December 2020 Georgienstinian congressional election

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December 2020 Georgienstinian congressional election

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All 16 seats in the National Congress
9 seats needed for a majority
Turnout78.2% 7.7 pp
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Alexandre Olivier Ariel Lederman
Party Georgienstine First New Democratic
Leader since 28 June 2020 4 November 2020
Last election 46.7%, 8 seats New
Seats before 8 4
Seats won 8 3
Seat change Steady 1
Popular vote 20 9
Percentage 46.5% 20.9%
Swing 0.2% New
Caucus Majority Minority

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Ben Olson Ivan Brienović
Party Socialist Labour Fatherland Movement
Leader since 5 November 2020 5 December 2020
Last election New 6.5%, 1 seat[a]
Seats before 3 1
Seats won 3 2
Seat change Steady 1
Popular vote 8 5
Percentage 18.6% 11.6%
Swing New 5.1%
Caucus Minority Majority

Diagram of results by party.

Majority Leader before election

Alexandre Olivier I
Georgienstine First

Elected Majority Leader

Alexandre Olivier I
Georgienstine First

The December 2020 Georgienstinian congressional election was a snap election called by the President following the dissolution of the Movement for Socialism and the Libertarian Party, member parties of the Georgienstine Democratic Coalition.

Georgienstine First kept the most seats, with its support remaining relatively stable. The New Democratic Party or Venceremos tied in seats, but the New Democratic Party narrowly got more votes. The Fatherland Movement also saw gains due to the unexpected low voter turnout.


The November 2020 Georgienstinian Congressional Election resulted in a National Front government led by Georgienstine First. Georgienstine First seized this opportunity to replace the controversial Movement for Socialism speaker, Sean Dunkerque as he refused to hold a vote on the Presidential Terms Amendment. In an upset, Wright defeated Guy Fawkes as the Holy Party decided to back them, and not Fawkes. This led to a tie and a coin-toss was held to decide the next speaker, Wright won this coin-toss. Wright renounced his citizenship in late November and another speakership election was held. Fawkes won this election with an overwhelming majority, one week later the Presidential Terms Amendment was passed along with numerous pieces of legislation that Wright had refused to hold votes on.

On 3 December 2020, Movement for Socialism representatives, Addison Dillon and Leo Yaskanovic, and Libertarian representatives, Ariel Albert Lederman and Andre Carneiro founded the New Democratic Party. Hours later, the Movement for Socialism was dissolved after a unanimous vote among party members. Ben Olson and Gaia Grìbhinneach founded the Socialist Labour Party after the dissolution. Following this dramatic chain of events, Pickles presented a bill to call a snap election on 5 December 2020. President Raphaël Olivier vetoed this bill and called an election for 18 December 2020 instead.

Electoral system and organization

The National Congress is composed of 16 seats elected by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency, with a legal threshold of 1 full seat (6.25%), and residuals assigned by the D’Hondt method.


After the President announced the dissolution of the National Congress, Georgienstine First released a poster attacking the George Floyd protests. Hours later, the party reposted humorously photoshopped pictures of Raphaël Olivier over historical characters from the news network, Info-battles. Not much campaigning was made by opposition parties.


Party Leader Seats %
Georgienstine First Alexandre Olivier 8 46.5%
New Democratic Ariel Albert Lederman 3 20.9%
Venceremos Ben Olson 3 18.6%
Fatherland Movement Ivan Brienović 2 11.6%
Labour-Democratic Party Owen Philbin 0 2.3%
Popular vote
Georgienstine First
New Democratic
Fatherland Movement

Seat totals
Georgienstine First
New Democratic
Fatherland Movement


  1. As the Holy Party