National Congress (Roscamistan)

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National Congress
1st Congress
Coat of arms or logo
Seats12 deputies
Political groups
  Independents: 1 seat
Proportional representation (Party List congressmen, 8/12)
First past the post (Provincial congressmen, 4/12)
Meeting place
 Galway City (nominal)
Roscamistan@Discord (actual)

The National Congress is the unicameral legislature of the Roscami Federation. The National Congress is the federal lawmaking body, sharing power with the President of the Federation and the Cabinet.

The National Congress was created in June 2023 after the abolition of the bicameral National Assembly. The Congress is formed up of 12 members, 8 elected from party lists, 4 from the provinces, 1 for each. Members of Congress are called deputy whilst in the legislative chamber.

Structure and power

The National Congress is the representative body of the people at the federal level. The National Congress can exclusively pass laws relating to foreign policy, defence and national security. Other areas are shared by it and the legislative assemblies of the provinces.


The National Congress is elected every 4 months. There are 12 seats. 4 seats are reserved for the provinces, and 8 seats are allocated to party lists.

Acts and treaties passed

1st Congress

The National Congress has passed the following acts and treaties (In order):

  • State Enterprises Act 2023 [1]
  • Dilu Act 2023 [2]
  • National Flags Act 2023 [3]
  • Mutual Defence Treaty between Roscamistan and Östruck [4]
  • Distribution of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Recreational Drugs Act 2023 [5]
  • National Roscami Workers League Act 2023 [6]
  • Cities and Regions Act 2023 [7]
  • Moral Preservation Act [8]
  • Mass Amendments of Act Act 2023 [9]
  • Presidential Succession Act 2023 [10]
  • Entrenchment Removal Act 2023 [11]