Ludwig I, King of Nichensburg

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Ivan Gabriel Brienovich I.
Иван Габриел Бриенович I.
King of Briens

Monarch of Brienia
Absolute monarch 1 February 2018 - present
Coronation 2 February 2018
Predecessor Office established
House House of Brienovich
Religion Roman Catholicism

King Ivan I. of Brienia, in Aichi known as King Ivan I. of Brienia and Aichi, is 1st Brienian King and creator of Brienia. He is mainly known as Kralj Ivan or Ivan. King is member of the House of Brienovich.


King Ivan of Brienia created Brienia and is currently leader of it. King also with his title of King got the title of "Archduke of Domus", "Archduke of Rajmonia" and "Archduke of Zmajoslavia-Ciros".