Labour-Democratic Party (Georgienstine)

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Labour-Democratic Party
LeaderCollective leadership
FoundersTukat Ætimak
Jimmy Foddle
Ali Farrokhzad
Tom Mark
Ben Olson
Logan White
Founded2 July 2020
Merger ofBeneficent Party
Labour Party
National Red Dawn Party
Progressive Party
HeadquartersQaucasia, Georgienstine
IdeologySocial democracy
Left-wing populism
Social liberalism
Green politics
Political positionCentre-left
National affiliationCentre Georgienstine
Colors  Red
SloganFor The People
AnthemThe Internationale
National Congress
0 / 16
0 / 8

The Labour-Democratic Party of Georgienstine is a centre-left political party in the Federal Republic of Georgienstine. At its peak, it was one of the three largest parties, along with the Nationalist Party of Georgienstine and Libertarian Party of Georgienstine. The party supports centre to centre-left political positions. It is one of two parties constituting Centre Georgienstine, an alliance of centrist political parties in Georgienstine.