Roscami New York

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Roscami New York
Military Governorate of Roscami New York
Flag of Roscami New York
Order, Peace, Prosperity
Country Roscamistan
TypeOverseas possession under military rule
Established16 May 2022
Founded byThomas Jacobs
 • Commander-in-ChiefThomas Jacobs
 • Chairman of the High CommandLudwig Collins
 • Military GovernorMay Collins
 • Total0.00092903 km2 (0.00035870 sq mi)
 • Total1
Time zoneGMT

Roscami New York is a military governed possession of Roscamistan located in New York City. The territory was given to Roscamistan after the Sidewalk War which saw a 30 square foot piece of land divided between Excelsior, Libertas, and Roscamistan. The position of military governor is currently held by May Collins, sister of Chairman of the High Command Ludwig Collins.