Galway City

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Galway City
Province of Galway City
Photo taken near the Spanish Arch, close to the Claddagh, in 2022.
Photo taken near the Spanish Arch, close to the Claddagh, in 2022.
Flag of Galway City
Coat of arms of Galway City
Coat of arms
Etymology: Galway
Galway province
"We shall free ourselves of the Pale!"
Country Roscamistan
Annexation by Roscamistan1 April 2021
Devolution15 May 2022
Federation27 June 2023
Founded byThomas Jacobs
Named forGalway
CapitalCentral Region
Largest cityKnocknacarra
Official languagesIrish
Ethnic groups
Catholicism (official)
GovernmentSingle-executive provincial-municipal government under a federal Catholic republic
• Governor
Marco Hasse
• Governing party
National Catholic League
LegislatureLegislative Assembly
Federal representation
• Provincial Deputy to Congress
Marco Hasse
• Total
57 km2 (22 sq mi)
25 m (82 ft)
• 2022 estimate
10 (3rd)
Time zoneUTC0 (GMT)
Date formatdd/mm/yy
Driving sideleft

Galway City, officially the Province of Galway City, also known as Galway, City of Galway, and rarely Galway province, is a province and the official capital of Roscamistan. The province was established in April 2021, and is considered the heartland of Roscamistan.


Flag of Galway City from November 2021 to July 2022.

The province was created in April 2021 after it was incorporated into the Republic by Thomas Jacobs, as the capital of Roscamistan. Originally ruled directly under the office of the Chancellor of Galway City, a ministerial position in the Cabinet of Roscamistan, and then by the President of Roscamistan, represented from March 2022 by the Governor, the province was given devolution in May 2022, providing for an elected governorship, a council of ministers, a provincial assembly and a provincial court.

On the 6th of January 2023, the Provincial Government Act was passed. The act altered the structures of the autonomous provinces. The Provincial Assembly and the Council of Ministers were renamed the Legislative Assembly and the Executive Council respectively.

After Roscamistan became a federation, the province of Galway City remained unchanged as one of the 4 provinces, alongside Greater Roscam, Mervustan, and Oranmore.

Government and politics

The province is under the Government of Galway City, which comprises the executive, legislative and judicial powers. The Galwegian government functions as both a provincial and municipal authority.

The Executive Council functions as the executive branch, comprised of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and four other ministers. The legislature is the Legislative Assembly, which has the power to legislate on all matters excluding foreign policy, defence and national security.

The Legislative Assembly is made up of five seats, whose members are elected by first past the post voting in single member constituencies. The judicial power is invested in the Provincial Superior Court, headed by the Superior Judge.


Like all provinces, Galway City is made of regions, second level administrative divisions designed for cultural and survey reasons. The regions of Galway City are:

  • Central Region
  • Knocknacarra
  • Rahoon
  • Salthill
  • Headford
  • North Galway
  • Eyre Square


The provincial defence brigade in Galway City is the Galway City Defence Brigade, led by the Governor of the province as its Commander, under the National Army of Roscamistan. It is formed up of Land Defence and Naval Defence.

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