Kayden Conboy

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The Honourable Major
The Earl Clusky of Lochrey
Self-Portrait of Conboy in 2022
2nd Vice President of Roscamistan
In office
18 May 2021 to 23 June 2021
Serving with Andrew Brotherton
President James Irwin
Predecessor Culann Burke
Successor Culann Burke
Member of the House of Lords of the Kingdom of Roscam
In office
8 October 2021 - 3 November 2021
Prince Regent Andrew Brotherton
Predecessor seat established
Successor seat abolished
Peerage Earl Clusky of Lochrey (Hereditary)
1st Chancellor of Galway City
In office
1 April 2021- 23 June 2021
President Andrew Brotherton
James Irwin
Predecessor office established
Successor office vacant (next: Christopher Waldron)
Personal information
Born 9 September 2008 (2008-09-09) (age 13)
Birth name Kayden Matthew Conboy Clusky
Citizenship  Roscamistan
Nationality Irish
Political party Independent
Residence Lochrey
Occupation Peer, Public office holder
Religion Roman Catholic
Military service
Nickname(s) Combat Comrade
Allegiance  Roscamistan
Service/branch Roscamistan Army
In service 2021-
Rank Major
Unit Lochrey Defence Regiment
Battles/wars 17thMayCoup
Awards Order of the Count of Purple

The Honourable Major Kayden Conboy, Earl Clusky of Lochrey (born Kayden Matthew Conboy Clusky, known more as Kayden Conboy) is a retired Irish micronationalist and former political leader who served as the Chancellor of Galway City from April 2021 until 23 June 2021 and as the second Vice President of Roscamistan from 18 May 2021 until 23 June 2021.

Personal life

Kayden was born on 9 September 2008, with the name of Kayden Matthew Conboy Clusky (though Kayden Conboy for short was normally used). During his youth he moved around a lot as his family were renting. He once lived in Roscam, renting for a bit. He has lived in Barna, and most recently, lives in a home owned by his parents in Lochrey.

Time in Roscami politics

Kayden first knew of Roscamistan from Andrew Brotherton who made him de jure chief executive of the Galway City Council with the title of Chancellor of Galway City. He served in this capacity from April 2021 to his sacking on 23 June 2021.

17thMayCoup and after

Conboy was one of the central people who opposed Andrew Brotherton and his government. He along with James Irwin were the two leaders of the coup, defeating Andrew Brotherton and his vice president Culann Burke (ironically Burke is a good friend of Conboy’s). James Irwin became the second President of Roscamistan, and Conboy became the second Vice President of Roscamistan.

Conboy was demoted from First Vice President to Second Vice President when Andrew was appointed by James Irwin because he made Conboy believe Conboy was plotting to overthrow him. Even when Brotherton was sacked as First Vice President, Conboy remained Second Vice President until his sacking.

Fall from power

After James Irwin transferred the office and powers of the Presidency to Andrew Brotherton, Conboy was temporarily Vice President until he was sacked at exactly 11:00 a.m, 23 June 2021. This ended his career. He was made titular Galway City Chancellor a few months after his career ended. He was made the 1st Earl Clusky of Lochrey by Andrew Brotherton in his capacity as Prince Regent of the Royal Roscam Region on 8 October 2021.

Unlike James Irwin, Conboy’s legacy was not disgraced, more left aside as if it never occurred.