Cabinet of Roscamistan

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Cabinet of Roscamistan
Caibinéad na Roscamistan (Irish)
Coat of Arms of Roscamistan
Established18 February 2021
State Roscamistan
LeaderPresident of the Federation
Appointed byPresident of the Federation
Main organPresidency
Ministries17 (maximum)
Responsible toPresident of the Federation
HeadquartersGalway City (de jure)

The Cabinet of Roscamistan is the chief executive body of the Government of Roscamistan and the executive advisors of the Federal President. The cabinet is appointed by the President, the cabinet leader and chairman, de jure after congressional confirmation.


Upon formation of the nation on 18 February 2021, the cabinet was established. Originally only composing of the President, Vice President and a few other ministers, it has grown a considerable amount, with there being 17 members, which equates to 7 Secretaries of State and 10 senior ministers.


The cabinet currently functions as an executive body, though historically due to a lack of clear distinctive branches, it served de facto as a legislative body, giving it exponentially more power than currently.

The Cabinet is composed of two types of ministers, Secretaries of State and Ministers. Secretaries of State are cabinet ministers who lead their respective ministries, same with Ministers. The distinction made between the two is that Secretaries of State are considered the more senior cabinet members. A member of Cabinet may hold up to three portfolios at one time.


Cabinet members
Office Incumbent Took office Party
Senior members


Thomas Jacobs
6 August 2023 National Catholic League.

Vice President

Nyck Bradaten
11 August 2023 Serious Action Party

First Secretary of State

Culann Burke
12 June 2023 National Catholic League
Secretaries of State
Secretary of State for the Interior
Thomas Jacobs
10 January 2023 National Catholic League
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
Nyck Bradaten
11 February 2023 Serious Action Party
Secretary of State for Defence
Eryk Pilarski
12 June 2023 National Catholic League
Secretary of State for Finance
Joseph Montgomery
1 February 2023 National Catholic League
Secretary of State for Local Government
Joseph Montgomery
12 June 2023 National Catholic League
Minister of Culture
Falcone de Los Santos
12 June 2023 National Catholic League
Minister of Health
Culann Burke
12 June 2023 National Catholic League
Minister of Trade
Nyck Bradaten
19 June 2022 Serious Action Party
Minister of Transportation
Eryk Pilarski
15 February 2023 National Catholic League
Minister of Agriculture
Culann Burke
12 June 2023 National Catholic League
Minister of Justice
Joseph Trick
19 June 2022 Tolerantia Internationale
Minister of the Arts
Falcone de Los Santos
15 May 2022 National Catholic League
Minister of Labour
Furkan K. Altay
20 August 2023 Alliance for Freedom
Non-ministers attending cabinet
Attorney General
17 April 2023 None

List of cabinets[a]

Name of cabinet President Period of office Time in office
Jacobs I Thomas Jacobs 18 February 2021 – 18 May 2021 89 days
Irwin James Irwin 18 May 2021 – 23 June 2021 36 days
Jacobs II Thomas Jacobs 23 June 2021 – 19 March 2022 269 days
Provisional Burke Culann Burke 19 March 2022 – 26 March 2022 7 days
Kotoński Jan Kotoński 26 March 2022 – 8 April 2022 13 days
Patusky Doros Patusky 8 April 2022 – 11 May 2022 33 days
Jacobs III Thomas Jacobs 11 May 2022 – 19 June 2022 39 days
Jacobs IV 19 June 2022 – 17 May 2023 332 days
De Los Santos Falcone de Los Santos 17 May 2023 – 6 August 2023 81 days
Jacobs V Thomas Jacobs 6 August 2023 – present 109 days


  1. The acting cabinets of Burke and Kotoński are included for continuity, and are not normally included in cabinet lists.