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Province of Mervustan
Flag of Mervustan
Coat of arms of Mervustan
Coat of arms
Etymology: Mervue
“Onwards, Mervustan”
Country Roscamistan
Province of Mervue1 April 2021
Mervustan created27 April 2021
Founded byThomas Jacobs and James Irwin
Named forMervue
Largest cityRenmore
Official languagesIrish
Ethnic groups
Catholicism (official)
GovernmentSingle-executive government under a federal Catholic republic
• Governor
Matthew Tonna
Mohammed M.
• Superior Judge
• Governing party
National Salazarist Front
LegislatureLegislative Assembly
Federal representation
• Provincial Deputy to Congress
Matthew Tonna
• Total
70 km2 (27 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
20 (1st)

Mervustan, officially the Province of Mervustan, is one of the four provinces in Roscamistan, and the oldest province in the federation, having been founded on the 27th of April 2021. Mervustan was created after the merging of the province of Mervue, the colony of Renmore and a few surrounding protectorates by Thomas Jacobs. It is in the east of the nation.


The old flag of Mervustan, taken from the Governor of Northern Ireland’s banner

The history of Mervustan dates back to 1 April 2021, when Thomas Jacobs , President of Roscamistan annexed the Galway city east area of Mervue, and after Jacobs devolved some powers to a local government in Mervue. After some negotiations, James Irwin, a low minister in the Government of Roscamistan, was made the local head of government called the Premier of Mervue. The Galway city east area of Renmore was made a self-governing colony, with David Moore as the first Premier.

On 27 April 2021, after Terryland, Briarhill, and Ballybane were annexed, Thomas Jacobs merged the Province of Mervue and the Colony of Renmore with the other regions were merged into the Province of Mervustan, and James Irwin became the first Prime Minister of a larger autonomous province within Roscamistan, and David Moore as the Deputy Prime Minister. On 1 May 2021, James Irwin became the first Chief of the Defence Staff of the Roscamistan Defence Forces, and gained the rank of Captain. He now was the professional head of the Defence Forces, only below the President of Roscamistan in his capacity as Commander in Chief. He was the dominant figure in the early history of Mervustan, but was mad at the Central Government under Thomas Jacobs legislating more and more in Mervustan directly, this is one of the many factors that led to the 17thMayCoup.

May Coup

The 17th May Coup was an attempt from 17 May 2021 to 18 May 2021 to get rid of the Jacobs Government. The main people involved were Captain James Irwin, Major Kayden Conboy, Mayor-Chancellor of Galway City, Dean Merritt, Deputy Defence Minister, and David Moore. Tadhg O’Regan, Minister of Agriculture and a few others were in support of Thomas Jacobs but to no avail, as the rebel forces won. James Irwin became the second President of Roscamistan, and Kayden Conboy became the second Vice President of Roscamistan

Final days of James Irwin’s Presidency

After the success that was the coup, disunity within the entourage of James Irwin was taking its toll and after a long decline, James Irwin on 23 June 2021 resigned from the presidency of Roscamistan and the premiership of Mervustan. Thomas Jacobs became President of Roscamistan, and Kayden Conboy was removed from the Vice-Presidency, being replaced with Culann Burke, fourth Vice President before the coup.

Temporary abolition

On 26 June 2021, Mervustan was abolished as an entity, ending its autonomy. The territory of the former Mervustan was reconstituted as the directly ruled Mervue-Renmore. Mervue-Renmore was not a popular entity, and on 28 June 2021, Evan Irwin, brother of James, was invited to become the second Prime Minister of Mervustan, restoring the Province of Mervustan. Evan Irwin accepted the invitation, becoming head of government of a revived Mervustan.

Doros Patusky’s time in Mervustan

On 19 September 2022, Premier Evan Irwin and First Secretary of State Doros Patusky decided to create a provincial army unit in Mervustan. The name decided was the Mervustan Militia, with Doros Patusky as the Commander of the Mervustan Militia and Evan Irwin as Lieutenant Commander. Doros Patusky was given the new role of the Governor of Mervustan, the representative of the Central Government in Mervustan. The commander of the Mervustan Militia became an ex officio role held by the Governor of Mervustan. The Prime Minister became the ex officio Lieutenant Commander.

Reforms of November and second national constitution

On 3 November 2021, disunity led to Thomas Jacobs carrying out major reforms. He sacked nearly the entire national cabinet, declared Evan Irwin incapacitated. David Moore became the acting prime minister and Mervustan was revived in a new effort for unity. The Province became the place for all presidential inaugurations in future near the Mervue United sports ground.

December 2021 and January 2022

On 4 December 2021, Captain David Moore resigned from the Premiership of Mervustan, and Dean Merritt, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs succeeded him, becoming the fourth Prime Minister of Mervustan, and the third under Governor Doros Patusky. After a successful period, he resigned on 24 December 2021 due to health issues. The Premiership of Mervustan became vacant, with Doros Patusky in his capacity as Governor ran the province in place of the prime minister.

