Commander of the Mervustan Militia

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Commander of the Mervustan Militia
New flag of Mervustan.png
Flag of Mervustan
Adam Flannery .jpg
Adam Flannery

since 19 September 2021
Mervustan Militia
StyleMr. Commander (informal)
The Honourable (formal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
StatusMilitia Commander
AppointerPresident of Roscamistan
Term lengthAs long as the Commander is the Governor of Mervustan
Inaugural holderAdam Flannery

The Commander, officially the Commander of the Mervustan Militia, is the commanding officer of the Mervustan Militia, the military unit located in that province. The position was formed on 19 September 2021 by Adam Flannery when he made the militia. Adam saw that Mervustan was growing rebellious, and wanted to help Evan Irwin, the Prime Minister of Mervustan at the time keep the province from seceding from the rest of Roscamistan. For his efforts in making the militia, Adam became the first Governor of Mervustan, and the command of the militia then became an ex officio role of the Governor.


In September 2021, the First Secretary of State, Adam Flannery wanted to reform the military of Roscamistan and keep the strategic Province of Mervustan under Central Government control. Over a few days at friends houses, Adam Flannery began work with Evan Irwin, Mervustani Premier to help recruit members for his new militia. On 19 September 2021, Adam Flannery created the Mervustan Militia, made up of several other people. He became the first Commander. Evan became his lieutenant.

When Adam Flannery presented his plans to President Andrew Brotherton, Andrew made him the Governor of Mervustan. The command of the militia then became an ex officio role. The Prime Minister of Mervustan became the ex officio Lieutenant Commander.