Premier of Mervue

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Premier of the Province of Mervue
The flag of the premier of Mervue

since 27 April 2021
Cabinet of Mervue
StyleThe Honourable (in Mervue and rest of Roscamistan)
his Excellency (Diplomatic)
AppointerDirect election
Term length1 year (renewable infinitely)
Inaugural holderJames Irwin
Final holderJames Irwin
Abolished27 April 2021
DeputyVice-Premier of Mervue

The Premier of Mervue, officially the Premier of the Province of Mervue, was the head of government in the now defunct Province of Mervue, the predecessor of the Province of Mervustan. When the province was created on 1 April 2021, Thomas Jacobs decided to give devolution to the province. Irwin was appointed the first Premier that same day. He served as premier until the province of Mervue was merged with a few neighboring colonies to form the Province of Mervustan on 27 April 2021. Irwin became the first Prime Minister of Mervustan.