Annexation of Terryland Region by Ballinfoyleburg

On 19 December 2021, unknown to them, President Sean Mulryan and Vice President Ludwig Collins of Ballinfoyleburg annexed the Mervustani region of Terryland, and created the provinces of New Paris and New Berlin. Doros Patusky, Vice President of Roscamistan and Paramount Leader was mad at this. He passed a bill in the Reichstag that made him infallible. Using this power he sacked Ludwig Collins from his Roscamistan positions, and became the 3rd Chief of the Defence Staff, succeeding Ludwig Collins. Jan Kotonski became the 2nd Propaganda Minister, succeeding Collins.

Eventually Terryland was returned and Ballinfoyleburg was allowed to exist. A joint diplomatic council was created between the two sides. Adam later surrendered his emergency powers.

Doros Patusky as acting Prime Minister of Mervustan

On 7 January 2022, Doros Patusky became the fifth and acting Prime Minister so he can keep running Mervustan properly.

Mervustan gubernatorial referendum

Over the coming months, the province’s government became less and less active. The Mervustan Authority was renamed the Government of Mervustan on 2 February 2022, but other than this, provincial government effectively grinded to a halt.

After the presidential system was introduced to devolution, the Province of Mervustan would be subject to a referendum on whether to introduce the presidential system into the Provincial Government. This would have abolished the Premiership and parliamentary government. On 2 May, the referendum ended with a yes to the new system, and the Governor of Mervustan became an elected position, and a less powerful Legislative Assembly.

Mervustan crisis

The Mervustan crisis was a coup d’etat against Proletarian Democracy Governor Esty Carpentieri by then Junior Vice President Ali Farrokhzad, on the basis of stopping socialism and secularism in the province. Soon the governorship was disputed between the two, with Secretary of State for Local Government Rafe Burfield ruling in favour of Carpentieri as Governor. This resulted in the impeachment of Farrokhzad as Junior Vice President by the National Assembly in joint session.


Federalisation in Roscamistan occurred on the 27th of June 2023. As such, all provinces except Mervustan, Galway City, Greater Roscam, and Oranmore.

Government and politics


The provincial government is the ruling authority, granted its powers by the Supreme Constitution. It is divided into executive, legislative and judicial branches, of which the three formally compose the provincial government.

The provincial governor acts as head of the executive council, which together form the executive. The legislature, the legislative assembly is the lawmaking body, and in turn also holds veto power over certain actions taken by the executive council, alongside its power to pass bills.

The Superior Court of Mervustan, a body connected to the federal judiciary, is formally appointed by the Governor after vetting by the minister of justice. The Superior Court interprets the Mervustani-only laws, and also acts as a court of appeal and trial court.


Mervustan has historically been one of the most influential and active provinces in Roscamistan, and as such has always been considered the premier province. Politics in Mervustan have been both populist and pro-establishment. The current political landscape is primarily National Catholic League and the National Salazarist Front, alongside independents. The Premiership of James Irwin was populist towards the government at the time and mildly secessionist.


The province of Mervustan is comprised of regions, second level administrative divisions designed for cultural and survey reasons. The regions of Mervustan are:

  • Renmore
  • Ballybane-Castlepark
  • Mervue
  • Terryland
  • Ballybrit


The armed forces is overall responsible for national defence and by proxy, the defence of the provinces. The armed forces’ branches, and as such their subdivisions are primarily split along provincial lines, with regiments, battalions and the like are considered secondary.

The main military unit in the province is the militia, a semi-independent state-sponsored unit in the national army. The provincial governor is the ex officio commanding officer of the militia, and in his capacity as the commanding officer, gives orders to soldiers as a commanding officer of a traditional unit officer would.

Mervustani secessionism

Mervustani secessionism is the belief that Mervustan should gain full independence from Roscamistan. The first Prime Minister of Mervustan, James Irwin was a known Mervustani secessionist, and advocated for both independence and more autonomy.

No current movement or group is known to advocate for Mervustani secessionism, though a legal way for secession was granted in the Mervustani Fundamental Law.


Ethnic composition

The Province is majority ethnically Irish, with minorities as well. The leaders of the province have always been historically Irish, whilst in recent times, Italians, Maltese, and Americans of diverse ethnic decent have been in charge.


The Province’s nominal first language is Irish, though English is more widely used. Polish is also a recognised language in Mervustan, passed by the Polish Language act in Mervustan directly by Central Government intervention to protect the language in the Province.


Mervustan is majority Catholic, alongside other provinces.

Notable features

The Province is home to the Holy Family Church, part of the Diocese of Galway, Kilmacduagh & Kilfenora. It is home to numerous sports teams, including Mervue United and Renmore A.F.C, both in soccer. Hurling and Gaelic are also played often, with numerous facilities in the province.