Roscami Seville

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Roscami Seville
Territio de Roscama Sevilla (Spanish)
Roscami Seville Territory
New Renmore, one of the two districts of the territory
New Renmore, one of the two districts of the territory
Flag of Roscami Seville
NO8DO ([Ella] No me ha dejado – [She] has not abandoned me)
Map of the territory and its districts
Map of the territory and its districts
Country Roscamistan
TypeOverseas territory
Established8 August 2022
Michael Melia appointed Administrator10 August 2022
Districts created12 January 2023
Founded byThomas Jacobs
Micheal Melia
SeatNew Renmore (de facto)
 • PresidentThomas Jacobs
 • AdministratorMichael Melia
7 m (23 ft)
 • Total3
Time zoneUTCUTC+1 (CET)

Roscami Seville is an overseas territory of the Roscami Federation, located in Seville, Spain. The territory was annexed to the nation on 8 August 2022, and Michael Melia, an uncle of Thomas Jacobs, was appointed the Administrator two days later. The territory is composed of an apartment, owned by the Administrator and his family, a small commons area, a swimming pool and a public square. Spanish and English are both territorial languages, with Spanish as the primary language of residents.


Roscami Seville was founded on 8 August 2022 upon the annexation of an apartment and surrounding area as an overseas territory by the President of Roscamistan, Thomas Jacobs. Michael Melia, an uncle of Jacobs, was appointed the Administrator of the Territory by President Jacobs two days later. A provisional flag, made of the flag of the municipality of Seville and the Roscami national flag in the canton, was created to serve as the territorial flag.

On the 12th of January 2023, a decree by the Ministry of the Interior created the two districts, New Renmore and Orange, after claiming more land for it.


The territory is managed by the Administrator, appointed by the President as head of state. The Administrator acts as a link between the Government of Roscamistan and the residents of Roscami Seville. It is also the duty to pass laws that improve the governance and standard of living in the territory.


The territory's culture is influenced by the surrounding Spanish municipality of Seville. Spanish customs and traditions are common in the territory, as well as the culture of County Galway, Ireland, due to the Irish diaspora present there, with the Administrator himself being ethnically Irish.

The administrator is responsible for the governing of the districts (equivalent to a region in the mainland), and resides in the district of New Renmore.


The territorial languages of Roscami Seville are English and Spanish, with the national language Irish not bring spoken in the territory. The majority of the residents are reported to speak English to a degree, whilst a minority of residents reporting to only speak Spanish.


Due to the size of the territory, territorial districts were created in January 2023 to accommodate its size. They serve no purpose other than to serve as census designated areas. The district of New Renmore serves as de facto territorial capital.

Flag Arms
Name Area Population Officials
Territorial districts
New Renmore N/A 3 Michael Melia[a]
Orange N/A 0


  1. As Administrator of Roscami Seville