in the Social Republic Georgienstine serving as Governor of Harrisburg, Majority Whip and being a Congressman and is a member of Georgienstine First.