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Republic of Roscamistan(Irish: Poblacht na Roscamistan)
Flag of Roscamistan
Anthem: Do dhia agus don phoblacht
Borders of the Republic of Roscamistan 2021.jpg
CapitalGalway city (de jure)
Greater Roscam (de facto)
Largest cityLimerick city
Official languagesEnglish, Irish
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Ethnic groupsPolish
ReligionRoman Catholicism(Offical and State Religion)
DemonymRoscami, Roscamistani
GovernmentSemi-Unitary Catholic Democratic Parliamentary republic with an executive presidency
General Andrew Brotherton (UPR)
Adam Flannery (interim)
Adam Flannery (UPR)
Matthew Williams (C)
Senat (Upper house)
Unterhaus (lower house)
Independence from Ireland
• Republic established
18th February 2021
• Mervustan established
1st April 2021
• Coup
17th May 2021
• Second Brotherton Presidency
23rd June 2021
• Adam Flannery joins Roscami politics
23rd August 2021
• Reforms of November
3 November 2021
• Democratisation
1 December 2021
• Total
11,789 km2 (4,552 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
300,000 + (estimate)
CurrencyRosso (de jure) Euro ( de facto)
Time zoneGMT
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Drives on theleft
Patron saintSaint Patrick
Internet TLD(proposed) .rr

Roscamistan, officially the Republic of Roscamistan is a sovereign state in the west of Ireland led by the President, Marshal Andrew Brotherton ,with Colonel Adam Flannery as the de facto Chief executive

Early History

On the 18th of February 2021 the RLF Commander Andrew Brotherton declared the Republic of Roscamistan, made of the Regions of Roscam, Dougiska, and Oranmore and became its first President. Culann Burke became the first Vice President later that day. After that, until the 18th of May 2021, the country grew and was joined by many of Andrew Brotherton’s school friends, including James Irwin, who became first Premier of the Province of Mervue, later Province of Mervustan, and David Moore, first Minister of Defence, the early history is said to have ended when in the 17th May Coup, James Irwin and Kayden Conboy overthrew the President and Vice-President respectively, with James becoming President and Kayden Vice-President.


The incumbent President of Roscamistan is General Andrew Brotherton who was the first President of Roscamistan from its founding to 18th of may 2021. He was then removed from office after a successful coup known as the 17th May Coup and then he served again from 23rd June 2021 to the present. The second president was James Irwin, Earl Irwin of Ballybane who was Prime Minister of the autonomous province of Mervustan in Roscamistan. The incumbent Prime minister of Mervustan is David Moore ,former deputy of James and Evan Irwin. James lead the Coup on the 17th of may 2021 and served as President until the 23rd of June 2021. After he resigned, General Andrew Brotherton regained control of the presidium


Roscamistan is subdivided into provinces, which are themselves subdivided into regions(cantons in Connemara and Northern Province) . The provinces of Roscamistan are rated by the Flannery’s scale. There are eleven provinces. The Republic’s provinces are:

Constitution of Roscamistan

The Constitution of Roscamistan was made by paramount leader Adam Flannery. It is not yet finished but already lots of progress is being made.



The Republic’s ethnical makeup is made of ethnic Irish, who form the majority ranging from the high 90s of percentage in the Province of Connemara and Aran Islands to less than 80% in Greater Roscam with large Slavic and African communities as well. The 3rd President is South African-Irish, his father being a white South African and his mother being Irish.


The Republic’s official first language is nominally Irish and the official second language is nominally English, though English is de facto the first language of the non-Gaeltacht provinces and Irish is used more in the Gaeltacht provinces of Connemara, Aran Islands and parts of the Northern Province.


The Constitution of Roscamistan states in article 2 “the Roman Catholic Church shall be placed as the state and official religion of the republic, and shall stay so till the dissolution of the state ,any slander against the state church shall not be punished accordingly"

Slander includes:

  • Atheism
  • Agnosticism
  • Slander in general
  • The writings of HP Lovecraft, James Joyce, Lenin, Marx and Stalin, any communists
  • Being an active communist
  • Any writings by atheists
  • Teaching of evolution
  • Satanism

Defence forces, home and foreign affairs

Defence Forces

The Roscamistan defence forces is the military of the nation and at the moment consists of the Paramilitary RLF and the Mervustan militia as well as plans to begin recruiting for the Roscamistan Volunteer Force.

Home Affairs

The Cabinet of Roscamistan is made of Ministers that are appointed from either the Senat or the Unterhaus

Foreign Affairs

The Republic wants to join the Grand Unified Micronational but was rejected. It plans to reapply. The Republic recognises Slavtria which recognises Roscamistan in return.

Political parties

The main political parties are The Roscamistan Freedom Party , Liberal Democratic Party, and the Labour Party of Roscamistan. These parties shall merge on the 1st of December 2021 into the United Party of Roscamistan. That party is to hold half the seats in the Unterhaus until the next parliamentary elections.

Ministers of Roscamistan

1.There are two types of ministers:

A major minister/a minor minister

2.A minor minister is chosen by the president and his vice, minor minister positions include:

  • Minister of Education
  • Minister of Sport
  • Minister of Culture
  • Minister of Local Government
  • Minister of Health and Social Care

3.Major ministers are elected by a general election(This happens twice per year), major ministers include:

  • Secretary of State for Defence
  • Minister of Financial Affairs
  • Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Recruitment
  • Secretary of State for Home Affairs
  • First Secretary of State

4.A person may only have one major office

5.Minor minsters may be replaced by the president at any moments notice.

6. Major ministers must undergo a no confidence vote to be removed from office.

Government of Roscamistan

for more info, see Government of Roscamistan

Roscamistan is a Semi-unitary Christian presidential constitutional republic governed by the President of Roscamistan and the Cabinet of Roscamistan.The council of Ministers or Cabinet is appointed from important Ministries from either the Senate or the House of Commons.In his capacity as Head of State, the president must be able to go on trips abroad to do important functions at home The Paramount leadership of Roscamistan, de facto ruler under the President ,is held currently by the leader of the Roscamistan Freedom party, Adam Flannery

Territorial claims

The claimed land of Roscamistan is mostly based on the island of Ireland. Roscamistan also claims the territory of Green-rock and the Province of Hamptonshire.

Controversial moments

  1. The nation got into trouble after Greenia situation.
  2. The President is known for his vulgarity, having got into trouble over that.
  3. The Adam Flannery resignation crisis and it’s legitimacy
  4. Anti-semitism accusations
  5. Accusations of dictatorship
  6. Segregation equal to that of South African Apartheid